Monday, December 31, 2007

Brown shoes for penni


Went to Ruby Tuesday for lunch, continued searching for Penni shoes, went to Practice, my back held up. wee.


Drove to statesville for dad's side family breakfast. all went well. returned an Xmas gift. looked for Penni Shoes. watched Naruto.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

30 gig video ipod


Bought Miss A's old 30 gig video ipod for 100 bucks. Sore back issue continues. $#&^$%!! :( I bought a dual Roland snare trigger. I had to take it easy for at practice, no sweat or emotion, it felt terrible. Crashed easily to for trip to statesville for 8am gryder side family breakfast.

Tried on ubuntu, meh, could be worse.


Left work 1 hour early to drop off Chucks Xmas present. He seemed to like radio control bat thing. Next I drove home to pick up Penni and setup a new tuxedo a new rental. It looks like I lost 20 bucks on the deposit for the first one. Nice. Then we stopped by the store for milk, cookies for Penni and Tortillas, diet cheese and diet soda for me. Later I Install CNR on my Ubuntu Linux Lappy. It worked pretty well. I wish it worked for plain Debian and Slackware systems, and then there could be one universal package system to rule them all. I think Penni is getting nervous about the wedding. Around midnight, I kept thinking about food and could not sleep so I read a little more of my newer blender animation book. I finally crashed around 1am.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

play the set again.

Wednesday: quiet day at work. The tuxedo I ordered is now unavailable, Drama! Had a good long practice. My back was sore afterwards. Crashed at midnight.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Startling Fact

The average person eats about 2 spiders a year while sleeping. The only way to protect yourself is to sleep with a plastic bag over your face.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Wake up! it's Crease-muss!

Wednesday - Xmas Day

Tried to sleep late, but Penni was really really psyched: " Honey wake up it's chrees-mas! there is a really funny count down on VH1! wake up wake up wake up, let exchange presents! So i finally woke up and we exchanged gifts. Penni liked her candles, CDs. DVDs, Candles, Massage certificates, and Camera. We drove to Statesville for Mom's side of the family's Xmas dinner. I helped Dad borrow chairs and a table from Church for dinner. Traci liked her PC tower. All was well. i ate too much. Dad put salt in Traci's coffee while she was not looking. Classic. He is the man. I am still on track to hit 188 by the wedding, but it is serious time now.. 3 weeks to go...

Monday, December 24, 2007

"I think copper helps heal those rashes. You should swallow a penny, that will fix you right up."


Covered the Sysadmin chair of Xmas eve, Star balanced, praise Alah! lunch with Kursty as Wendy's my treat. So tired... picked up soda for Penni and drive home for a short nap. We went to Penni's parents house for their Xmas dinner. All was nice.I added Evolution calendar for Penni's Dad's ubuntu laptop session startup. I wish Ubuntu had a slicker calendar applet that had a smaller footprint than Evolution. i ate too much and feel terrible now. so fat and tired...


Penni had to work that morning. We ate at Izzy's, Checked translations, got fitted for a Tuxedo. bought Scott and Phillip Monster brand patch cables for Xmas. The guys were late for practice, Scott was helping Phillip move. Practiced until midnight, watched Kenny vs. Spenny, crashed at 2am


Blurry, Slept late, showered, Make and published GPL skull Icons on watched Death Note and Naruto.


Short practice and band photos. I accidentally ask "What is the hardest core ______" instead of "What is the hardcore-ist ________ " , thus the guys have a new catch phrase. Great.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Friday: Met with AVP and got the green light to put Knowledge presenter out to pasture. Lunch with dana and kursty at showmars. Printed some morning billing for monday. Good band practice played the long set twice.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Untangling kursty's PST files


the big scary new print image was basically a non issue, Thanks our new ever-competent sysadmin. I just had to tweak the monarch models a little and every thing was kosher by lunch. I worked on untangling kursty's PST files for about an hour.

Worked on my boss's boss's boss's PC to 8pm. It was terrible,so many windows updates!!! (i love Linux more that ever now.) and the Audio driver I DLed from Dell caused the system to power off as soon as the Admin logged in. The Owner said he is getting a Mac next time. Nice.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

We need to hold ssi to the fire, indeed.


Had a scary meeting about the new print image and translators that are going to hit tomorrow. managers quotes "We need to hold ssi to the fire..." It's like holding a rock to the fire. nothing happens, your arms just get tired.

My boss's boss's boss's home PC has a wowfx.dll virus/root kit 3 day after i reinstalled XP. I am going to try to set them up a dual boot system with XP and Ubuntu. Maybe that will help. i was feel nice and i bought chuck a gift for Xmas. i have eaten only 2 cookies, and 3 jr whopper's w/o mayo today. 194lbs . 8 lbs to go. Go team.

Practice tonight, band pictures, everyone was loaded in my car. it was freezing outside everyone was being so Silly. I was ready to go. Nothing was funny. I wish i was slower to anger about stuff like that. Oh well. They deserve me.

Dorrito poisoning!

Tuesday: Stomach messed up all day. Covered afternoon billing for sysadministrator Finished penni's shopping. No practice. God help us all.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Of course they are board shorts, they are his, I'd also be bored


194 lbs - 6 to go.

Gathered my notes to sell the idea of dropping KP, 4 grand to report on test scores? You are on Australian Crack! I bought a new alarm clock at lunch. picked up Chips and Queso for Penni <3. lost an ebay auction for a 18" floor tom. Went to practice at 8pm, played the set. stomach hurting.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

weak week.

Last Week:

Tons and tons of telecommuter site surveys.
Set up AV for Xmas lunch event thing
took pics of Steel floor tom for ebay sale
Fixed my boss's boss's boss's PC
Finished recording for rita's gift
Saw Danny's band play at the visualite theatre
Watch the movie "Surfs Up"

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A bad day.


sick. Hands shaking. Vision blurry. Finished the work day but cancelled practice. Slept. Scott lost his cell phone on his florida vacation.

Monday, December 10, 2007

A good lazy day

Sunday: Penni went shopping with her mom. I lounged and played openareana all day. Practiced solo with Ipod for 3hrs. Bought cough medicine for penni. Crashed 3am.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Giant clock regeistered at target.

Saturday: slept late. Breakfast at izzy's. Regeistered at target. Gay double date with Kursty and john. We were literally browsing around the gay and lesbian community center off central ave. lol@ArtCrawl

Practice minus scott.

Friday: lunch at azteca destroyed my stomach. Ryan almost killed himself when my old drum stool finally broke. Went to penni's company party then to practice without scott. Dropped danny off at his house.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

KDE-style quick lauch applet for gnome

I just found a KDE-style quick launcher applet for gnome. it's in the repos as quick-lounge-applet. it shows up as "launcher list" in the panel menus... nice!!!!

Did a free department wide lunch and telecommuter site visit in gastonia today. saw my boss's house. Nice ceilings and nice tile.

Yesterday i gave blood, worked on a MS photoStory thing for management and, i recorded the drums for awakening with a shaker track. Playing a big shaker for 3 minutes really tired me.

Monday, December 3, 2007

"Quit smurking! You look like a moron when you do that."


Pawn shop and comic shops. Practice was a little light, too much talking and debating about the recordings.


Parents visited for lunch at village tavern, then to the practice to record Battle Music and and Now().


Slept late, Watched TV with Penni. quote of the century from a home re-modelling show."Quit smurking, you look like a moron." - and - "Stop laughing, You have been laughing like a idiot all day."

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