Thursday, June 28, 2007

Day of pooh and depression.

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Trained dana this morning. Translations and all scheduled jobs failed. Giant issue with billing paper printing. A lady i have never met before narked on me to the VP. My boss was aware of the issue and had my back. Ate lunch alone. Needed the peace. Worked to 5pm. Picked up chinese for dinner. A little bummed all night. The new Blender book arrived. Boss called at 9pm to update me on issues.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Swing lol sweet charity

JVH Witness Woman: That is a waste of time because the world is ending soon.

Me: Is that why you have gained so much weight? Is there never going be be another swimsuit season?

Translations failed, had to reboot the Servers., but i got off early anyway and grabbed a Strawberry Milkshake. Listened to an old Marlyn Mason album. Sooo good. "The man that you fear" is a great song, Sad, angry, Beautiful, Pure humanity, send that off in a space probe. I need to more of that stuff. Had a nap. Penni tryed looking up Jack Kevorkian on Myspace, (awwww <3)

my old buddy Ryan, Co-author of Beth Sucks, commented on my Blog, He is a good dad now. good ol' Rybot. : )

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Shudder ye internet at the Epic tale of buying shoes

They added another vent to make the SysAdmin desk cooler. It's not working yet. Bought shoes. Traffic was a mess. I won a bet with Penni, "The Moon Orbits the Earth? Correct!". Dialed in to check something for susan scott. Downloaded Fedora 7 vmware appliance

Monday, June 25, 2007

vmware breakthrough! (my ass)

GOT IT! Dialed in for SysAdmin stuff with the LinuxLappy running vwmare.

big storm, power was out tonight for 2 hours, had a nice long nap.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Vmware server on a $300 linux laptop.

Sunday: Translations worked correctly for a change. Breakfast with penni at Izzy's. Met with band guy. It went well. Penni and kursty went rollerblading in freedom park. Installed vmware on the linuxLappy so i may dial into work on weekends anywhere in the house. I need to install pcanywhere on it now.

I hate the sun.

Woke up a 7am this Saturday. ClickOn crashed satanically hard. I had to manually run a few hospital files at a time. I woke up at 7am to check on it and worked on it for 2 hours. I was late to help my dad put up a huge metal shed. We worked on a big hydralic lift and used a boom lift. Dad cut his hand. The huge metal beams were burning up in the sun. I got terribly sunburned. while I was in statesville the bathroom re-modeler guy came back to recaulk the tub again, Penni supervised. I came home and finished the rest of the morning billing at 9pm. Called the guy about meeting to maybe start a band. ate a watermelon. crashed at 10pm like an old woman. rock and roll.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

God i hate SSI ClickOn

Thursday: lunch with Penni! worst ClickOn upgrade ever! Web server was totally boned. There until 6:30pm with Reid. Got a fuel Veggie on Wheat pizza. Slept on the couch all evening like a depressed fat woman.

Friday: Kursty bought lunch. Got out at 3:30am. Bought groceries, and canned air to dry shower crack for re-caulking. Rollerbladed with the dog for a little while.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rapist Eyebrows

According to the gentlemen at, Bert from sesame street had Rapist Eyebrows. Discuss.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

me verses three very hateful hours in an 80 degree Cubical.

Monday, Showmars with Miss A and Dana. I finally deleted essex's voicemail greeting. It is 80 degrees in the SysAdmin cube. I flaked out on a billjob and had to re-validate 5 million dollars worth of hospital Medicare claims. I had to stay over 3 hours to fix it.
While the bill job was rerunning i checked out the input error with the web portal database. the first line on patient records is coming in with html code on it. thus killing the whole "check for quotes to start the read" idea.
When i finally got home Penni had already ate dinner and was in her pajamas. I took a long bath and listened to a Linux podcast. a caller on the Linux action show answered my ktorrent question about scheduling upload bandwidth. I later finished another transparent CHS logo with Gimp and emailed it to myself.

I keep forgetting to buy the old marlyn manson american antichirst album from the "russian itunes" store. :/ oh well....

Sunday, June 17, 2007

translations, statesville, groceries, rollerblading, watermelon, and you.

