Thursday, January 31, 2008

played a show Sick.


i was very sick, left work 1 hour early. played a show at the Double Door inn. with Neil's band. there was very few people. we did not get paid. unload the cars still sick with drove home and crashed at 1am.


Picked up stickers. Labeled CDs Penni picked up went to bed early sick,

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Vaccumed the practice space


I called my mom. She is still very very unfocused. We talked for about an hour. I picked up some chicken tenders for Penni. Got a call from Neil, we are opening up for his band at the double door off independence, 45 minute set, good ol Neil! We made out a set list and played it once. Got home around midnight,


Mom was released from the hospital. Penni and I visited her for about 4 hour. We returned to Charlotte and went to Target. Penni gave the Customer service the Works about not accepting a returned wedding gift. We went to the practice space and vaccuumed the practice room before we sat up. The Room was so bad the Acoustics of the room have changed now that it is clean. I crashed around 2am.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Played the milestone

played The Milestone, good crowd, the sound guy remember my bass drum from morningface. we got paid 30 bucks, it was freezing our side. phillip still got blasted vomitted and then passed out in my frozen car for a few hours. Penni was a trooper! she stayed the whole show and helped us unload and went to Skyland at 4am with the whole crew. life is good.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rita's Gift CD art & mom's psychotic reaction to a Prednisone shot


Left work early PTO for exchanging Wedding gifts and a dentist visit. I received a Voice mail in the Middle of Target from my dad saying my mom had a bad psychotic reaction to a Prednisone shot and was in the Hospital. I call Dana and he gets me the hospital phone number and i call the room. i talk with dad, mom and Traci get a clearer picture of how she is. i work up a plan to visit her tonight, after the dentist and an early practice. (what?! she was being token care of, she was fine, i am not a heartless jerk, for practice before seeing my mom in the hospital) i picked Penni up and we drove to statesville. Penni drove there and back she said i was too freaked out to drive safely but i thought i was fine. It was nice of her to do it though. I got there around 8:30 and visited until 11pm. mom was in a hospital bed with an IV in. she was sedated, a little confused, and very talkative. Dad looked really tired. I must have really scared him when mom started shouting and flipping out at home.


Had a funny conversation with with the lunch crew about not been able to smell and Kursty's claims that baby pooh smells good. Penni went home sick early. i looked for the movie welcome to the Doll House and antibody's for Penni but two blockbuster did not have it. i picked up the cd cover stickers then burned and labeled CDs all night Rita's Gift cds to give away at the milestone show.


Lunch with Miss A. I drew up a Rita's Gift Free CD cover. dropped it off with Scott and then met with Phillip for practice. got out of practice around midnight.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rita's Gift at the Milestone January 28th


We are Playing a show at the milestone Jan 28th!

Shipped the 18" steel floor tom i sold on EBay during lunch. I worked on Sharepoint reporting stuff, has a formal meeting with Niki about it. Worked over helping my boss's boss's boss with a corrupt PST file. Very sleepy! I picked up some diet salsa, chips and the movie "Knocked up", it was ok... watched the last KND episode, that was a show with a neat concept. Penni ask me to bring home beer, i hoped she was joking. but she was not. I need to stop forcing my beliefs on her. She is an responsible adult and she can do what every she want and i will always love her. (yes i am a very emotional teenage girl)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MLK day.


MLK day.

He was a Nobel peace prize winner did you know that? I remember reading his letter To Church Leaders from an Alabama Jail Cell in school and thinking man, if I was him, I would be cursing the letter,You call yourself Christians???...just watching us get attacked by police dog and Cops with Riot Gear???Im ordering my followers to burn all of your houses down, you jerks! He was a bigger person that me.

Today I sent Penni flowers, Left work early, took a nap before Penni got home, when to practice at 8pm, through a few drum sticks at Philip in the middle of Battle music, fun fun fun.., I got home at midnight. I showered then posted a question in the blender forums about my inability to scrub audio to sync with object movement crashed around 2am.

