Monday, March 31, 2008

The guy from Creed and Glen Danzig


Woke up early for some reason. watched the aqua force movie on the Adult Swim site cuddled up with penni. Finially put Penni's dinning Room table up on Ebay for 100 bucks. Went to Practice. The light did not work in the in room. we used the light from 2 laptops to set up with practice.


Woke up early, watched Death Note. When to Traci's House to see how she makes her Darfur shirts for school. We hung our and talked about how she doesn't like my my band. she compared our vocals to the offspring of the guy from Creed and Glen Danzig, Good Ol' T-Bonez! it appears there is not super-easy Rapid Application development stuff for linux, I sure if i keep studying and monodevelop and eclipse keep progresing i will be doing the G-Tick thing by next year.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Dub Trio, Stranger than Fiction and Cryin' n' Mess


The sysadmin was back in the SysAdmin chair. He still sounded sick. I has lunch at showmars with the a new Manager. He seems pretty cool. His friend burned in a copy of a Math metal band that breaking into little dub reggae beats called Duo Trio. it was actually pretty awesome. I finished a second draft of the Cash Posting Issue Resolution Database and sent off a link for review. I tested a fix for the QA database that has was back burner-ed with i was cover the sysAdmin poop. I picked up another Redbox movie "stranger than fiction", it was Great. I cried at the End, ( in my defense it was a good ending and i was really really tired!). Penni was laughing at me hard. good times all around.


Scott pulled off the Solo piano performance like a champ. the interview got his name wrong. I ate lunch with coworkers at showmars, things went well in the SysAdmin chair. I has to stay a little later to verify the conflict notes posting PC was started on the next batch. I Picked up and watching the movie Super Bad. it was OK.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I could never sleep with you phillip, i would wreck you.


Got to work 30 minutes early to verified yesterday's weird evening translation did not mess up the morning's translations. Ate Lunch with Miss A. finished on time to i could change clothes in the car, go directly to the space to meet up with the band and Play a song at the WCCB studios at 4:30pm for Fox News Rising. i received a text message from the producer that we were pushed back one week. I call the guy and we negotiate a solo piano performance with just Scott tomorrow at 6am and a full rock out Rita's Gift song next week. We practiced for a while, then staked out the studio so the guys can find it tomorrow morning, and ate to Lupies. Scott really likes Lupies now. I bought a disposable camera for Scott and borrowed his key to put it in his cars so is would nit forget it tomorrow morning. I forgot to return his keys and drove home with them. He called, and I had to drive back to drop them off. That's a full ass day, I'm ready to go to sleep for a month.

Penni's boss cursed at her today and then came back around 30 minutes smiling and joking like all was well. A classic overstressed weak minded manager move. Penni has a plan to hold this over her bosses head by saying "i sorry masta, please don't cus at me and beat me with a rolled up newspaper". I wish had time to research and orchestrate a mysterious pay back for her. oh well.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

SSI Sucks / The theme from Good Times / Our SysAdmin has Super-AIDS


Woke up a little early and post an AIDS Ribbon on my sick coworker's Myspace Page. Tzoua and kursty was out today. Niki and i joked about the theme fron the show "good times" with Patient Accounting stuff inserted.

Cover for the sysadmin / good times,/
Doin' realtime reportin'/ Good times /
fixin' the translations / good times /
debug in some database / Good times /

Ain't we lucky we got'em / Good Times...

Work was rough, I broke out in hived again, awesome! I took a walk to listen to a podcast, calm down and try to make the hive go away. Had a free teamwork building lunch with management. I did a lot of support stuff between billing jobs and Run a mini translation at the end of the day to fix SSI's goof up. I Worked another 1.74 hours over time. Bought Penni a rotisserie chicken and more chocolate chip cookies. took a short nap on the couching until Penni came home, shower, had some diet cheese crackers, did a brief tutorial on using gcc to compile simple C programs, snuggled up with Penni under the blankets and watch Family guy reruns. um-um-um!


The day was very busy. SSI gave us a bad translator and a few hundred claims were totally boned. I received the news from my Boss that a Doctor told my coworker he was very contagious and needed to stay out for a whole week. "That's no problem", I said. Roxorz... Ate Lunch with Miss A at showmars and worked over 1.5 hours. Practiced again. we were talking about popping joints and Phillip believed that the sound of right fist knocking again my floor tom shell was my left wrist popping. Poor Guy. He's like a dog that looks frantically for a ball that you fake throw and then hide behind your back.


