Sunday, December 28, 2008

Xmas, Bone Volume 6, ATHF Volume 6, Medicaid Web Automation Tool Testing and Eclipse Editor Colors

Dec 27 Saturday

Penni and I woke up early and drove to Statesville to eat Xmas breakfast with my Dads side of the family. We ran into some nasty sports event traffic on way back on 77 near downtown. We dropped off my phone at a Verizon store. the charging port is messed up and they are sending me a new one. I texted the Sysadmin, Scott and My Boss my Wife's phone number for emergency contact. We went out with Penni's parents for dinner at Carrabbas and then went back to their house to exchange gifts. We finally got home and I worked on more Java Eclipse tutorials.

Dec 26 Friday

I woke up early to cover the Sysadmin's PTO. It was a bad Translation Day. Operations failed to generate the print image files for 2 days. They finished them around 8am and translations finished about 5 hours late. I fixed another bug in the Web automation tool that the power-user found. She said the tool is really fast and she is liking it. Whew! I skipped lunch and worked an hour late to finished the Electronic Billing. I went home, showered, napped and worked on Java stuff all night.

Dec 25 Thursday - Xmas

I woke up late and loaded the car with gifts and drove to Statesville for my moms families side of Xmas. My sister and her boyfriend brought their new puppy. It bit my Aunt, threw up and peed in the floor (Wooo!) The slippers I bought my mom were one size too small. I think my dad liked his stuff. We drove back and then finally dropped off Penni's parents dog at their house. I finally got home, relaxed and watch the new ATHF DVD and played kBounce.

Dec 24 Wednesday - Xmas Eve

My coworker was out again. The Air Conditioning failed this morning and I emailed my contact at lincoln harris about it, asking why she did not reply to my questions about the network closet temperature alarm system and a maintenance schedule. I had Subway for lunch with The Sysadmin. I fixed a bug in the medicaid web tool that my power user buddy found. I bought taco mix for dinner and then took a nap. My mom called and woke me up and asked me to go out and buy some canned rolls for dinner at parents in Statesville tomorrow. Penni's parents dog chewed through it's gate. Penni got home and we showered and opened gifts. We ate tacos and watched new ATHF DVD and all was well.

Dec 23 Tuesday

My coworker called in sick. I showed the Medicaid Web Automation Tool to my Corp Billing power user buddy for testing. She liked it. All my bosses departments had there Xmas party. I got lunch at Show mars with Miss A. I snacked on some left over party cookies after lunch, went home and vomited (Bad Cookies or Bad Greek salad) I napped/sweated on the couch. I woke up and showered and felt better. I wrapped gifts and crashed.

Dec 22 Monday
I took the day off to finish my Xmas shopping. I woke up and stepped in dog poop first thing in the morning. We will never babysit Penni's parents dog again. I showered and got Bojangles for breakfast. I bought dad and Penni's gift and then got Wendy's for lunch. I went to the comic book store. Everyone there lit up when i asked about the BONE series. The AKEA table that my sister order for us arrive with damaged parts. Great. Scott was late for practice, I called him and he said he forgot today was a practice day. I got home and read the volume 6 of the BONE series in the tub.

Dec 21 Sunday

I crashed at 4am and slept late. Penni and I went to Izzy's for Breakfast and then out for groceries. I submitted a question on the Eclipse new users mailing list about editing the colors of the automatically hi-lighted "matching Variables". I edited the colors and got theme pretty close to the tango oblivion then while ATHF DVD played. I went to the practice space and recorded the drums for Full Circle Part three of four.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lets do the fork in the garbage disposal

Saturday, Dec 20

I woke up late and had coffee on the couch with Penni and the Dogs. I showed Penni the YouTube Yes Dance video. It is pretty awesome, "Lets do the fork in the garbage disposal" indeed. My Sister called and asked for Xmas gift Ideas, I emailed her a few. The old drummer from Rita's gift called and asked about buying my old rack gear. He said he liked our new stuff and that we remind him of KING CRIMSON. (Awesome!) I worked on the first two chapter of the Java textbook and settings the eclipse text editor. There is no easy themes to import, It's dozens of setting in two different areas. It is barely better that hand editing a config file. I worked on this stuff all day while Penni napped and the ATHF DVDs played.