Monday, January 21, 2008

yo momma's pillbox hat


slept late, bought my sister a birthday present and when with Penni to meet my parents at Traci's for a late lunch at carabasa. mom bring some of her old wedding pictures to show Penni. Ours were nicer :) when to practice emailed a guy about a bass drum logo. crashed around 2am.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Snowing when we eat a turkeyburger at Ruby tuesdays


Penni has to work, i got to sleep in. Worked on Blender tutorial, I worked out an easy way to add colors to specific areas of a mesh, you have to first create and name a vertex group and then assign a color to it. I am having issue with hearing the sound while trying to scrub/sync sound with keyframes. I don't think I will ever be calm and at peace. I will always find some sadist hobbie to make myself crazy. Make Cartoons In Linux will all open source software on a old 1.8ghz Thinkpad? that sounds like awesome fun! When Penni came home, we when to ruby Tuesdays for food. We talked about what would make a funny short 3d cartoon. She said something really funny and i will try to base the short on it, if i can ever master the blender app. While we were in the restaurant it started snowing , Penni was way too excited but very cute. we got home and she took a nap and i worked on more blender stuff and watched Naruto, Death note, Blood, a Louis Black stand up special and Big O, I forgot how sad and depressing the soundtrack for Big O is, it's not bad. crashed at 4am.

Friday, January 18, 2008

mood: fake and spiteful


ate lunch at Miguel's with kursty and dana. We talked about the misfit song "last caress" for some reason, funny. I bought Penni some chicken and French fries from Harris teeter. I went to practice got back around 10, my hands hurt from drums. Penni was watching to catch a predator. god i hate that show. I had ear buds in and Penni yanked one out to tell me something and it hurt, She laughed. skull thunder bolt dagger storm cloud. = (


2 hour snow delay, went to my bosses' bosses' boss's house to fix her PC and set she kid up with a DSL wireless network. i have not been paid yet i have to finish the job and buy and install a cheap audio card. bought some chips and salsa. soo tired.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

and/or suck less (bastards sped up "awakening")


Back to work. my email was not too out of control. The new sysadmin and homie in reporting kept the building from destroying itself. Go team. My bosses' bosses' boss email me about a PC issue and i am scheduled to visit Belmont and set up a bell south wireless network and reinstall a printer.

Went to practice. it was freezing. listened to the cardigans , " First band on the moon" album on the way there. My Drum trigger rig puked on me before the first song. It is just too complex for quick on stage debugging. a drum module running into a Roland 202 sampler running in a Behringer multi effects processor running into a AB box as a on/off switch running into a 1000 watt power amp running into a PA wedge speaker. I am ridiculous.

i need to the sampler for the French lady dialog on "strength"and at least two drum triggers for the veg-med song and "Burgundy". i should re-sample the French dialog louder and buy a drum module with built in effects. (and/or suck less)

The bastards in the band sped up "awakening". Now the left handed snare triplet is too fast and thus weak. They said they think it sounds better faster but they would play it slower if i wanted. Great... but i know how bands speed up when they are on stage and the adrenaline starts flowing. So screw it i am rewriting the drum lines. After practice i worked on anchoring the fast version, playing loops, skipping a food run and alienated myself from all the practice band's practice buddies. The cardigans would understand.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Inner Bimbo.


Watched the cgi TMNT movie. drank alot of coffee. Ate a lot of chips, salsa and queso. I bought Cable wrap and a USB extension cable to organize the coffee table PC. Bought and downloaded the Butthole surfers "Weird Revolution" album, it was OK, not as awesome as ElectricLarryLand. That was a great great great CD. Watched rest of The Office DVD. Read a few comic books. Sam Keith is a genius. it suck that i cannot discuss His storyline with my friend because the plots that are too abstract yet very human. I alienate people enough as it is. :) Sam's stuff is less of a psychological thriller, more of a heartbreakingly realistic psychological episode of the twilight zone.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Marriage certificate, comic books, fuel Pizza, drum triggers and redbox


Picked up the marriage certificate from the court house downtown. Parking was a dollar. Bought some comic books. Brought home a fuel Pizza. When to the practice at 8pm for some solo work on electronic drum triggers. Rented the cgi TMNT movie from a red box returned at midnight.

Monday, January 14, 2008

blender shape keys, Skyland and bitmap skinning.


Penni had to work, so i slept late and laid around drinking coffee, working on blender stuff. i think i have mastered "shape tweening" in blender. basically have to set a standard shapes to shape keys and fade the "strength of the shapes in and out. when to practice at 6pm we quit early for some reason and ate dinner at Skyland. after Penni crashed i watched a Kat Williams special while working on blender bitmap skinning.


Slept late ate lunch at chili's returned the purple LP guiro block i bought (what was i thinking?) then penni napped and i worked on blender stuff. at 6pm we went to our friends Chuck and Anna's house. we talked for a while and ate at sushi 101. They have a Wii and we played for about 2 hours Wii boxing was weird, it felt slow. Penni liked the tennis, we all had a gay ol' time.

Friday, January 11, 2008

pants me?


