Thursday, June 7, 2007

...especially if it's three people I hate...

Rough day at work. Made a bad joke to Essex Dana and the Boss.

"ClickOn jobs are hard to edit with three people looking over your shoulder"
.... especially if it's three people I hate." : /

Lunch at showmars. Worked with Tzoua Dana and Essex and .NET Multi-T*reading. Post-work Sullivan dinner, bar band was loud and jammy and terrible. went to Rock bottom with Penni for pool. Penni was straight-edge :) Sooo proud of her <3 i picked up mineral water for Penni.

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Anonymous said...

I think that joke is very funny! Don't be so hard on yourself. Three people I hate!!! HAHAHAHAH! They aren't going to fire you from your hippie programming job are they? I'll have some mineral water please, with a twist of lemon. bwaha. Afterwards lets hit starbucks for Lattes and cookies. Then lets go jam away the night with my Jazzy hip hop band.

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