Monday, December 31, 2007

Brown shoes for penni


Went to Ruby Tuesday for lunch, continued searching for Penni shoes, went to Practice, my back held up. wee.


Drove to statesville for dad's side family breakfast. all went well. returned an Xmas gift. looked for Penni Shoes. watched Naruto.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

30 gig video ipod


Bought Miss A's old 30 gig video ipod for 100 bucks. Sore back issue continues. $#&^$%!! :( I bought a dual Roland snare trigger. I had to take it easy for at practice, no sweat or emotion, it felt terrible. Crashed easily to for trip to statesville for 8am gryder side family breakfast.

Tried on ubuntu, meh, could be worse.


Left work 1 hour early to drop off Chucks Xmas present. He seemed to like radio control bat thing. Next I drove home to pick up Penni and setup a new tuxedo a new rental. It looks like I lost 20 bucks on the deposit for the first one. Nice. Then we stopped by the store for milk, cookies for Penni and Tortillas, diet cheese and diet soda for me. Later I Install CNR on my Ubuntu Linux Lappy. It worked pretty well. I wish it worked for plain Debian and Slackware systems, and then there could be one universal package system to rule them all. I think Penni is getting nervous about the wedding. Around midnight, I kept thinking about food and could not sleep so I read a little more of my newer blender animation book. I finally crashed around 1am.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

play the set again.

Wednesday: quiet day at work. The tuxedo I ordered is now unavailable, Drama! Had a good long practice. My back was sore afterwards. Crashed at midnight.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Startling Fact

The average person eats about 2 spiders a year while sleeping. The only way to protect yourself is to sleep with a plastic bag over your face.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Wake up! it's Crease-muss!

Wednesday - Xmas Day

Tried to sleep late, but Penni was really really psyched: " Honey wake up it's chrees-mas! there is a really funny count down on VH1! wake up wake up wake up, let exchange presents! So i finally woke up and we exchanged gifts. Penni liked her candles, CDs. DVDs, Candles, Massage certificates, and Camera. We drove to Statesville for Mom's side of the family's Xmas dinner. I helped Dad borrow chairs and a table from Church for dinner. Traci liked her PC tower. All was well. i ate too much. Dad put salt in Traci's coffee while she was not looking. Classic. He is the man. I am still on track to hit 188 by the wedding, but it is serious time now.. 3 weeks to go...

Monday, December 24, 2007

"I think copper helps heal those rashes. You should swallow a penny, that will fix you right up."


Covered the Sysadmin chair of Xmas eve, Star balanced, praise Alah! lunch with Kursty as Wendy's my treat. So tired... picked up soda for Penni and drive home for a short nap. We went to Penni's parents house for their Xmas dinner. All was nice.I added Evolution calendar for Penni's Dad's ubuntu laptop session startup. I wish Ubuntu had a slicker calendar applet that had a smaller footprint than Evolution. i ate too much and feel terrible now. so fat and tired...


Penni had to work that morning. We ate at Izzy's, Checked translations, got fitted for a Tuxedo. bought Scott and Phillip Monster brand patch cables for Xmas. The guys were late for practice, Scott was helping Phillip move. Practiced until midnight, watched Kenny vs. Spenny, crashed at 2am


Blurry, Slept late, showered, Make and published GPL skull Icons on watched Death Note and Naruto.


Short practice and band photos. I accidentally ask "What is the hardest core ______" instead of "What is the hardcore-ist ________ " , thus the guys have a new catch phrase. Great.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Friday: Met with AVP and got the green light to put Knowledge presenter out to pasture. Lunch with dana and kursty at showmars. Printed some morning billing for monday. Good band practice played the long set twice.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Untangling kursty's PST files


the big scary new print image was basically a non issue, Thanks our new ever-competent sysadmin. I just had to tweak the monarch models a little and every thing was kosher by lunch. I worked on untangling kursty's PST files for about an hour.

Worked on my boss's boss's boss's PC to 8pm. It was terrible,so many windows updates!!! (i love Linux more that ever now.) and the Audio driver I DLed from Dell caused the system to power off as soon as the Admin logged in. The Owner said he is getting a Mac next time. Nice.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

We need to hold ssi to the fire, indeed.


