Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 12 30 - Monday - Off call

Cold and muddy, Ran 3.2 miles listening to the converge Axe Will Fall album. Worked on conversion stuff all day. The breaker in the waterheater flipped, I reset it. Scott we rescheduled practice for tomorrow. Took a nap watched yogcast and played KSP.

Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 12 29 - Sunday - Penni's pillow fort

Woke up early, drank a pot of coffee, watched some yogscast and played KSP. Went to Chilis and the grocery store with Penni. Penni invited a friend to hang out and watch scary movies. Scott cancelled practice because he was out of town for family stuff. played Skyblock and listened to smodcast.

2013 12 28 - Saturday - Family breakfast

Woke up at 8am, went to the church for a big extended family breakfast. Exchanged gifts, reinstalled the printer on my parents old e-machine. Went to my aunts house and installed firefox so she could get to her bank website. IE8 doesn't play nice with 128mb ram. Headed back to charlotte around 4pm. Played KSP.

2013 12 27 - Friday - Statesville visit

Cool and sunny, no running or lunch, too busy with conversion stuff, up drove to statesville with Penni through slow traffic listening to smodcast. Ate subway with Mom and Dad. Crashed early. Slept in old bedroom.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 12 26 - Thursday

Cold and sunny, working from home, ran 5.5 miles listening to the Sleeping with Ghosts and the Battle for the Sun albums from Placebo. Worked on conversion stuff all day. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

2013 12 24 - Tuesday - Xmas Eve

Cool and sunny, ran 3.2 miles listening to Sub-Rosa. Worked on conversion stuff all day. Hit the grocery store on the way home and picked up a take and bake pizza. Penni's back wound has finally healed to the point that it just need oitment and a big bandaid. Played KSP all night, unlocked the Rocko Orange Nightmare tanks. (RONs)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013 12 21/22 weekend

Warm. Played tons of KSP.23, compared live and practice kick pedal setups. Penni's back surgery wound has finially healed past sterile packing. Met with scott and reviewed the recording

2013 12 20 - Friday

Cloudly and cool, ran 3.2 miles listening to the Poison The Well "Tropic Rot" album. Worked on conversion stuff all day. Changed Penni's back surgery dressing. Grilled cheese and Yogscast for dinner. Played a lot of KSP.

2013 12 23 - Monday

Starting on-call week, Cool and rainy, hit the elliptical Machine for lunch, listening to Neurosis. Worked on conversion stuff all day work. Worked an hour late. Got a page on the way home. Dailed in, it was a non-issue. Crash early.

Friday, December 20, 2013

2013 12 19 - Thursday

Cold and sunny, worked from home, ran 5 miles listening to the Hesitation Mark album. Picked Scott up and got the rough mixes for Monday's recording. We have a lot on work to do on the mixes.  Spagetti squash for dinner. Played KSP.23.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

2013 12 18 - Wednesday

Cold and sunny, had a work lunch so no running. Worked on conversion stuff all day. Worked late. Changed Penni's back surgery dressing.  Downloaded KSP.23. Crashed early.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2013 12 17 - Tuesday

Cold and sunny, no running today, group lunch at chilis. Found out my coworker runs Mint linux on a spare machine at home, awesome.  Worked on conversion stuff, merge issue recreation, and multirace message testing. Worked a little late, picked up groceries. Penni visited some friends at the retirement home. Grilled cheese for dinner. Changed Penni's back surgery dressing.

2013 12 15 Sunday

Slept late. Watched season one of the Sarah Silvermann show with Penni. Went with Scott to sam ash to buy some extra strings for recording tomorrow. The guy at the guitar register asked us if we wanted to hang out later at a blues bar. It was pretty awkward. On the way back we were joking about, "...wanna come back to my place, have a few drinks, listen to a few records, get weird...". Packed to the gear for recording tomorrow. Cooked some french toast for dinner. Changed Penni's back surgery dressing.

2013 12 16 - Monday - Recording at the Milestone

Woke up early had some coffee and stopped by the bank to get some cash out. Went to Scotts to load the gear in the van. Got to the milestone at 11am. The recording guy was on time. He used a ton of mics on the drum. There was very little muffling. We were ready to start tracking at 2pm. Everything seemed to go ok, we will know when we get the mixes. Finished at 8pm. Unpacked and got home around 10pm. Dead tired.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

2013 12 14 Saturday

Slept late. Watched the first season of drinky crow with Penni and some coffee. Played some KSP mod, figured out how to get a rockomax modules up to the Mun with the realistic aerodynamic mod. Changed Penni's back surgery dressing.  Went to practice with the van and ran through the set to prep for recording.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

2013 12 13 - Friday

Cold and sunny, Ran 3.2 miles listening to the Blood Brothers Young Machete album. Tested some egate filter changes.Worked on a missing ingeniousMed file thing. Email Dan about about a error from the iConvert tool. Went to the grocery store. Cooked fried cauliflower rice for late lunch. practice bass drum control for a half hour. Changed Penni's back surgery dressing. Played more KSP alarmclock mod.

