Sunday, August 22, 2010

Auctions, Juniper Devices, Headaches, and Another Blender Book


The simple Intranet auctions site that I built with jQuery, javascript and ASP was launched. There were no real issues. I should have built an interface for a Power User to remove mis-bids so I would not have had to do it... ("email subject: I CHANGED MY MIND I DONT WANT THE IPOD PLEASE DELETE MY BID"). It was a lot of work for a 3 hour auction but it should be reusable for future company fund-raisers. When to practice and installed a power supply and video card on the "band PC" for a hellishly long complex video editing project.


Did a telecommuter site visit to replace a printer. I had to page an IS Tech because I was unfamiliar with the networking on Juniper devices. (You have manually type in IP addresses like a freaking caveman!) There were heavy rains, flooding, and closed roads on the way home. The power was off when I got home and later my media server's hard-drive booted up to a terminal read-only prompt. FAIL!!! Went to practice for more hellish video editing stuff.


Had headaches all day. I listened to a loop of white noise to block out the TGIF chatter while working on another JS worklist. I ate well and took walks at lunch and during breaks but it was no use, I was still shooting Death-Rays out of my eyes. I got home and showering. Penni cooked spaghetti for dinner. The murder-funk* finally went away around 8pm. TGIF indeed.

* murder-funk: copyright pending, un-authorized duplication prohibited.


Woke up early to visit my parents in Statesville with my sister. I bought my parents a used Dell laptop off ebay and installed ubuntu on it. My sister was teaching my mom to use it. My sister was able to install the HP printer drive from a ubuntu How-to website. (I am so proud!) I helped my dad clean out the gutters with a borrowed cherry-picker. I got home, showered, fixed a morningstar chik'n sandwich, took a nap, and ordered a book on video editing/Sequencing with Blender. I went to bed and fell asleep while watching Hulu pink panther episodes on my EEEpc. Life is good.


I woke up early, got coffee and groceries. I took a long walk with Wifey. I posted a question on about video sequencing and got a quick answer. I went to practice and worked on the video editor. We found out how to render small sections of video at a time and work faster. I ran FSCK on my hosed media server and it seems to be working fine now. Hooray for the superior Linux ext3 file system.

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