Friday, May 30, 2008

any other week


The power blinked off last night and killed about a dozen PCs. Made a ton of 17 x 11 packets for my boss. Had a meeting about the small claims letter mail merge database thingy. had a chicken salad for lunch. no practice. ordered a pizza. Penni took a bunch of old people to the zoo, she is wiped out and napping.


had a chicken salad for lunch. Had practice. very very tired driving to practice. we have a 30 minute 2 man set now. i snapped the ring on my snare head. Cut my hand at practice and bled on some stuff. suxorz. printed out GWAR ticket for Me Chuck and Scott.
Earlier this week.

Downloaded the new Nine Inch Nails Album, The Slip. It is good, better than Ghosts.

Worked on a new Song, lots and lots of changes. it is very morningface-ish \m/

received a 400 dollar phone billing (Penni versed 2 weeks of in non-peak hours)

Did a telecommuter site visit to pickup equipment and return the time warner cable box.

Penni is making a lot of progress with her piano dvd.


memorial day had to work, building was basically empty.

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