Saturday, March 8, 2008

Connecting to webapps with Ubuntu instead of relaxing

I was having Nightmares about SharePoint so i connected into work remotely with my ubuntu laptop to work on it. This is what i use to connect to the hospital webapps with Ubuntu

First I ran this tutorial to get the Juniper network vpn working:

In the Terminal I get to the login with this:
:~$ firefox http://TehSercetWebAddy.carolinas.egg
next I right clicked and saved the Lauch.ica for the Application I needed in my /home/user/ folder.

install citrix from this how-to and the instructions from the install.txt/readme.txt

then directly launch your ica file with the citrix script thingy from the terminal in your ICAClient/linuxx86 subfolder:
:~/ICAClient/linuxx86$ ./ /home/user/launch.ica

Then it's all aboard the Workaholic train wreck express, Toot-Toot!!1


Another meeting with my PR-support posse about SharePoint.
Loaned kursty my "happiness" DVD, which she forgot and left at work. Got some cash out, Picked up Qdoba for Penni. rented Beowulf , labelled demos for the show Rock Hill tomorrow. Watched Chowder, then nodded during DeathNote. crashed super-early, weird....


Worked late, Practiced with new low snare stand, Dropped off Artwork at kinkos for the CD cover.

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