Relaxed, looked through the source code for Gtick. i need to get a little C programming training and when to Practice, Scott forgot it was that night. playing with Phillip for a while and talk with Danny for a bit. all the cool people are moving out of the space.I received a call from my coworker and later my boss that he was sick and i would need to cover for him Monday. Cover for the White Devil #1? No problem, I worked on the Funny "dead hooker mini-storage" logo in Inkscape for a gift idea.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

mono-develop and eclipse books - family questioning/ignoring


Woke up early with Penni. She went to a back specialist and i sat around posted more programming questions/stuff and bought two used open source programming book from amazon. one on mono-develop and one on eclipse. Death note, squid billies and Aqua Team was great. Penni drove to Statesville. i burned a copy on the new Wu-tang album for Traci. My family kept asking me questions and then ignoring my answers. Penni through it was very funny. Penni said the potato salad had too much onion...Oh No She Didn't!!!! :0


Day off. New 13" hi hat top and Rutes were delivered, picked up some good comics. I layed arround at evening andI stayed up to 5am post and researching the use of open source Apps like Mono-develop and eclipse. The ubuntu forums were much for responsive than the forums.


Interviewed a new guy for Asbhy's Position with strong a strong web development background. got my tooth fix, when to practice in terrible pain and a bad mood. The New marching snare is great and when i feel the band speeding up i can pull them back by playing hard and slower. Poor Phillip was fired from the GoodWill computer store.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dear baby jesus, with your tiny solid gold diaper and heavenly inarticulate babbling...


Went to the dentist to check a painful bloody gum area, a filling came out. .they are fixing it for free. rozorz. My giant 14x12 Pearl marching snare arrived. it is a beast. Penni cooked fish sticks. Watched Talladega nights, it was pretty good. I called parents to schedule easter, they seemed pissed. The phone works both ways you know. Penni went to bed early, I was working on install a kUbuntu alpha on my laptop's virtual box by mounting an ISO image as a CD. it was working, just terribly slow. i passed out on the couch and woke at 2:30am and went to bed.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Playing with a 64bit Ubuntu Linux system

I Got working with my father-in-laws AMD64bit laptop running Ubuntu. Apparently there is issue with java working with the 64bit version of Firefox. This tutorial show how to install a 32bit version Firefox. Good Luck.

Monday, March 17, 2008

pimps and mattresses


I helped Penni's parents move a mattress and box spring from a couple under house arrest. Polite small talk and religious literature as far as the eye can see. Went to practice, finished at midnight.


slept late, relaxed ate qdobas a nice lazy 24 hours.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Zeus, Rita's Gift, and the white rap group the boutitboyz (with a z!)


Meet with xerox salesmen for a proposed building wide upgrade. Nice guys, one was a little corny. He called network tech a Techno-wizard.*cut away to an old man with a cape, long beard and wizard hat rocking out with glow sticks* picked up 2 power cords and a surge protector for the charity PC at lunch. The new owner said thanks and she is praying for me. "OK, thanks no problem really, tee-hee". Worked on SharePoint with my PR support services posse, we talked about the Report Universe sketch thing.

Clocked out, drove to the music store , picked up 2 14" black pinstripes to replace the drum head that cracked for no &#%*&@$ reason, got home,took a quick shower and drove straight to the space, changed the head, ran through the set once, loaded up the gear, and arrived at the milestone at 7:45. While parking at the milestone Scott and Phillip were goofing around and some how hit each other. The other bands saw it and went "OOOoooooh!". Great going guys, way to Rep, Very Intense. I unload and setup offstage ASAP so i would be ready quicker. The guys did not. Sweet.

The first band, Zeus has a drummer that used to gig with us in the a band called Mustache farm. Zeus was great.

My right bass drum beater popped out of the holder at the beginning of the first song of our set. #$%&*%$#!!! I thought quick, adjusted started playing left bass drum pedal with my right leg, twisting horribly. It worked, our singer said he just noticed the song sped up a little. go me.

On the last song, my bass drum hopped off my little riser bracket and creeped away from the me. I tried to pull it back with one hand during a simple part, which worked, but it caused me to miss a snare shot.

The last band was a terrible white 3 man rap group called the boutitboyz with a "z". One guy wore mirror sunglasses and looked at himself with a hand held mirror. they sprayed Polo at the crowd, threw out fake money, and ripped on the other bands and the venue. The rip for Rita's Gift, was "I read their Diary, reader's digest." (i.e. Rita=Reader's) All their samples were boring and the songs were all about "Doin'-Hos" but I did not hate them. Scott and Phillip freakin' hated them, like murder-hate, They wanted to go but we needed to stick around to get paid. the owner from the milestone kept saying "morningface" funny!!!1

We unloaded, Phillip split and Scott, Jessica, Ryan, Ben and me hit the IHop in Matthews after stopping at 2 closed restaurants. Got home at 4am and Crashed,

AND THEN WOKE up at 5AM with a massive right inner thigh cramp. Penni though it was a blood clot. Thus concludes the longest Friday every.;lkjas;lkjf;lkdsajf

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A sketch on a piece of paper labeled Reporting Universe


I felt sick at work today, allergies i guess. Had a Share point meeting. Everyone was asking me if i was OK. Picked up Chinese food and inhaler. Napped.


