Saturday, June 16, 2007

you stop being boring & i will stop wishing death on you.... Deal?

Yesterday: Essex's last day, Lies and gay hugs all around. I'm now the temporary CHS Patient accounting system administrator, let slip the hound of stress and bordom! bwha-hahahaha. created a transparent banner on the LinuxLappy in GIMP for Niki's satanically long revenue cycle powerpoint project. answered an ad for a industrial band drummer.

Today: Breakfast at Izzy's with Penni's Parent's Penni's dad hung out at my place while Penni and her mom looked at townhomes. Penni bought her dad a beginning ubuntu book. forwarded Penni's dad mails for getting his parent's linux PC (made my me) dailed up and online. Visited bentley's for wedding plans. dinner at Qdobas. little walk with Penni and dog.

Tomorrow: Statesville for father's day...

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