Saturday, February 2, 2008

blindly copying commands into the terminal / blender audio working

The Gods of blindly copying commands into the terminal have smiled on me yet again! I got my blender animation preview audio in Feisty, Ubuntu Linux with this little gem:

export SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa && blender -g noaudio

The export part sets some variable.
The && separates the 2 commands like an enter key.
The blender -g noaudio part starts blender with no game audio enabled.



Schaber said...

Hey brian, Do you still have a copy of that CD we made with Alex? I was wondering if you could send me a copy of it. Also, since you are evidently some sort of computer wizard now, would you suggest getting an apple computer instead of like a dell? We should hang out sometime. Are you a first shifter?

bgryderclock said...

If it's just for you i'd get a Dell with with XP. i got my sister a good
one for xmas off ebay for $350.00.

If the kids are going to be using it, clicking every link they see,
you may want to get a Mac because they are a much harder to wreck with
viruses and regeistery hijackers. They are expensive though,

I good third option is a PC pre-installed with ubuntu Linux, that would
be cheaper AND hard for the kids to wreck. You can use
for school stuff or install MS Office through WINE. If you go with
a Linux machine you will have access to tons and tons of open source

Yup i work 1st shift. :)

Schaber said...

It will be used by the kids too. I've heard you talking about ubuntu, and that sounds pretty cool. Where do you get a pre installed ubuntu linux computer? Do you still go to pawn shops? We could do that and go eat one of these days. Send me an email and let me know.

bgryderclock said...

you can get a pre installed Ubuntu Linux computer here:

or here

if you hate Linux you can always install window over it.

yeah, we should do that! i have to visit statesville this week and get my stuff together for valentines day, I'll holler at you =)

I need to look for a copy of the old Eddie Z Worth Demo. I Probably have one in a box of junk somewhere.

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