Monday, January 7, 2008

bra tape


t'was a bit of a blur... Slept late, shopped for bra tape with Penni at South Park Mall. (yes, that's right bra tape.) This very old sale rep lady was discussing applying the tape with Penni. She was using her our breasts to illustrate, "tape it like this and this and that should do it", .. comedy gold!. we met up with Chuck and Anna for CheeseCake Factory, Chuck paid as part of my "bach-lol-or" party. came home and napped, then Went to practice at 6pm. i developed a weird bloody rip across my thumb where i grip the drum sticks, it was annoying. I returned around 11pm and crashed at 3am.


Schaber said...

I listened to Rita's gift. They sound pretty good. My how you've grown Brian, Piano jams. I think your getting soft in your young 30s. you'll get play with this stuff. People like this. Is the lead singer english or is he just kindof copying a blend of crash test dummies, Bush, and Pink Floyd. Its laking weirdness. You guys need some unserious rock. Throw in a Tom Waits-ish song in there. But remember the old saying about what the drummer said just before he got kicked out of the band. "Hey guys, I have a few song ideas". The guitar runs are very good and slower songs always make it easier to get complex, which you guys do very well. The bass is a little low. The bass drum is at a very good level.

bgryderclock said...

thanks man, the lead singer is from Rock hill. He does have a cool tremolo thing in his singing. I am working on adding drum triggers with wah-wah to the songs to ruin all of the song's mass appeal. =)

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