Had a scary meeting about the new print image and translators that are going to hit tomorrow. managers quotes "We need to hold ssi to the fire..." It's like holding a rock to the fire. nothing happens, your arms just get tired.

My boss's boss's boss's home PC has a wowfx.dll virus/root kit 3 day after i reinstalled XP. I am going to try to set them up a dual boot system with XP and Ubuntu. Maybe that will help. i was feel nice and i bought chuck a gift for Xmas. i have eaten only 2 cookies, and 3 jr whopper's w/o mayo today. 194lbs . 8 lbs to go. Go team.

Practice tonight, band pictures, everyone was loaded in my car. it was freezing outside everyone was being so Silly. I was ready to go. Nothing was funny. I wish i was slower to anger about stuff like that. Oh well. They deserve me.

Dorrito poisoning!

Tuesday: Stomach messed up all day. Covered afternoon billing for sysadministrator Finished penni's shopping. No practice. God help us all.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Of course they are board shorts, they are his, I'd also be bored


194 lbs - 6 to go.

Gathered my notes to sell the idea of dropping KP, 4 grand to report on test scores? You are on Australian Crack! I bought a new alarm clock at lunch. picked up Chips and Queso for Penni <3. lost an ebay auction for a 18" floor tom. Went to practice at 8pm, played the set. stomach hurting.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

weak week.

Last Week:

Tons and tons of telecommuter site surveys.
Set up AV for Xmas lunch event thing
took pics of Steel floor tom for ebay sale
Fixed my boss's boss's boss's PC
Finished recording for rita's gift
Saw Danny's band play at the visualite theatre
Watch the movie "Surfs Up"

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A bad day.


sick. Hands shaking. Vision blurry. Finished the work day but cancelled practice. Slept. Scott lost his cell phone on his florida vacation.

Monday, December 10, 2007

A good lazy day

Sunday: Penni went shopping with her mom. I lounged and played openareana all day. Practiced solo with Ipod for 3hrs. Bought cough medicine for penni. Crashed 3am.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Giant clock regeistered at target.

Saturday: slept late. Breakfast at izzy's. Regeistered at target. Gay double date with Kursty and john. We were literally browsing around the gay and lesbian community center off central ave. lol@ArtCrawl

Practice minus scott.

Friday: lunch at azteca destroyed my stomach. Ryan almost killed himself when my old drum stool finally broke. Went to penni's company party then to practice without scott. Dropped danny off at his house.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

KDE-style quick lauch applet for gnome

I just found a KDE-style quick launcher applet for gnome. it's in the repos as quick-lounge-applet. it shows up as "launcher list" in the panel menus... nice!!!!

Did a free department wide lunch and telecommuter site visit in gastonia today. saw my boss's house. Nice ceilings and nice tile.

Yesterday i gave blood, worked on a MS photoStory thing for management and, i recorded the drums for awakening with a shaker track. Playing a big shaker for 3 minutes really tired me.

Monday, December 3, 2007

"Quit smurking! You look like a moron when you do that."


Pawn shop and comic shops. Practice was a little light, too much talking and debating about the recordings.


Parents visited for lunch at village tavern, then to the practice to record Battle Music and and Now().


Slept late, Watched TV with Penni. quote of the century from a home re-modelling show."Quit smurking, you look like a moron." - and - "Stop laughing, You have been laughing like a idiot all day."

Friday, November 30, 2007

1976, last day in November, new born baby from the howling chasm of terror...


Lunch with dana, Reid, and Reid's CP and CB supervisors at La Paz. used web from to reserve xmas lunch event PA equipment. Practice. recorded brush drums / weird electronic kick drums for burgundy. forgot to call Penni at 10:00pm. she was mad again :(


PTO day. went and got the marriage license downtown for 60 bucks. Penni was nervous amongst all the parking deck, and poorly labeled office building, cops and a stranger. she was crushing my hand, pretty funny. Did you know Penni was born in Mexico Missouri? ha- ha - ha!!!. i love her so!


