Tuesday, March 11, 2008

wutang 8 diagrams / openoffice.org documentation

Listened to the new Wutang "8 diagrams" album. it was awesome. Niki said it was the best thing she has heard in a while. I Created a little VBA module to email off a report at work. it was a blatant rip off of something my coworker is already using. One of my co-workers had a kid, it's middle name is "n a z i o n" (Nazi on? like Rock on?) pure comedy gold. Ate lunch at showmars with my coworkers. Penni went to a Dermatologist and has a mole checked out/sliced off. i creates some documentation for how to save a openoffice.org document on a flashdrive with the Charity PC. What i good person i am, Ha! No practice but no relaxing either, it;s 12:30am now and i still need to shower.

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