Tuesday, June 19, 2007

me verses three very hateful hours in an 80 degree Cubical.

Monday, Showmars with Miss A and Dana. I finally deleted essex's voicemail greeting. It is 80 degrees in the SysAdmin cube. I flaked out on a billjob and had to re-validate 5 million dollars worth of hospital Medicare claims. I had to stay over 3 hours to fix it.
While the bill job was rerunning i checked out the input error with the web portal database. the first line on patient records is coming in with html code on it. thus killing the whole "check for quotes to start the read" idea.
When i finally got home Penni had already ate dinner and was in her pajamas. I took a long bath and listened to a Linux podcast. a caller on the Linux action show answered my ktorrent question about scheduling upload bandwidth. I later finished another transparent CHS logo with Gimp and emailed it to myself.

I keep forgetting to buy the old marlyn manson american antichirst album from the "russian itunes" musicmp3.ru store. :/ oh well....

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Bryan with a faggy "y".

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