My birthday. watched a Futurama movie, today i made it down to 200lbs, 12 lbs to go. bought a 12" PA speaker with Penni's Dad's Gift card. Traci called and explained her anger at the last family get together, T'was boy problems. alas. Traci is strong and smart and I'm sure she has everything under control. Practice tonight. we have only 4 nights left to finish the demo/album. ( weird huh, recording 11 song instead of a quick 4 song demo.. oh well my man Scott has a vision.... god help us all^_^ )

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Short end of la stick...

Tuesday: sent penni flowers. Napped a little. Installed KDE on my laptop, wireless network did not work right away. Crashed at 2am. Penni was mad that i am so tired on no-practice nights.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Boss Turbo overdrive for phillip

Monday: Dana was feeling sick at Work all day. My Boss asked him to come in early just in case was sick. I hooked Phillip up with a Boss Turbo overdrive pedal to add feedback squeaks to Phillip's bass sound arsenal, hopefully. Got home late.

2 bucks extra for brocolli?!

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Sunday: slept late. lunch with penni chuck and anna. Chuck argued with the waiter. Classic. Burned chuck a norma jean CD. Recorded drums for Sacrifice.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Deadbeat Son

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Saturday: Drove to statesville for a late thanksgiving Dinner at a steak house. Traci seemed pissed all day. Mom told penni that i never paid her $200 for dad xmas gift. I did pay her.

Please marry my Deadbeat Son

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Saturday: Woke up 11am. Drove to statesville for a late thanksgiving Dinner at a steak house. Traci seemed pissed all day. Mom told penni that i never paid her $200 for half of dad xmas gift. I did pay her. Thanks mom.

Wanna Marry My Deadbeat Son?

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Saturday: Woke up at 11am. Drove to statesville for a late thanksgiving. Dinner at a steak house. Traci seemed pissed all day. Mom told penni that i never paid her $200 for half of dad xmas gift. I did pay her. Thanks mom.

Wanna Marry My Deadbeat Son?

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Saturday: Woke up at 11am. Drove to statesville for a late thanksgiving. Dinner at a steak house. Traci seemed pissed all day. Mom told penni that i never paid her $200 for half of dad xmas gift. I did pay her. Thanks mom.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

playback device "hw:0" is already in use. Please stop the application using it and run JACK again = kill/uninstall your speech tools

I figured out some of the spiffy text to speech tool were screwing up my JACK audio server. it works in XFCE now.

playback device "hw:0" is already in use. Please stop the application using it and run JACK again = kill/uninstall your speech tools,

you're not blind anyway! Are you that bored?

now the hard part, being creative. =/

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving: Kid bites mom and laughs.

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Thursday: Thanksgiving. Sleep to noon. Have dinner at penni's parents house. Emailed chris about a linux powdered media center question. Crashed at 2am.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Next on Lifetime, "Why Brian Why..." One mother's story...


covered the SysAdmin chair, ate lunch with my boss. Was a little depressed all day.

The previous day, my mom called try to change my no wedding guest policy. " Why Brian,.. Why..." she pleaded on speaker phone. Penni was like "eeek! holy crap!"... I stuck to my guns but felt bad. I love being judged as a selfish cold hearted person for doing things my way. i love it. I told my friends about it and joked and laughed.

Listed to Tom Wait's "Lost in the Harbor" again, beautiful...

Went to practice, Scott wanted to rewrite the chorus to a song he wrote called "Dramatic" AFTER we recorded it. he used 32 tracks over dubbing guitar and layering vocals. sick. we ended up writing and recording a fast 32-note solo over the "dull" parts. Go Team.

we also worked on a song called"to you from me". at the beginning of the song. The guitar strums were off from the snare hits. Sense there were 2 guitar tracks and the guitars were on time together the snare sounded stumbling drunk wrong. I was so frustrated. We edit the volume on the weird spots to make it sound better. I miss loud fast messy hardcore music. (ha-ha)

Crashed 2am.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Monday: covering the sysadministrator chair. Penni and i are both tired and groaning like zombies. Practice was canceled scott is just recording guitars and vox. StudioUbuntu as too buggy. It's heart breaking.:( I'm switching back to good ol' regular ubuntu 7.10.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Old Jewish ladies vs Penni

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Sunday: woke up at noon. Went to Izzy's. Penni bought a memorah. Watched Tenchi Muyo with Penni. Neighbor Doug is moving out. Alot of junk outside. Recorded drums for 'me to you'. Used 20 inch floor tom.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

GPS and a fake Xmas tree in a body bag.

