Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Wedding day

Wednesday - Wedding!

Woke up early to dress casually and meet with our friends/witnesses at Izzy's for the exchanging of Vowels. It was a nice cold cloudy morning. All went well:


After we exchanged vowels, we showered and we tried to relax for a while but it seems that 10 minutes later we were getting all ready to go to the reception:


All went well. 99% of all the people that we invited showed up.The view of the city from the 27th floor was very nice. We did not assign seats and the cake was good. We got a lot of gift cards and cash. Penni was happy and that is the most important thing. The band came, they seemed uncomfortable, but they are great guys and they were cool with all the awkward weird stuffiness of the event. Penni and I split the bill and we went home. I feel the exact same as before the wedding. The ring is no real bother. I am still getting use to seeing it on my hand when I am typing. Wee! <3


Schaber said...

You got married in a parking lot in a tee shirt. Very Classic! No wonder you didn't want your mom there she would have complained and complained until doomsday. Brian got married. I was thinking to myself that you were getting married this week. I don't know why I thought that. Very weird. Being married doesn't feel any different at first. For some people it never feels any different which is really good. So is the parking lot where you met or are you just fond of parking lots? I bet your mom is so mad!

bgryderclock said...

She is Hella-Mad. =) That is the parking lot in front of our favorite breakfast spot, Izzy's. Penni used to live right beside it and we used to eat there almost daily.

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