Practiced late, blah blah .... yawn...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

wutang 8 diagrams / documentation

Listened to the new Wutang "8 diagrams" album. it was awesome. Niki said it was the best thing she has heard in a while. I Created a little VBA module to email off a report at work. it was a blatant rip off of something my coworker is already using. One of my co-workers had a kid, it's middle name is "n a z i o n" (Nazi on? like Rock on?) pure comedy gold. Ate lunch at showmars with my coworkers. Penni went to a Dermatologist and has a mole checked out/sliced off. i creates some documentation for how to save a document on a flashdrive with the Charity PC. What i good person i am, Ha! No practice but no relaxing either, it;s 12:30am now and i still need to shower.

Monday, March 10, 2008

happiness (the DVD) lost

Kursty lost my dvd of the movie happiness. Worked with the CR4 mounted cr4 projector. Penni had a meeting w HR/her boss. Practiced

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Rita's Gift - Which one is Batman and which one is Robin?


Played a show at the Money in Rock Hill. We played with The Light, Fluorescent, The Stellas, and Mighty Joe Young, Penni followed us down to the gig. we were really early so we unloaded some stuff and then killed some time at a Waffle House. Phillip and Scott actually argued over which one was Batman and Which one was Robin, to which Penni said, " Christ... what am i doing here?"Ricky made a movie to project on the stage during our set but the mirrors behind the stage did not cooperate. We loaded up, Listened to the other bands, got paid, drove back, loaded at the space and returned home at 4am. Penni was quite a trooper.


Woke up at Noon, baked some corn chips, watched Death Note, squid billies, and Aqua Teens online, Went to practice and change bass and floor tom drum heads. Got home at 11pm, Penni taped, Family Guy, it was the "Stroke episode", pure genius!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Connecting to webapps with Ubuntu instead of relaxing

I was having Nightmares about SharePoint so i connected into work remotely with my ubuntu laptop to work on it. This is what i use to connect to the hospital webapps with Ubuntu

First I ran this tutorial to get the Juniper network vpn working:

In the Terminal I get to the login with this:
:~$ firefox http://TehSercetWebAddy.carolinas.egg
next I right clicked and saved the Lauch.ica for the Application I needed in my /home/user/ folder.

install citrix from this how-to and the instructions from the install.txt/readme.txt

then directly launch your ica file with the citrix script thingy from the terminal in your ICAClient/linuxx86 subfolder:
:~/ICAClient/linuxx86$ ./ /home/user/launch.ica

Then it's all aboard the Workaholic train wreck express, Toot-Toot!!1


Another meeting with my PR-support posse about SharePoint.
Loaned kursty my "happiness" DVD, which she forgot and left at work. Got some cash out, Picked up Qdoba for Penni. rented Beowulf , labelled demos for the show Rock Hill tomorrow. Watched Chowder, then nodded during DeathNote. crashed super-early, weird....


Worked late, Practiced with new low snare stand, Dropped off Artwork at kinkos for the CD cover.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Worked an hour and a half over trying to use Visio to map out a proposed layout for the pa/pr/shared share point site administration. after work i went to a book store looking for share point books, they were all for server administration, not for site management. i called in Bao ding for penni and me. On the way home i saw my face in the rear view mirror. i looked terrible, my eyes were baggy squares. I am Stressed. I need to sleep more. Scott canceled practice, he was stuck, finishing up moving to his new apartment. weeee.
details in route...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

wizzer, virtualbox, and ManCandy


Tested a old PC with Knoppix at work today, Picked up a pizza for Penni. watched the end of 30 days of night, Installed virtualbox on my laptop and setup a virtual XP installation on it. I'd like to see of i can got vista running on it for future troubleshooting crap. (man i hate windows)


Gave Blood. Rented "30 days of night" from the red box, we used my old laptop with xubuntu to loop a drum track to Scott to work out vocals to at practice. we practiced to midnight. I got a call from Neil he;s looking to play a milestone gig with us, i passed the info along to to Scott. We are waiting for a reply from the milestone guys.


We met some more of Penni's old folks, we ate breakfast as Izzy's practiced late. Saw the movie Juno per my sister's recommendation with Penni, Chuck and Anna. ate alot of chips and and Salsa.


Slept late watched Dead Note, SquidBillies, naruto, and worked on the blender ManCandy FAQ dvd. it was pretty mean, The first 15 minutes tripled my Blender Knowledge, Order a low snare stand and shopped arround online for a new nicer 14x12 snare.

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