Friday, Dec 19

My left leg was OK when I woke up. (whew!) I ate lunch at Miguel's. I emailed my power user buddy about testing the Medicaid Web Automation Tool and researched the rebuild on the QA database. I played around with the Create Data page wizard in Access. Users without MS Access can query SQL data with it. I wish I knew more about the Microsoft Script Editor and Javascript so I can rebuild it without the Users needing Office Professional. Oh well, Maybe later. The textbook for the online Java class was at the door when I got home after work. Later that night, Chuck and I saw Neil's new band transmission fields at the Evening Muse. It was good to see him. After the show Neil asked about job at CHS and talked about going back to school. That is great. I emailed him some job stuff as soon as I got home.

Thursday, Dec 18

It was rainy and cold outside. Penni's parent's dog was whining all morning and woke me up. I woke up with my leg still hurting. My friend's kid was caught throwing rocks at passing cars in front of his own house. Holy crap! I am glad I have NO CHILDREN!. I left early from work to get my new tag for the creepy old van my dad got me for gigs. There was no line at the DMV. I went to practice and the band next door was playing so we accomplished very little recording and mixing. After practice Penni and I assembled the Akia TV stand at midnight.

Wednesday, Dec 17

I sat up the PA and projector for the silly Xmas break room luncheon party games. I found out that one of the AHEC guys plays drums too. For some reason the ladies I eat lunch with were talking about the inability to pooh at work, great lunchtime discussion. My left leg started hurting like i strained it, but I could not remember doing anything to it. I must be hella out of shape. I received our delivery of Akia Xmas gifts then when to practice. I recorded the acoustic drum parts for part 2 of 4 in the long pretentious full circle song. Later Chuck called and invited me to go see Neil's new band.

Tuesday, Dec 16

I woke up early and bought paper plates for a dept party at work. I made a mail merge batch for management Xmas cards and geocoded a map of employee addresses. I ate Nikos in the break room with the usual crew and added the contact support and the instructions links in the Medicaid Web automation tool. Later I watch a video about java puzzles on YouTube. It was interesting but super nerdy. Penni and I ordered a pizza. I looked at the google reader editors picks. I found a neat company called Curious Inventor that created a box that lets a PS2 controller control midi devices. SWEET!!!

Monday, Dec 15

I Woke up early and microwaved some veggie sausage. It is actually not to bad. I worked on the Facility Month End Reports all day and ate lunch at Show-mars with Miss A. I came home, downloaded a few Java eBooks and went to practice to worked on the electronic drum part for part 2 of 4 in Full Circle.

Sunday, Dec 14

I Woke up late. Penni and I ate breakfast at Izzy's and got groceries. Penni napped with the dogs on the couch while i worked on web stuff. I ate Peanut Butter Crackers and coffee. I went to practice and read a little of a downloaded java in a nutshell chm file while listening to mixes of the damn song that we have been working on for a month.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Java eclipse video tutorials, women talking about getting drunk and peeing in parking lots outside of Bars

Saturday Dec 13

I woke up at 11am and fixed my eclipse scrapbook error issue and posted the solution on the Ubuntu forums. I worked on Java eclipse video tutorials while Penni cleaned. The tutorials are really good, the guy (Mark Dexter) reminds me of Chess Griffin from the Linux Reality podcast. Penni's parents came over to see the tile floors and drop off their dog for us to babysit. We all went to Harper's. Penni told us a heart destroying story at dinner about a lady with Alzheimer whose son has cancer . She is sad and does not remember why...( sweet dreams kids!) We returned to find their dog pooped on our stairs. The dogs and Penni settled on the couch and I worked on video Java tutorials.

Friday Dec 12

I worked on IE scripting and writing error catching functions most the day. I ate lunch with the usual break room crew. Penni and I ordered a pizza, ate and then napped for a few hours. I woke up at 9pm, fixed some coffee and worked on eclipse / java video tutorials. A weird issue popped up with the java version and the eclipse Immediate-Window-thingy called "Scrapbook". I worked on the Scrapbook issue while Clone wars and the usual AdultSwim stuff was on. I crashed around 4am.

Thursday Dec 11

I met with a manager to discuss changes that he needs made to a database. He wants needs 40+ more fields added to the the import file. This is going to totally rape my table structure. (Wee!) I ate lunch with the crew in the break room. From some reason all the women at the table were talking about getting drunk and peeing in parking lots outside of Bars. I bought Penni some wine, a movie and pasta. I took a quick napped before practice, then drove down and worked on the clipping mix down track issue. The cover bands next door were extra terrible and annoying!

