Thursday, February 7, 2008

went to the doctor, plastic tipped drum brushes, and a "Gleam"


Emailed Phillip some resume tips. i started coughing a lot and made a quick appointment with my PCF's assistant. I filled the scripts and got groceries. watched Balls of Fury, it was actually quite good, Christopher Walkens totally MADE the movie. Penni said my cough was annoying like birds chirping outside while you are trying to sleep in. funny. She said she did not mean for it to sound that way and she is just concerned. Awww.


i ordered some new heavy plastic tipped drum brushes, I used them at practice, they sound good on songs without distortion. the sound changes a lot as you change location of the rubber band on the stick. Danny and the Lights Florescent guys showed my this new practice space in NODA. it's cleaner and the rooms seem cheaper. we will probably move there with a few other bands from the queen city music factory. Scott was hella late to practice today,,,, >:(


We returned Penni's Razor phone because of battery life issues, she has a gleam now. Gleam, what a terrible name, it's like the words Gay+lame , "that phone is hella Gleam". Penni likes it better though. I showed her how to add underscores to contact names to push them to the bottom of the list.

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