Friday, May 30, 2008

any other week


The power blinked off last night and killed about a dozen PCs. Made a ton of 17 x 11 packets for my boss. Had a meeting about the small claims letter mail merge database thingy. had a chicken salad for lunch. no practice. ordered a pizza. Penni took a bunch of old people to the zoo, she is wiped out and napping.


had a chicken salad for lunch. Had practice. very very tired driving to practice. we have a 30 minute 2 man set now. i snapped the ring on my snare head. Cut my hand at practice and bled on some stuff. suxorz. printed out GWAR ticket for Me Chuck and Scott.
Earlier this week.

Downloaded the new Nine Inch Nails Album, The Slip. It is good, better than Ghosts.

Worked on a new Song, lots and lots of changes. it is very morningface-ish \m/

received a 400 dollar phone billing (Penni versed 2 weeks of in non-peak hours)

Did a telecommuter site visit to pickup equipment and return the time warner cable box.

Penni is making a lot of progress with her piano dvd.


memorial day had to work, building was basically empty.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Black Sabbath verse Penni.

Penni dreamed that the Sysadmin and I were going to magically burn down our townhouse with satanic powers. She dreamed that i told her to leave her Dog and all her clothes behind. Wow. This may be caused by a Black Sabbath documentary we saw yesterday. Yup the song "Black Sabbath" off their first album is that intense.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

"We will run straight to the murder" <3

Went to Izzy's for breakfast. Fed Chuck's cats and went grocery shopping. emailed a CPCC programming teacher about microsoft IDEs in the online C++ class. he probabily will not write back. watched Naruto. then took a long work with penni.

Bought the previous Norma Jean album , "O God The After Math" online. The new newest CD "The Redeemer" was 10 times better. I liked the band before I knew they were Christian. If i knew that before i probably would not like them. the lyric are not all gay and bible thumping. the singer has that scared-hurt-hardcore scream like Rollins not a pissed-off-tuff-guy scream like that retard from Pantera. oh well. I like a Christian band, wonder never cease.

posted this bug for file roller:

Go team.

panel clouds with black background


worked on the small claims letter database. Had lunch at Arby's with carlos and tzoua. Went to the bank. Fed chuck's cats. PickedUp chinese. Checked the bass that i am selling on ebay. picked a new background to Ate too much and took a long nap on the couch

Thursday, May 22, 2008

roadside food stands


Chuck, Anna and i drove around the airport area after lunch laughing at all the ghetto stores and roadside food stands.


Scott got a jaguar for a low A tuning. He is really stepping up for this two man project. This experiment may last long than i thought.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Penni Dreams

The combinational of the "what what in my butt" video from youtube and the discovery show "locked up overseas" gave Penni nightmares about Me getting in a raped in prison. Yes the human brain is a mysterious marvel.Chuck called about me feeding his cat over the weekend

Saturday, May 17, 2008

what what in the virtualbox.


Slept late. watched death note, squid billies Naruto and Assy mcgee . ate lunch at panaera bread. Got my oil changed, Texted Phillip. bought groceries. install windoze expee on a virtualbox on my ubuntu lappy. Remoted into work and checked the translated (all was well) tried to install a storm door but the door frame was a half inch too small. drank alot of coffee and ate half a bag of carrots.


Woke up early and went into shadow the sysadmin. Bought Qdoba and Penni rented Dan in Real Life. It was OK.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Hey sweet-heart, ummm, why did i say that"...


went to a telecommuter house to test a local installation of CCSM. it was terribly slow. Ate lunch with Penni at Arby's. She came in and said hello to everyone. picked up light bulbs and cookies on the way home. went to practice and worked on tweaking playing the song while scott plays and triggers samples at the same time. we added some new changes to songs, The band is slowly becoming MorningFace. :)


Work the entire night at the practice space load sample into Scott's keyboard reading manuals and edit wav files on a laptop. Torture!


took a walk at lunch. Bought pepper spray for penni. bought and installed new porch light. blew a breaker. Picked up a new storm door with pennis dads truck


Worked on the two man version of battle music and learned how to use the sampling keyboard. Quit early to gather sounds from youtube.


