Friday, February 29, 2008

talking about old NY punk bands with a dentist


I heard that the Linux Reality podcast was stopping next month. Chess Griffin wants to spend more time with his kids , maintaining a few packages and Slack-builds . Chess is awesome, he talks clearly and carefully like a Cool high school history teacher. He once did an exhaustive 2 hour show on Slackware version 12 and his voice started to fail at the end. i will miss him. We Interviewed another Support analyst candidate. Helped Robin with a angry Project manager with a Provider Link web site issue. Lunch was funny today. i ripped on Kursty 2 good times.

"My friend resells wreaks to poor countries, you know,.. like wrecked cars, wrecked boats..."
"..and Kursty's Face?"

"My senior class visited the Berlin wall and we brought back a big rock from it.
"Did you try to Smoke it?"

I need to stop laughing at my own jokes so hard at lunch, i must look insane. oh well . it,s been a exhausting week and i forgive myself.I was so stressed my face and back of my would go numb. I left work early to go to the Armstrong and ethielmann dentist for a cavity. Today's rotating dentist was this cool, guy from NY who was into old NY punk bands, we talked about the Milestone and Placebo. He had to numb me twice, he did not rush even though it was getting late. cool guy. I believe his name was Dr Miller.


Found a claims balancing issue. Had a meeting about rolling out share point, discussed a Visio map for onlining and creating a"fun employee roll out" thingy. I Listened to a Podcast on warming up before playing Drums. Practice again, crashed late.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Transmit all to hell.


Rough day at Work, it was an 11 hour day. I had a hard time relaxing before practice. Penni was very sweet and understanding. I picked up a 14" snare head and a set of wires for my old green marching snare. When to practice and was short one drum lug to try out the old drum again. Got Home at midnight.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Debian Squares


Work was super crazy. Penni had a rough day too. Worked on fixing my old green marching snare from the "Myself Tomorrow" days. I created this background, cooked Spaghetti for Penni.

Ire Works, Ghost Boxes, and Practiced alot


Practiced, Played the set twice. I was pretty tired.


Breakfast at Izzy's, Penni Napped for a few hours. I created this background with inkscape, when then practiced and then crashed super late.


Got the new Dillinger escape Plan album, "Ire Works" off It's OK, It felt a little weird, kind of like the way Helmet's Aftertaste album felt weird compared to the Betty album

Saturday, February 23, 2008

"Sheep!" indeed


Boss was out of the office. Added snapshot report to Rebill database for Karen, rolled out a version of the CP database. Successfully ordered a Pizza online on 30 minutes with and email confirmation. watched Evan almighty, it was a little corny ,

"Let's ride an Ark from a suburb to the Congress building to stop John Goodwin on a flood that kills NO ONE!" Disney Magic indeed.


I Brought home Chinese for Penni. *Details blurry*

Thursday, February 21, 2008


went to the allergy doctor, from 9:15 to noon, i created some outlook reminders me of allergy prevention steps next year.

A nice coworker died this week. Every one at the office is bummed . practice went well. soo tired.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Penni verses Birds, Brian verses Bones, Phillip verses Life.


*Penni quote of the month*

I think spring is almost here. It's warm and the birds are chirping. I freaking' hate it.


No practice, worked at blender bones. It seems that bone grouping, ( like joining 3 bones to make a "hipbone" with 3 functioning joints) shows up only in pose mode. Penni and i watched a family guy marathon and IMed each out 2 feet away on the couch. crashed at 2am like a fewel.


Phillip felt really bad at practice. i suggested push ups, he declined


Phillip called out Sick for practice.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Skyland, tiles, meshes and bones


Breakfast at Izzy's, got oil changed and emissions levels checked. Penni and I looked for tile at 2 shops we found some samples and bought a few to test at home. They are going to be 4.49 per square foot for 525 square feet. That is not cheap. the whole project is going to be about 5 grand. I-yah-yay. I worked with blender for most of the night trying to understand adding bones to meshes, anchoring and connecting bones.


Did the afternoon billing for the SysAdmin. I took a presidinone as instructed at lunch and i started feeling weird and turned red. I was worried, but i started feeling better around 4pm. went to practice and then bought phillip dinner at skyland for helping me out with some computer hardwar

Thursday, February 14, 2008

heart shaped pepperoni for the win,

Thursday valentines day.

Lunch with 2 of my coworkers and then off at 1pm to prepare my valentines day blow-out.
i cleaned up the house a little and vacuumed the upstairs. I had 80 dollar long stem pink roses deliver to her work, rented Welcome to the Doll house from VisArt, bought a 50 dollar Zen massage card. 3 bottles of Penni's favorite wines. compiled a salad with blue cheese dressing, olives stuffed with Feta cheese, baked French bread with lemon-pesto-avicottio spread, and homemade Pizza's with heart shaped pepperoni. have you every tried cutting pepperoni into shapes? it' s tough, it make your hands really greasy and make your whole body feel nasty.