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Saturday: Slept to noon. Woken by a drum question from kursty. Penni had to work. Couch, coffee, cookies, and A perfect lazy day. Penni's parents took us to Fish Taco. They gave me a shirt and a big gift card for drum gear.

A pastel sketch of a bunny named Gandoff

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Friday: Went in early to work with dana and verify the sysadmin stuff was the same. Worked on share point and kathy's rules and pst folders. Brought the 20 inch floor tom to the space. It sounded like a timpani. Cold and tired.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Life iz g00d !!1

Yup. It's so good it's a little creepy. Maybe a crippling health issue or a terrible car accident is just around the corner, but as for now, it's just awesome pie. Go me.


This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Tuesday: no practice. Bought Penni fried chicken, fries and cookies. Worked on the linux laptop, the midisport and SooperLooper. Issues saving and reopening project files . Went for a late long walk listening to the new Kmfdm album. Crashed 2am.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Like 2 Kittens Building a Treehouse

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Monday: lunch from niko's. Burned phillip a mixed skinny puppy Cd. Went to practice. Had bass amp issues. Phillip was freaked out. Worked on it for an hour :/ setup an analog bass hit for MVP on scott's pedalboard.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Loose Change on the snare drum.

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Sunday: Ate lunch with mom traci and geoff. Mom was mad about our non-traditional wedding plans and cried. :( oh well, no regrets. Practice. Recorded drums for Pillow and a wierd trashy ending for dramatic. Penni taped the simpsons for me :)

"You are going to marry the first goth fat girl you meet at a show..."

Friday: Won a free lunch from work. Dana is battling IS for a real job verses a virtual server setup at the Data Center. Phillip bought a electric violin with lots of assembly required. We messed with it for most of the practice.

Saturday: breakfast at Izzy's, My back was sore for some reason. went to Penni's Parent house for Dinner and to fix her dad's Linux laptop. His Gutsy upgrade bombed and I had to add "noapci" "noirqpoll" to the boot options and setup the broadcom ndiswrapper. crashed at 3am.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Like Atlas Carrying a Dumpster.

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Wednesday: Went to practice. Recorded an intro to Dramatic. Phillip had a garra costumes. Figured out how to work scott's midi pedal board. Penni taped of the new south park.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fish taco on a cold night

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Tuesday: 2nd pto day! Watched shrek 3 with coffee. Bought the new kmfdm online. Bought a hi hat mount tambourine thingy and a wireless card for Penni's laptop. Nice dinner at cabo fish taco.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Day off.

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Monday: pto day! Woke at noon. Started linux torrents in GTK client Deluge. Watched ratatouie with coffee. setup amarok on the couch desktop. Hit the Comics shop. Picked up Bao Ding for Penni. Went to practice. Ate at skyland after practice. Crashed at 3am.

Monday, November 5, 2007

danny your really sick, deathly pale, but on the bright side, your skin look flawless.

had a very laid back Saturday, Penni and I drank coffee in South Park and bagged on people walking by. that was fun. she is great! finished getting the wedding invite printed.

Sunday, we ate lunch at Moe's by the townhouse. it sucked. Penni was mad at every one who worked there, funny stuff. recorded the drums for Dramatic with out a click (thank you god!) Phillip had a little trouble with the busy bass line but eventually nailed it. Danny was sick, like vomiting every 15 minutes sick. got home and Penni taped family guy for me. <3!!1 watched it and got to bed around 3am.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Ack errors, Dumpster phones,Bath Candles

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Friday: met with chs network info structure guy. Updated the visio map of the building. Threw away a lot of phones. Worked on new song at practice. Broke a stick. Came home and had a candle light bath with penni.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Lost in the Harbor

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

I have had this sad Tom Waits song called 'Lost in the harbor' from the 'Alice' album stuck in my head all day. The melody does this creepy out of tune bridge between verses.'Over there/ The babies need wool for new clothes.../ But the sheep were all lost in the harbor'

Avoid this day next year.