Friday, December 13, 2013

2013 12 12 - Thursday - Kerbal Alarm Clock

Cold and sunny, Worked from home. Ran 4 miles for lunch listening to Smodcast. Worked on conversion stuff and multirace hl7 message stuff from egate.  Practiced bass drum control for a half hour. Took a nap. Changed Penni's back surgery dressing.  Played some Kerbal Alarm clock mod.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2013 12 11 - Wednesday

Cold and sunny, emailed alot folks about the star multirace and a18 merge. Ran 3.2 miles listening to the Sonic Youth experimental jet set album. Got groceries. Late grilled cheese lunch. Warmed a little and practiced with Scott.  Changed Penni's back surgery dressing. French toast for dinner. Played KSP mods.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

2013 12 10 - Tuesday

Cold and windy, Ran 3.2 miles at lunch listening to Circa Survive. Setup some inbound Star location in the interface and tested some outbound messages. Talked with the egate folks about the multi-race single ethnicity setup we need. 3 hour nap the a late grilled cheese lunch with yogscast. Changed Pennis back surgery wound dressing. Changed my rack tom head for recording this month. No drum practice. Burned a copy of Karate's Pockets album for a coworker. Played some KSP mods.

Monday, December 9, 2013

2013 12 09 - Monday - Pulled A18 changes

Back to work, raining all day. email was intermittently down all morning, the A18 interface code change from last month caused last week's interface issue. Those changed were pulled. Searched from exact message that broke the Date variable.  (How is that possible???) Worked on the elliptical machine for lunch while listening to the Fugazi "On the kill taker" album. (I remember seeing them play "last chance for a slow dance" live, it was beyond words good.) Started logging calories again, egg whites for late lunch. Took a nap and practiced bass drum control for a half an hour. Changed Penni's back surgery dressing. Yogscast, KSP mods and grilled cheese for late dinner.

2013 12 08 - Sunday - Cheap little bass drum monitor.

Last day off. Woke up early, watched the yogscast charity stream with coffee. Called and checked on Mom and Dad. Rigged up a little headphone bass drum monitor with a old Zoom 606 pedal so I could really check a few busy parts before recording. Warmed up a little and went to practice. Changed a snare head and practiced with Scott for about an hour.  The monitor worked great. Went to the grocery store for milk. Changed Penni's back surgery dressing. Cooked a spaghetti squash for dinner. Ate some popcorn and played the real aerodynamics KSP mod; orbited minnus. Bought a new rifftrax short.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

2013 12 07 Saturday - Nice cold walk

Woke up sick at 8am, Penni brought me a bottle of water. Went back to sleep until noon. Watched some Sips with coffee. Rapped a bunch of drum sticks. Practiced bass drum control for about half an hour. Changed Penni's back surgery dressing. Went on a nice long cold walk and listened to the "We have the facts and we are voting yes" album.
Watched Yogscast Zoey "Going Home" finally. It was really really good. Sent it to Scott.


2013 12 06 Friday - Greenway

Slept late. Ran 5 miles on the greenway down town listening to smodcast. Bought some stick rap, sodas and a take-n-bake pizza. Took Penni's replacement phone to shop from a new sim card. Moved Penni's music and pics  to her phone. Scott busy with work party tonight. Worked on bass drum control for about an hour. Played some FTB; set up a jetpack, fall boots and smelter.

Friday, December 6, 2013

2013 12 05 Thursday - Aquatic center, Swamp of the ravens

Slept late. Went to the Aquatic center for an hour. The lanes were set up longways. The laps were hard. Felt the bloodclot lung capacity thing... Bought a nicer mouse. Bought bow rasen Penni went to the doctor to chech her back wound. It still healing ok. Subway for dinner. Practiced bass drum control for an hour.  Watched two new rifftrax movies.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

2013 12 04 Wednesday - KSP Ferram Aerospace Mod

Slept late. Watched some Zoey Yogscast stuff with coffee for breakfast. Installed a KSP mod to make the aerodynamic more realistic. Launchs are faster but nose-over spins occur easier. Re-entry is quicker too. You have to pop the shutes asap. Cooked bread sticks for lunch.  Ordered Penni a replacement android phone from ebay. Went to practice. Went to Target from a new retractable leash for the dog.  Went to grocery store for sodas and chocolate. Changed Penni's back surgery wound dressing.

2013 12 03 Tuesday Van Inspection Pass, Penni phone fail

Slept late. Watched some Sips yogcast stuff with coffee. Checked work email. The inbound reg interface was mysterious set to 10/04. It erroneously reprocessed 22,000 messages. Crap! Called work about it. Added fluids to the van. Took it to speedy lube and passed inspection. Practiced bass drum control for a hour. Cooked a spaghetti squash for lunch. Penni dropped her phone in the toliet. Switched her back to her old droid 2.

Monday, December 2, 2013

2013 12 02 Monday - Van inspection fail

Starting birthday off, slept late. Changed van wind sheild wipers. Went to Big Dog inspection on south blvd. The guy there lied and said he was out on inspection stickers. Penni called back later and same guy said he was ready to go. Weird. Bought more gause and saline stuff.   Changed Penni's back surgery dressing. Stayed up late on the phanaticmc server playing skyblock.

2013 12 01 Sunday

Slept late. Watch a lot of Sips yogcast stuff. Took a nap changed Penni's back surgery dressing. Had a good practice with Scott. Went to the grocery store cooked some spagetti squash.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

2013 11 30 Saturday - Birthday

Slept late, hit the comic book store and guitar center. Got a cheap boom stand from the electronic set. Changed Penni's packing and surgery dressing. Watched some yogscast and ksp youtube stuff.

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