Mothers day parents drove down, ate at Ruby Tuesdays. Bought my mom bible chapter book marks, a measuring cup and a 2 piece glass dip and chip server thingy. Showed my dad an episode of Assy Mcgee. practiced late.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The other part of that week...


Slept late. The Salvation Army came by to pick up Penni's old giant wooden entertainment center. Penni was gone all day with her parents. Picked up part of a mother's day gift.'d the new filter CD Iso far it's not great). Went to chuck's. Played with chuck's remote control bat thing. We talked and ate sushi. He is serious about moving to Japan. He is having an Ebay-athon, donated some board games to penni's old folks and a 2x12 mini bass cabinet to Rita's gift. Chuck is awesome. I returned home to watch Naruto and take the dog out. there was a weird chick standing in this dark shelter by my parking lot. I tried to call penni to warn her about her, but Penni would not pick up her phone, i was pretty worried.


worked. Explained the claim balancing process to some outside facility billers with my boss, they seemed pumped about printing report to the open source PDFcreator and then running a monarch model on them. I picked a new door badge at CMC. i bought qboda for Penni. i watched death note, shin chan and the squidbillies, i worked on Penni's dad's laptop and crashed early


Practice Penni called and asked me to come home because there was a tornado warning, (It's good idea to drive around during a tornado warning???) finished Scott's Pedal board.


Got a yearly evaluation, it was OK. My boss wants me to do something with bostonworkstation application. I need to request another PC for the Run Time version so i won't tie up the server with development stuff. Talk with our Billing sysadmin about setting up a sql server database to write a small claims letter/mail merge checklist application to. Worked all night assembling Scott's pedal board during practice.

wireless networking on a HP dv6000 Ubuntu Laptop with Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM94311MCG wlan mini-PCI

Less we forget how to fix Penni's dad's laptop...

in the terminal:
sudo apt-get install build-essential
tar xjf b43-fwcutter-011.tar.bz2
cd b43-fwcutter-011
cd ..
export FIRMWARE_INSTALL_DIR=”/lib/firmware”
tar xjf broadcom-wl-
cd broadcom-wl-
$ sudo ../../b43-fwcutter-011/b43-fwcutter -w . wl_apsta.o
$ sudo mv b43/ /lib/firmware/

reboot and there you go...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Penni gets paid for 2 week of chillling on the couch


Lunch with Miss A and Carlos. cut pieces for Scott's new pedal board at Home Depot. Voted. Penni Bought Groceries.


I finished Cash Posting Issues DB, Hopefully. Penni had a rough day at work. I bought her some Chinese food and a keyboard stand. Had practice. Scott brought a 2 x 15" PA cabinet to the space.


Penni and family when shopping. Had practice.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Motivational Poster

From Dinner...

"So, do you remember So and So? You used to go to church with him, his wife died in that terrible car accident... Well, he had a stoke about a 3 weeks ago and now he can't move the left side of his body. His mind seems OK but the weird thing is, the type of stroke he had causes him to cry all the time. We will be talking about the church or his old job, and he will start tearing up and quietly weep. He is terribly embarrassed about it."

Saturday, May 3, 2008

"So.... Do you play any sports? you look athletic", asks the elderly man.


I woke up and watched Sweeney Todd, it was pretty dark, with lots of murder, fake ninja sword throat blood and lots of singing. it was OK, Penni loved it. went with Penni to a chiropractor visit, the doctor is a drummer and we talked for a while. We returned and watched death note, squid billies and shin chan and assy mcgee, we then went to dinner at a mexican restaurant with Penni's family and some out of town realitives. we returned and watched naruto, wow, in review, today i was a freakin' lazy slob.


Took a long lunch to use flextime covering the sysadmin chair. Picked up a few comic books. The guy who wrote "SCUD" is back in action. SWEET!!! Penni and I went to the Circa Survive show with Neil, Chuck and Anna. it was OK, I pictured the circa drum using more cymbal but he had the standard 2 crash setup. The singer used a funny fake eyeball in his stage wrap. we all went to Skyland and laughed a lot. we got home at 2am.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Phillip leaves the band


We have another long emotional band discussion about Phillip's future in the band. Phillip decides to leave citing his long work days and fatique. He load up his stuff and leaves. Scott and i discuss trying the two man version of rita's gift at Skyland. crash early.


We have long emotional band discussion about Phillip's future in the band.

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