Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I could never sleep with you phillip, i would wreck you.


Got to work 30 minutes early to verified yesterday's weird evening translation did not mess up the morning's translations. Ate Lunch with Miss A. finished on time to i could change clothes in the car, go directly to the space to meet up with the band and Play a song at the WCCB studios at 4:30pm for Fox News Rising. i received a text message from the producer that we were pushed back one week. I call the guy and we negotiate a solo piano performance with just Scott tomorrow at 6am and a full rock out Rita's Gift song next week. We practiced for a while, then staked out the studio so the guys can find it tomorrow morning, and ate to Lupies. Scott really likes Lupies now. I bought a disposable camera for Scott and borrowed his key to put it in his cars so is would nit forget it tomorrow morning. I forgot to return his keys and drove home with them. He called, and I had to drive back to drop them off. That's a full ass day, I'm ready to go to sleep for a month.

Penni's boss cursed at her today and then came back around 30 minutes smiling and joking like all was well. A classic overstressed weak minded manager move. Penni has a plan to hold this over her bosses head by saying "i sorry masta, please don't cus at me and beat me with a rolled up newspaper". I wish had time to research and orchestrate a mysterious pay back for her. oh well.


Penni Gryder said...

We'll figure something out sweetie! I love you to pieces!

bgryderclock said...

<3! back at you times 1oooooooooo!

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