Friday, February 29, 2008

talking about old NY punk bands with a dentist


I heard that the Linux Reality podcast was stopping next month. Chess Griffin wants to spend more time with his kids , maintaining a few packages and Slack-builds . Chess is awesome, he talks clearly and carefully like a Cool high school history teacher. He once did an exhaustive 2 hour show on Slackware version 12 and his voice started to fail at the end. i will miss him. We Interviewed another Support analyst candidate. Helped Robin with a angry Project manager with a Provider Link web site issue. Lunch was funny today. i ripped on Kursty 2 good times.

"My friend resells wreaks to poor countries, you know,.. like wrecked cars, wrecked boats..."
"..and Kursty's Face?"

"My senior class visited the Berlin wall and we brought back a big rock from it.
"Did you try to Smoke it?"

I need to stop laughing at my own jokes so hard at lunch, i must look insane. oh well . it,s been a exhausting week and i forgive myself.I was so stressed my face and back of my would go numb. I left work early to go to the Armstrong and ethielmann dentist for a cavity. Today's rotating dentist was this cool, guy from NY who was into old NY punk bands, we talked about the Milestone and Placebo. He had to numb me twice, he did not rush even though it was getting late. cool guy. I believe his name was Dr Miller.


Found a claims balancing issue. Had a meeting about rolling out share point, discussed a Visio map for onlining and creating a"fun employee roll out" thingy. I Listened to a Podcast on warming up before playing Drums. Practice again, crashed late.


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