Slept late, Returned the Tux and canceled my Y membership.

Ate at Ruby Tuesday's with Penni. when to the grocery store to pick up milk and cookies. i did not have my belt and my pant to kind of loose from losing my weight so Penni tried to pants me in the middle of the grocery store. I owe her one. >:(

Rented and watched the movie Open Season. It could have been worse. Paul Westerbury did a few mediocre songs in it. i remember have a one of his tapes back in Statesville.

After the movie, i hacked a Debian SVG wallpaper and posted the edit on and

I put my old 18" steel floor tom on eBay and it has already shot up to 200 bucks =)


Penni woke up and left early for a dentist appointment and a massage. I slept in and worked on a Blender tutorial most of the day. it was on sculpting a monster head out of a sphere. it was actually pretty easy. The commands/button-labels are the same an artist work do if he were molding a clay sculpture. "Add" adds material, "grab" pulls and stretched the material. Yup, "pitch" "smooth" and "subtract" all work the way you'd think they should. I wish the materials, rendering and key frame function were that simple. I am starting to like blender a lot. Perhaps there are 3d clockcrew movies in the future for me? Perhaps a stabbing?...

I went to practice early to replace my snare head and work on getting my drum trigger voices straight. Scott's vocals were not at 100% due to some serious dental work, Poor dude. (Pro-teeth!) My wedding band cause a big painful blood blister to form my right hand. it busted and was pretty nasty looking. the band was grossed out. I stuck some of the bloody surgical tape of the practice space wall. Walka-walka walka!!!1

Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Wedding day

Wednesday - Wedding!

Woke up early to dress casually and meet with our friends/witnesses at Izzy's for the exchanging of Vowels. It was a nice cold cloudy morning. All went well:


After we exchanged vowels, we showered and we tried to relax for a while but it seems that 10 minutes later we were getting all ready to go to the reception:


All went well. 99% of all the people that we invited showed up.The view of the city from the 27th floor was very nice. We did not assign seats and the cake was good. We got a lot of gift cards and cash. Penni was happy and that is the most important thing. The band came, they seemed uncomfortable, but they are great guys and they were cool with all the awkward weird stuffiness of the event. Penni and I split the bill and we went home. I feel the exact same as before the wedding. The ring is no real bother. I am still getting use to seeing it on my hand when I am typing. Wee! <3

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

back to the Vesa driver blues


Penni went out to get her nails and toes done, bye shoes we ate at Cabo fish taco and rented jackass 2.5. Traci's boyfriend Geoff liked it. We watched about 10 minutes of it. It was not great, lots of artist commentary between every piece. it got a little boring. Worked on blender tutorials some more, there was a bug with "Camera View Mode" and my ATI radeon mobility video driver, i got it all working by switch to VESA and some how getting to 1024 x 786 mode. I completed the Atom tutorial and am working on the bridge pillar one.

Monday, January 7, 2008

bra tape


t'was a bit of a blur... Slept late, shopped for bra tape with Penni at South Park Mall. (yes, that's right bra tape.) This very old sale rep lady was discussing applying the tape with Penni. She was using her our breasts to illustrate, "tape it like this and this and that should do it", .. comedy gold!. we met up with Chuck and Anna for CheeseCake Factory, Chuck paid as part of my "bach-lol-or" party. came home and napped, then Went to practice at 6pm. i developed a weird bloody rip across my thumb where i grip the drum sticks, it was annoying. I returned around 11pm and crashed at 3am.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

I have lost 39 pounds in 3 months with disdain!


Penni has to work all day, I woke up at noon. I weighed 187 pounds this morning. That is a total of 39 pound lost. (226 - 187 G
o me!)

I loaded missing MP3s on my new ipod all day, ate junk and had roughly 11 cups of coffee.


My friends
disappoint me again I though theyd do a big Friday lunch for me before my week and a half off but I got nothing. =..( Went to practice, stumbled in the drum set and cut my back, penni put medicine on it when i got home.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

24 action packed hours!!!1 L@@K!!!~~~

Wednesday: changed the alpha split on the credit processing database. Ate at niko's and walked. Practiced to midnight.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Stomach Virus, Buuf Deuce & new years eve.


New years Eve

Worked half a day, managed to edit one of Assby's old databases for my boss while running back and forth to the bathroom with a stomach virus. Penni was off, she covered up the window the living room so i could sleep and watch TV and recover. She is the best. <3

installed this mean icon set:

Ate a had a tuna fish sandwich. Penni was out of Lemon soda water so we went to Harris teeter. watched south park and kissed at midnight..

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