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Thursday: Sad all day. Sleep deprived. Almost passed out at a stop light. The building was full left over halloween chocolate and i destroyed myself with it. I am using PTO to avoid this time next year. Worked with sharepoint all day. Returned redbox movie.

Imagine choosing a police coverage Policy

Wednesday: talked about socialized healthcare with boss. bought Penni Chicken. Rented the flushed away movie from a Red box. Sat up the Couchy desktop as straight XFCE ubuntu. Watched new south park.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Just a jigalo...

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Disturbing retirement home story of the week: an old man in an patient interview sings'i ain't got nobody', breaks down crying, and slips into a screaming post-traumatic stress disorder flash back from World war 2. Have a nice day.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My perfect XFCE desktop.

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Tuesday: no practice. over the last 2 weeks on my days off i have been tweaking my XFCE linux desktop to look as good as my gnome setup. The gnome panel was just too laggy. Tonight i got it just right with no config file hacking. Good transparencies and colors. Life is good.

Vocals tracks el diablo.

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Monday: My boss found a big scary reporting issue. Heard the mix down for MVP. Their was some vocal layering that i did not like. I told scott. I think a pissed him off. The drums were good so I yeilded. Go team.

Monday, October 29, 2007

They Might Be Giants in Charlotte.

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Sunday: recorded the drums for MVP. Saw They Might Be Giants with penni at the neighborhood Theater. Awesome. Bought a shirt and a hoodie for penni.

Chuck verses CrabCakes.

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Saturday: izzy's. oil change. Groceries. dinner with Penni, chuck and anna at Blue. had a 200 dollar bill. Downtown was full of loud drunks in halloween costumes.

3 Million dollar miskey and meternomes.

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Friday: Zoua caught a 3,000,000 dollar miskey in STAR yesterday. Its been nasty and rainy all week. love it. I bought tmbg tix for penni and me. Went to practice. Worked no playing MVP with a click track. Penni's been watching horror movies all week.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oh Denny

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Tuesday: no practice. Bought a 1 GB SD card for scott's key. went to ruby tuesdays with penni. Penni bought a dress on ebay with my account. Penni made this horrorible joke about my parents having sex, complete with sound effects and catch-phrases. She totally destroyed me. I am now ruined for life. Funny stuff.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I belong in drummer hell. :/

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Monday: I'm still battling IS for knowledge presenter updates. Had a salad for lunch at showmars with miss A, dana and kursty. Scott had vertigo and felt bad at practice. Danny fixed the mix on fighting E and 2 snare shots on blown away. I bought him bojangles. Worked on lyrics for a song idea.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Zed, wake up the Gimp.

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Sunday: ate breakfast at izzy's. There was a article in the loaf about a preacher who was found dead tied up in a wetsuit with a dildo in his butt. Nice. I worked on wedding invitations in went on a long walk with penni. Got a litte dizzy. Penni was googling wedding partydresses all night.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

...Verses Huge Keyboard Manual

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Saturday: slept late. Kept rolling over and squishing the dog. Scott bought this sick key board, sampling expansion board, and midi floor controller. The manual is like a sears catalog. Rock! Phillip got this prank phone call from a girl who said she was an bored autrailian exchange student. Nice.

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Friday:decided to lose 30lbs for the wedding in january. Skipped breakfast. ran to foodlion for a low fat lunch meat. Sketched out a plan and a gay litte chart. Awesome. IS is dragging their feet on finishing the phone upgrade project. Penni is having issues with nurses neglecting old at her facility. She is raising all kinds of hell these.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Back in Hebrew school...

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Thursday: unloaded chicken with mike for PA day. Dana went home sick after lunch. Printed out tomorrow's paper billing. No practice. Bought and cooked fajitas with chips and sausa for penni. Watched Drawn together. A new version of Ubuntu was released yesterday. I was already running the release canidate. I am awesome!!1 I crashed early at midnight.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Emotional explosion! Meh...