She seemed happy, i think it was a home run. she said she wood buy me a steel marching snare for my kit, Go Team!


when to the doctor again at 8:30, got some stronger steroid and hydrocodine. then bought all new bed pillows/dust cover and trashed the old ones. When to practice early with the laptop to test the compressor/limiter i got off eBay, and the auto-wah on the rack processor, (yup still playing drums...) got home around midnight took all my medicine and did not cough all night. i guess the flu is over for me, here is the season totals

doctor visit
a z-pack, albeutoral inhaler and cough worthless cough med
late filled pulmacort powder inhalers
doctor visit number 2
presidone pills and methyl-hydrocodine
new pillows and covers
pto sick hours used

...and thus I survive to suffer through another cold season next year, fighting to pull death's icey hands from around my throat.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

rough test

This a rough rough test of blender audio

Monday, February 11, 2008


This is a work in progress, it's depressed talking piece of wood. We Build Excitement!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

coughing.. toaster.. church.. steak.. Flames/Skulls

Yup, another day coughing, visited statesville with Penni, Bought my Mom a toaster that matches her coffee maker, we got suckered in to going to church for a steak dinner and a long long ass dating game parody. we got home and i made this background, Inkscape is neato:

Hey, vote for my poop:

Friday, February 8, 2008

sicky in action

I'm sick, i missed practice. :(

i bought Chinese, i watched blades of glory and made this tonight:

mancandy? :/

sick at home, but I'm still teh 1337 helpur.

Go team.

i want to buy this dvd, but the title is extremely homo-erotic... MANCANDY

why not candyman? or humancandy? jeez..

Thursday, February 7, 2008

went to the doctor, plastic tipped drum brushes, and a "Gleam"


Emailed Phillip some resume tips. i started coughing a lot and made a quick appointment with my PCF's assistant. I filled the scripts and got groceries. watched Balls of Fury, it was actually quite good, Christopher Walkens totally MADE the movie. Penni said my cough was annoying like birds chirping outside while you are trying to sleep in. funny. She said she did not mean for it to sound that way and she is just concerned. Awww.


i ordered some new heavy plastic tipped drum brushes, I used them at practice, they sound good on songs without distortion. the sound changes a lot as you change location of the rubber band on the stick. Danny and the Lights Florescent guys showed my this new practice space in NODA. it's cleaner and the rooms seem cheaper. we will probably move there with a few other bands from the queen city music factory. Scott was hella late to practice today,,,, >:(


We returned Penni's Razor phone because of battery life issues, she has a gleam now. Gleam, what a terrible name, it's like the words Gay+lame , "that phone is hella Gleam". Penni likes it better though. I showed her how to add underscores to contact names to push them to the bottom of the list.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

That was funny the first 100 times but,,,,


Ate lunch in the break room. Went to a meeting about Boston Workstation. We got new cell phone on a new carrier. Went to practice, Scott asked us to stop joking in the middle of the "A strength" song. apparently it looked bad on the video his friend recorded at the Double Door Inn. We worked on the new Hidden piano song some more.

Monday, February 4, 2008



Lunch at Ruby Tuesdays and got groceries. Called mom, it was her birthday today. Watched the movie "Antibodies". Went to band Practice and worked on the hidden track piano song.


When to breakfast at Izzy's then did nothing... watched at ATHF dvd and dozed off.. Yup, nothing it's been a busy week and we wanted a break... selfish? maybe

Saturday, February 2, 2008

blindly copying commands into the terminal / blender audio working

The Gods of blindly copying commands into the terminal have smiled on me yet again! I got my blender animation preview audio in Feisty, Ubuntu Linux with this little gem:

export SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa && blender -g noaudio

The export part sets some variable.
The && separates the 2 commands like an enter key.
The blender -g noaudio part starts blender with no game audio enabled.


I guess a good cure for the flu is playing bars late at night and getting less than 6 hours of sleep.


Woke up feeling a lot better. I woke up at 3am laying in cold sweat. I guess my fever broke that night. my boss joked "I guess a good cure for the flu is playing bars late at night and getting less than 6 hours of sleep. " Ate chips and salsa and crashed early.


Woke up early to cover the SysAdmin chair the morning translation files were very late from operations. The main billing PC lost it's mapping to the H drive, Suckville. I ate lunch at my desk and was on track to leave on time but the direct package crapped out. I called SSi and rebooted the Wrong server because the labels were all messed up. I finally figured it out and rebooted the correct server and got the hub2 working. I went straight to the practice space from work. played to 10pm. crashed at 11pm.

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