Wednesday Dec 10

My boss was sick, locked inside his office all day. It was warm/rainy outside and hot inside the building. It was torture. I borrowed my friend's desk fan. I ate at Miguel s with the my coworkers. I worked on IE scripting most of the day. The Java teacher replied and said we are going to use the IDE eclipse instead of NetBeans. I went to practice and recorded drums for part one of the four part Full Circle song. I checked my email and a some lady at Sun fixed the bug I found on the NetBeans wiki. Go Team.

Tuesday Dec 9

A manager skipped on a meeting about a project I was working on for his department. I ate lunch at showmars with miss A and worked on IE scripting. After work Penni and I went to the mall. I was stuck in Anne Taylor loft while Penni tried on pants. She bought about $150 worth of stuff and then we got dinner at Harper's . The Waitress jumped around the corner and scared Penni to death in the booth. everyone in the restaurant was talking about the auto bail out news. (How do you make a kid run a successful lemonade stand?) We finally got home and I ordered some blue jeans online. I emailed the Java teacher and asked him about using Linux for the class, I checked out the NetBeans IDE for Java and found a typo on their wiki. I logged in on the wiki but i could not change it. I found a email address for the web team and send it to them.

Monday Dec 8

I worked on debugging the weird table lock error that the telecommuters found in the small claims database. It caused by Citrix user profile getting stuck while the user tried to log out. I ate a Nikkos Greek Salad for lunch with the usual break room crew. I bought drumsticks ice cream for Penni and when to practice. We finished the recording for "tonight comma you" and started working on setting the click tempo for "Coming Full Circle" Penni cooked chicken nuggets for me. Awww...

Sunday Dec 7

I woke up late and took the last C++ test. I made a 99/105. I Watched a lot of new Simpson's and family guys on I went to practice and we added reverb on the quiet drums and intro keys weird drum sounds. I got home and finished the Bone volume 5 book.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sick on my Birthday, NetBeans, LoveColt, Bone Comics and ProTools bass octave tracks

Saturday Dec 6th

I woke up late and ate Breakfast at Izzy's. Penni and I took her old Xmas tree back to her parents house. I texted Traci and asked her what she wanted for Xmas. Penni cleaned and put a new smaller tree up. I picked up Qdobas for Penni.

Friday Dec 5th

I ate lunch with the whole department at Miguel's and worked on getting the IE scripting stuff to work with a weird combo box on the Medicaid web site. I came home, did the dishes, then emailed Traci and asked her what she wanted for Xmas. I emailed the Netbeans web support guys about a typo on their wiki. I tried a NetBeans GTK tutorials. It kinda sucked. I read the first set of Bone Books. So far they are good but not great.

Thursday Dec 4th

I covered the SysAdmin desk while he was at the dentist. I ate a salad at Showmars with Miss A. I rented Penni the new X files movie from Redbox. I took my cheap PC speakers to the practice space and we worked on mixing down Tonight Comma You all night. We Used the pro tools pitch shifter to make a super smooth bass octave track. Scott said that our friend David Stein is changing the name of his band from David Stein and The Ravens to "LoveColt". (???).

Wednesday Dec 3th

Last day off. I woke up at noon and mailed the van title to Dad. I got breakfast at Bojangles and bought 50 bucks worth of Bone comics. I went to practice and worked on mixing down the first song, previewing the mix on my Linux laptop on my car's stereo. I ordered a hard to find candle for Penni.

Tuesday Dec 2nd

Second day off. I watched the Wall-E movie. I bought stamps and envelopes for mailing the van title to Dad for a notary stamp. I feel kinda sick all day and so I bought a salad. I ate dinner with Penni's parents at Carrabas I was still coughing and blowing my nose every 5 minutes. After dinner Penni sat up a profile and started using She wanted to find a better class of twitter people. :) I discovered and watched a few new Simpsons episodes.

Monday Dec 1st

First day off. I watched the Kung Fu Panda movie during breakfast. I called my insurance office and put coverage on the van. I was still sick and napped all day. I went to practice, Scott finished recording all his guitar track during the thanksgiving/birthday break. We worked on recording the electronic parts and and stayed to midnight. Penni was pretty mad, but we made up later.

Sunday Nov 30th

Happy birthday to me! I slept late and bought more Xmas gifts online. Penni bought me a drawing pad (???) and a my laptop 3 months ago. I still feel sick and bought orange juice and two redbox movies while Penni napped. Later that night chuck took me and Penni out for Sushi.

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