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Wednesday: swam through network printer issues all day. accidentally set alarm off at the practice space. Worked with drumming in the tempo shifting meternome coach, quite intense. Heard F E mixdown. Snare mixed too low:( Penni taped the new south park for me. Crashed about 2am.


This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Tuesday: made a dumb joke about niki's statistics class. You don't have to be so MEAN about it. :) i am a comedy monster. Had practice. Demo mix down is still in process. Scott dinged his guitar. Phillip has to be out of his apartment in 2 weeks.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Penni cooks!

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Monday: No practice. Watched the family Guy star wars episode. Penni cooked these weird little bagel pizzas for me. They were great.

Monday, October 15, 2007

No more egg sandwiches, brian! >:(

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Sunday: slept late. Went to izzy's. Went shopping with Penni and her cool hat:) . The grocery store was packed. Everyone was loud and moving so slow. I was getting mad. Got home and felt better. Went to practice to record Blown Away. The new ride cymbal sounded great. Everyone was late. Daniel was feeling bad so i bought him some bojangles. Crashed at 2am.

Rock me, Meternome el Diadlo!

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Sent Penni a dozen pink roses. Go me! :) had 2 gyros from Nikos for lunch. Did a phone project survey of the building. 10 phones are missing. Opensuse 10.3 was released today. According to reviews DEBs are still faster than RPMs. Yes, and water is still wet.:)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sigh... I miss my mule...

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Saturday: slept late. took Penni to get her old changed. Visited the nursing home that penni works at. I could not do that for a living. She is an angel! Lunch at ruby tuesdays. Shopping with penni. Rented 1408 and clerks 2. Clerks was epically awesome.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The electronic yapping department

No practice tonight. Took penni out to chillis. She had a blast ease dropping\ ripping on ppl. Bought cookies, ice cream sandwiches, and fat free chips. Watched some stuff that she taped for me. <3! My gnome panel seems a litte slugish. Tested kde panel. Had issues with knetwork-manager.

Ride in the front if you are freaked out

Recorded fighting E yesterday. The drums were a little painful. I blame the quiet click track and my own suckiness. Rode in the back of a speeding white pickup truck, weaving and flying over railroad tracks on graham street. Candy bar for dinner, Got to sleep at 2am. :/

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Tuesday: lunch at showmars. No practice. Picked up a pizza on the way home. Napped on the couch with Penni. Worked on a drum machine click track with triplets for recording fighting E. Started a torrent for Mandriva linux 2008. Went to bed early.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Track 4 female voice speaking french

Recorded with ritas gift at their friend daniel's studio. We finished one track. I knocked the drum out in 2 takes with 2 false starts. Someone set a small fire outside the practice space in the parking lot. Penni was sad for her new patient with parkensons diease and wwII flashbacks.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Meternome triplet blues

Sunday: slept late. Had Izzy's for lunch. Penni napped. Replaced the weird flouresent bulb outside the townhouse. Went to practice. Worked on playing songs with keyboard meternome, we are recording tomorrow. Penni taped the simpsons and family guy for me. Crashed at 2am.:/

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Lol@ Permi-frown mall dads w/their kids!

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Saturday: No practice, Slept late. Carabas with penni. She napped then we got coffees and walked around south park laughing at every one. Added an octave me bell sound and a girl speaking french to my old 202 sampler. 4am now:/

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Practice last night. Scott brought his roland handsonic to the practice space. Received a text message from sun com and paid the bill. Watched adult swim stuff online

Friday, October 5, 2007

Babys should say Goo,Not turned into goo

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Headache all morning. Working on adding a log file to the satanically complex clickon balancing db. Talked about the abortion episode of the sarah silvermann program.

Rock me UPS man.

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

No practice yesterday. Picked up cookies and lemon water for Penni. Ordered a 22 inch ride, new 13 inch hi hats, a ported bass drum head, cymbal bag and big ritas gift logo sticker. Whee. Practice tonight.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

.....Can you feel me inside you phillip?

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

The drum stick wrap helped a lot. I have only one new blister after 2 straight days of practice. used 14inch hats tonight. Tried playing without lights tonight. Used a new piano song tonight. Its awesome. I did ok. Got home at midnight. Penni taped a new south park for me tonight. God i love her.:)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Tuesdays: ran to radio shack at lunch for td-5 adapter. Went to practice. The td-5 is busted.:(

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Yesterday: no practice. Returned tamb-sticks for more 5b oak sticks. Wrapped sticks with tennis tape. Took Penni to dinner at ruby tuesdays. Went to bed early.

