Sunday, April 29, 2007

Chuck in RollerBlades, Penni in Statesville, and Progress in Blender

Sunday Night, worked too late on blender animation. i finally have a funky little gray gumby looking waving guy. tried syncing my ipod with banshee but i was afraid it was going to copy all my song to the local PC, (i need to read up on that :/ ) i chickened out and used Amarok instead.

Saturday evening i hung out with chuck and anna. Chuck bought some Rollerblades and we skated in the church parking lot across the street from his house. Chuck fell only once, but as soon as he fell a girl and her huge dog came over to small talk and blocked chuck from getting up. Chuck hates big dogs. it was awkward and very very funny. Later we ate at cheese cake factory with finish around midnight. I left my phone at chuck's house and my sweet little Penni-pooh was worried. I burned a copy of Mister Bungle's California Album for Penni, what a great great CD...

the next day I we woke up early with drove to statesville for church, Penni said it was a lot different that the baptist stuff she went to as a kid. I couldn't remember anyone's names at church, it was embarrassing. Penni was great through the whole ordeal After church we went to the famous Captains Galley's seafood restaurant, Penni is used to Charlotte's super tasty seafood restaurants and was polite but wasn't thrilled with the food. she napped on the way back and then we both passed out on the couch.

we woke up and went on a short walk with the puppy. I weighted in at 208 today. damn it.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Bad with names forever!

Monday, I have to show the new support analyst around the building so I made a "study sheet" of department, managers and supervisors so I won't look foolish Monday. I bought a nice fan at lunch to stick under my desk. I've been working on the Web Portal Project a lot today. I can't wait to go out tonight with penni

Thursday, April 26, 2007

bad food decisions

Reminder: buy a little book on Chess Openings for Penni. If she read it and i didn't, she would be unstoppable. Yesterday's cashew meltdown has destroyed my stomach. Why do i do this? 40 percent of the pain in my life is caused by bad food decisions. I am truely a fool.

In my head today: Thuggin' love from the boondocks. California is cool to the homeless from south park. Yesterday there was a dixie chics song in there ... Pure torture.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cashews, ambulances and KDE Tasty Menu

I ate a half gallon of cashew nuts at work today. (God i suck.) Picked up chinese for Penni. Beat Penni in chess twice. An ambulance was at our neighbor carol's house tonight. Installed kde Tasty Menu for centos and kubuntu. It looks and feels great!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Burned knoppix 5.1 and used it to config Centos 5's Xorg yesterday. Knoppix rocks so hard! Played chess with penni. Tryed electronic hi hats at music store. Practice tonight.

Monday, April 23, 2007

sup fatty?

Ps: this weekend we had dinner at McCormick and Shmitt. And breakfast at izzys. My stomach has been messed up all day.

Re-config'ed the couch pc this weekend. (CouchyMcDualBoot) it's running kubuntu 7.4 and CentOS 5. One weird error with'sudo kate' but all is well now. Penni was adorable as always.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Satanically busy and stressed out.

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Friday. Satanically busy. Could'nt find old fiss osr. Bad. I Keep feeling my pulse in my nose and face. Stressed out. Wishing for someone to knock me unconsious. Penni wants wine and chess tonight. Whee!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

foldingathome, power failed at work, Penni got her hair cut shorter, knoppix saved my bosses ass. charity gig coming up

This weekend i installed folding@home. it is an awesome project. "Use spare CPU to run alculations to ID proteins that cause diseases" Brilliant! Penni was impressed and Blogged on her myspace page about it. practiced drums upstairs. installed Fluxbuntu as Penni's mom's old Lappy and installed Blender. it's the upstairs bathroom PC \m/ ^_^

Yesterday, the power failed in the building! (wheee!)

  • went home at 1:15pm,
  • showered,
  • DLed linux action show Podcast ,(they played my audio question)
  • went to comic book store
  • had a large white chocolate mocha with an extra expresso shot, skim no whip. ans 2 cookie and while reading comic books about Chutulu.
  • came home,
  • took Logan for a long walk
  • practiced drums upstairs

Penni got her hair cut shorter. she looks great. <3

My boss asked me to come in an hour early to get the building back on it;s feet after the power loss. this is gonna hurt....

today, Work was Hell. as soon as i got there an hour early it was non-stop. i probably reconfig-ed 20 dead printers. called in 7 dead PCs. and Then the E&Y auditor just Show UP! nothing was ready the legal dept hadn't every cleaned their Xmas tack out of one office. The user;s system access is just not there... my boss is mad, my boss's boss is mad.. pure chaos (wheeeeeeeeeeeee) my bosses PC has a corrupt ntfs file system i used a knoppix CD and copied his desktop folder to his usb drive. Before he joked about the 3 people holding hands on the ubuntu logo being "their whole user base", now that a linux LiveCD saved his ass, he will take open source OSes seriously!

Practice was tonight went better, we have a charity gig coming up 5.6.07 at the milestone!! we are going to just 4 songs. i will practice all week to 2 weeks.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

In the restaurant bathroom dying

205lbs this morning. Lunch at rock bottom with mom, traci geoff and penni. Sent my food back because i asked for no beans. Now i'm in the restaurant bathroom dying. The speakers in the bathroom is way too loud. Sigh.. :(

Thursday, April 12, 2007

  • Lunch with miss A and crew at Showmars.
  • Fixed miss A's daylight savings time on her pocket pc.
  • Showed portal db to Reid.
  • 2 hour nap on the couch with Penni
  • Played Chess with Penni - beat her 3 times.
  • started CentOS 5.0 torrent updates it was just released only 37 peers running the i386 cds i'm sure it was increase
- go team

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rainy Cold Gray April Day / Penni's BFF married / Lupie's / Hell for Drummers

Rainy Cold Gray April Day. i love it. Good coffee. listened to tom waits in the car for Lunch everything was perfect.