Sunday, hot and sunny and gay. woke up early make coffee dial in check translations. played around with my drum brushes while everything was connecting. translations were good. got dressed and drove to the outback steak house in Statesville with Penni to meet Traci, Geoff and parents for father's day. I got dad some swim trunks and 2 pillows for his recliner. burned Traci a copy on the new Poison the well album and loaned her my copy on year zero. Drove back to Charlotte. Went grocery shopping bought a watermelon. Created another background image for poor ol' CrazyMcSlowJams hella-report. Called a guy about a forming band. called Chuck, he is using the same bathroom remodeler guy as Penni and I. We met at his place for rollerblading and misc yucks. I'm skating backward better, still shaky with transitioning to backwards on hills or at high speeds. busted my knees good. came home and watched family guy while eating half of a giant watermelon.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

you stop being boring & i will stop wishing death on you.... Deal?

Yesterday: Essex's last day, Lies and gay hugs all around. I'm now the temporary CHS Patient accounting system administrator, let slip the hound of stress and bordom! bwha-hahahaha. created a transparent banner on the LinuxLappy in GIMP for Niki's satanically long revenue cycle powerpoint project. answered an ad for a industrial band drummer.

Today: Breakfast at Izzy's with Penni's Parent's Penni's dad hung out at my place while Penni and her mom looked at townhomes. Penni bought her dad a beginning ubuntu book. forwarded Penni's dad mails for getting his parent's linux PC (made my me) dailed up and online. Visited bentley's for wedding plans. dinner at Qdobas. little walk with Penni and dog.

Tomorrow: Statesville for father's day...

Friday, June 15, 2007

cracked caulke again

Penni called bathroom remodelers about tub caulke issue. Bought father's day stuff and expensive candles for Penni. Ate at chik fillet. Worked on configuring the LinuxLappy's fluxbox desktop to 2am and Yes the Alarm does goes off at 6am tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Neighbor died.

Yesterday I learned my neighbor Carol died. I remember her and her son played guitar. I'd ask if she needed help with her groceries and she would say no thank you. The bathroom remodelers were back yesterday. Walked\ jogged to the store. Ipod froze up.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Bathroom remodelling weekend

Friday off for bathroom remodelers. Showered at penni's parent's house. Dug through box of tile for good colors. Watched 300. Firefox caught and notified penni of a myspace phishing redirect link. Worked with sequencing video with Blender. Essex and Dana could not reboot the servers friday. oh boy.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

...especially if it's three people I hate...

Rough day at work. Made a bad joke to Essex Dana and the Boss.

"ClickOn jobs are hard to edit with three people looking over your shoulder"
.... especially if it's three people I hate." : /

Lunch at showmars. Worked with Tzoua Dana and Essex and .NET Multi-T*reading. Post-work Sullivan dinner, bar band was loud and jammy and terrible. went to Rock bottom with Penni for pool. Penni was straight-edge :) Sooo proud of her <3 i picked up mineral water for Penni.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Penni's Crab Tattoo

Penni got a crab tattoo on her neck. Coffee with tommi's husband Donnie. Dinner at Lupie's. Put lotion on penni's neck. Aww!:)

Monday, June 4, 2007

breakthrough my ass!

Working on blender late last night, had a breakthrough animating shape deformations. Rendering a test object killed 2 hours of battery power in 2 minutes.

Fran Hammer on break...

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Fred and Kim's baby is due soon. Fred is taking a break from the band for a while. Sux0rz :(. I took all my gear home. penni was asleep when i got in. Essex emailed out a formal letter about leaving. niki's new helper Zsoa accepted the position. She seems cool. Dana is working out well. Reid seems extra stressed out. Fun fun fun. Working on opening ie with vba for the portal db.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Quick weekly recap...

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Week in review: gave blood. Mike likes the web portal database. essex says i lack confidence in access programming (he is a deadman). Dana found a reg edit to add user passwords to secure urls. Hook penni's dad's linux lappy to print through his windows network. Rollerblading with penni, chuck. Wipeout, leg a little bloody. Later cheese cake factory with crew. Downloaded freeguide for linux. <3

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