Blurry weekend.

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Weekend: Practice, hand blood blisters, chuck hears band, statesville church chicken cookout, saw old scout master, good talk with dad, bought new paiste pst5 18 inch crash, tryed distorted dr pad at practice.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

An 18 inch B8 crash or non-terrible one?

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Thursday:my live cd some how broke my bosses work laptop's master boot record. Dammit. :( no practice tonight. Finally rest :) took penni to mccormick and shmitt for our 25th month anniversary. Penni taped family guy on the days i was practicing. Penni is awesome. Looked online for new crash cymbal.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Give blood! watch ppl turn green! Fun!

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Gave blood this morning. Made progress with the kp reporting db. Band practice again tonight. I hope a can survive it. I hope penni understands. I miss chuck. I should call him.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New bass for scott

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Did you know that msAccess can only create table with 255 Fields? Ain't that some shit? Huh? So Tired from practice :(

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Bought Penni flowers. My boss is back today. Worked with kp, all the test info is url encoded as one long string. The reporting needed for the server is going to be 40 hours of programing or a 4 grand upgrade. Nikos for lunch. Band practice tonight.

Monday, September 24, 2007

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Penni was craving fried chicken for dinner, so i wrote an annoying little song about pee-nee wanting cheeckeen. Went Grocery shopping with penni. Dremilled down a cymbal boom arm to hold a ribbon crash better, tryed honking midi controller to ubuntu gutsy installation. Had connectivity issues..

Fish pita

Monday: Boss is out sick. Carried around tables with Mike. Ate lunch with Kursty and dana at showmars. Working on setting up reports for most commonly missed questions on kp lms. The forum says i need to create some weird objective label for each question. Great. :/

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Yes, i am being selfish again.:)

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Sunday: Penni had to work for 2 hours today. Ate at izzy's. Listened to practice recordings and took notes. Practiced on electronic kit. Had a headache. Went to practice. Bought my old sampler. The band loved the muppet loop. Got home at 11:30. My back hurts! Ate penni's leftover pizza. Tired.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Don the Drummer & the Skyland restaurant

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The band's old drummer Don was at the practice tonight. Nice guy. Different drumming style than me. He's more tuff guy riffs. Im more wierd busy panicy riffs. Both are cool. The guys like me. Ate with the band at the skyland.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

RU smarter than a stack o folding chairs

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Employees appreciation lunch sweat-fest yesterday while my boss was on vacation. Had to own everything. It sucked. Tried a new tuning system on rack tom. It was worthless. Copied rita's gift songs from practice to ipod. Got stuck in traffic this morning.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Rita's Gift!!1

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Bought a 16 inch china. Tried out for a band called rita's gift yesterday. Liked them a lot. They're really into placebo. We played for 3 hours at the first audition, penni had a nightmare about werewolves last night. She woke up at 4am all freaked out. Ate lunch at boca di bucca today.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Blah :/

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Wrote more documentation for web portal db. Worked with kp, issues holding logins in a mdb file. Bought lighter strings and picks to teach penni guitar. Looked at classical guitar prices for her. Cooked burtelli's pasta for penni. Penni worked late tonight. After dinner we watched shin chan on the adultswim site.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Throwing pennies at Kursty's sandal feet

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Worked an 11 hour day covering for the system admin while he was at clickon training. I left late because of a 5pm to 6pm suprise maintenance job. God a hate ssi. Drew a DJ Tender Loin logo on Dana's marker board. Nikos for lunch with kursty and karen. Peanut butter and celery for dinner. Then a nap. Then a long walk with Penni. God i need a band.:(

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Why hath my dog forsaken me?