Started the torrent for Debian 4.0 i386 disk on the Linux SlowBox upstarts, it flew. hundred of people where running it. go team! :)

Penni's BFF Tommi got married at the courthouse tonight. We had 4 hours notice. it was awkward but very very sweet. Penni cried. Then we ate too many nachos at Lupie's.

I reviewing the Linux Lappy recording of the yesterdays practice. I am the speed up king :( i belong in hell, hell for drummers... It seem like when i play time changed speeds. Like for a solider in a fire fight, 1 hour seems like 10 minutes because of adrenaline. It sound like crap on tape. Hell for drummers. Front row.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sad and tired :(

Added report to portal project. No water at practice tonight. : ( bummed out tonight. I should play better, as long as i've been drumming.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Debian 4 is go! :)

I did my taxes yesterday. Niki was out today. I had to cover her reports. It made the whole day fly by. Bought some wine. Penni thinks she maybe getting a UTI. My poor Penni pooh! :( i cooked her some spaghetti for dinner. I had canned mushrooms with ms Dash and coffee. Debian Linux 4.0 was released yesterday. The upgrade was flawless. I need to start working on blender & quit quad-booting OSes.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Beryl Rant song!

The LAS guys added my Bryan's Beryl Rant song to the end of episode 42. That's the one with the Mark Shuffleworth interview! Whee!

"Your momma likes Mexican too, that's why she has a big thick moustache."

Ate breakfast/lunch at Quedobas with Penni , it was not good. very cold outside all day (<3)
  • Penni bought a learn to play Piano book. very very cute <3
    • manually updated my GRUB Menu.lst file so ubuntu and Fedora would boot with the newest Kernel. The new Fedora kernel seem really fast. I think it's version 2.16.20 (NERD!!1)
    • watched a new Narito.
    • Recorded an Audio question about libgphoto hell are emailed is to the Linux action show guys.
    • A gnome developers wrote back with a link for the libgphoto developer's source forge site. I filed a bug there;group_id=8874&atid=108874
    • called chuck, was at a hockey game tonight
    Coffee for dinner, 3:30am now.

    Friday, April 6, 2007

    Good Friday - "You're so MIDI"

    I weighted 206lbs this morning...(4 lbs to go)
    • Bagel with Nova Lox at Izzy's,
    • Traffic was bad due to Cop Funeral,
    • rollerbladed with the puppy arround the track,
    • practiced Fran Hammer songs upstairs,
    • started Blag6000 torrent,
    • filed yesterday's libphoto bug.

    Pot of coffee and carrots for Dinner, 2am now.

    Thursday, April 5, 2007

    LaPaz, Overdriven practice recordings, and libphoto hell.

    Ate lunch at LaPaz with Niki, Reid, Essex and Kursty. Worked on OSRs for network access for outside auditors. There's something that i would not picture myself doing at work a few years ago. But digging digital ditches pays the bills.

    Took a nap up stairs with Penni, woke up a 8pm. sat up the electronic drums for for practice tomorrow with the few stands i pieced together. when went out with her friend Tommi and took pictures (see Linux libphoto hell below)

    I mapped out some parts to the new Fran Hammerssongs. the recording are ridiculously overdriven but very charming. I midi-ed out the weird little roll on "Your so vague" with Linux hydrogen. Tomorrow i am going to play it a thousand times while pressing lit cigarettes into my neck. Rock and Roll.

    I had a pot of coffee for dinner (3am now)

    An upgrade broken ubuntu's camera USB auto-detect thingy. (Perhaps i need to stop adding ever repository i can find?) I googled it forever and finally read i needed to downgrade the libphoto version, so i googled downgrading with synaptic and added to a little post on about it to help some poor sob in the future may have it easier. Go Team.

    Wednesday, April 4, 2007

    2007 April 5th - 1:30am

    Wednesday night 1:30am - Walked for 15 minute break and 25 minutes at lunch. Listen to the Blood Brothers - Young machetes album on the way home, I'm liking it better now. Penni had a rough day at work and we talked about it in the shower. I took a 2 hour nap on the couch with Penni. Penni said I was ordering Starbucks coffee in my sleep. I am truly yuppie scum now. :(
    Watched a new South Park.

    I stayed up too late:
    - editing and saving the Fran hammer practice recordings,
    - deleting some of chucks R.E.M. album off my ipod
    - converting the LAS beryl rant song from OGG to MP3 and sending it to kursty.
    - ripping and copying the new Tom Waits 3 disc album to my networked drive.

    2007 april 4th

    Wednesday. Practice yesterday was ok, i should have played better. Tryed recording practice with the linux lappy. It was pretty distorted. I forgot my floor tom holder. Fred let me use his. Coffee and carrot sticks for dinner. Mom called to invite us down for easter. Chuck has not returned my call yet. I miss the little guy. Working on importing the last file for the portal.

    Monday, April 2, 2007

    2007 - April 3rd- Tuesday

    Lunch with Reid Dana Niki, and Essex at FUEL pizza. start osr to move my cube. sooo tired... stayed up to 2am working on LAS remix, emailed the guy from the show. Chris replied, he liked it.

    2007 - April fools weekend

    April fools weekend. Penni wakes me up with'' honey get up quick! Drunky's townhouse is on fire!.. APRIL FOOLS!'' and i was in a bad mood all day. Rollerbladed to cmc , swam, emailed ebay wedding band seller, ate at red rocks.

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