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I've been listening to a lot of norma jean and circa survive lately. Still looking for a band. Penni is loving her job. My bosses dog pooped all over his house while he was on vacation. Plus his well was messed up so there was no water to clean with. Yikes! He's like freakin Job from the bible.:/

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Took the last two days off. Did the comix starbucks thing. Installed slax on my boss 4Gb flash drive. Ubuntu and pen drive linux would'nt work. Emailed an audio question to the linux action show.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"Jamming", like the porch band on the slingblade movie

I sat up a quiet brush drum kit in the living room and played with guitarist neighbor Doug and his friend for about 2 hours tonight. Really nice guys... Doug songs aren't really finished yet. Doug has a good voice, his lyric phrasings are rhythmic and busy but a little drone-y. He is have money problems, he mentioned his pay-as-you-go phone was out of minutes. his friend work 3rd shift do a regular practice schedule with these guys is impossible. I'll just keep "jamming" ( god i hate that word ) with these guys to keep my licks sharp and keep looking for a real 1000watt sweaty complex song structure rock band.

I submitted a new myspace classified ad and answered a few, sending them links to mp3s.... Yup, fishing in polluted river of rock & roll with no rod, just *end blue jam*

Monday, August 13, 2007

... verses south carolina.

Sunday: Went to Fort Mill SC for Penni's friend's 3 year old's birthday party. The whole town looked creepy and abandoned just because it was Sunday, weird! At the party a Barney CD was playing on the boombox, classic! Penni owes me big time =) On the way home I made Penni spit water all over me laughing. Had lunch at Brixx pizza. Ate too many peanut butter and crackers for dinner.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Light Metal Brushes

Interviewed a SysAdmin. Ate at showmars. Bought a set of light metal brushes for my smaller acoustic drum set. Bought chinese home. Picked us penni's meds. She's worried about med costs with her short term insurance.:(

Old post lost in phone

It's Really cold for april. I love it. Rainy and gray . Listened to Tom Waits in the car at lunch. Every thing is perfect.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hit him, Hit him, Hit him,


Bummed about perspective band mates flaking out. Sad echoy Circa survive songs in my head all day. The kid next door want to start an acoustic rock band. He's got a good voice. We'll see.

Saw a wreck in a kinko lot. Two Nice cars backed into each over. Hilarious. One car was driving very stupidly so i was in a bad mood and actually Cheering "Hit him, Hit him, Hit him" when it happened. I guess Karma owes me a car wreck.

Chuck and I checked out an local inline hockey tournament. It was full of scary good players. Mean skating! No noobs.:/ ate dinner late at Denny's with Chuck.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Styrofoam windows covers

Monday: cooked spaghetti for Penni. Worked on 16th hi hat/snare patterns. Ate half a watermelon. put styrofoam sheets on practice room windows to try to cool it.

Monday, August 6, 2007

"Chuck gets evil sometimes"

Sunday: some guys called back about playing this week. practiced with the electronic set for a few hours. had cheesecake factory with chuck and anna. Burned chuck a dvd of mp3s. Worked on lmms music to 2am.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Do-not-rehire lists, Daily Volume Balancing, Wallace & Grommet, and Pizza Tops.


Dana had a day from hell, translations finished at 2pm. Penni finally got the green light to submit her 1-3/4 week notice at the Pain Clinic. (I'm worried about her being put on a do-not-rehire list) Went to Rock Bottom to Celebrate.


Finished fixing the Daily Volume Balancing for Mike. Yea. a little bought Veggie Pizza for Dinner looked for the labyrinth for Penni at Blockbuster, not available, bought a acoustic guitar pickup. Cleaned to computer room some more.


Looked for the labyrinth at a different Blockbuster, not available, got a Wallace and Grommet movie. Penni submitted ads online to find volunteers for entertain the old folks. Worked on cleaning up the computer room and recording on the LinuxLappy to 3am.


I slept late. I dreamed that Chuck and I order a "Pizza Top" from a restaurant, basically a big stab of melted cheese and pepperoni. Fat people Dreams.... a new low.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Q: Who was tiny tim's father? A: Yer Momma

Wednesday: Meeting with oren. He said E & Y says we dont suck! Yea? Went to a telecommunter site to photograph the desk and setup in dallas nc. Wrote a guy back about a band. Penni gave chs her 2 weeks notice today. She drug tests tomorrow and starts on the 18th. We went to rock bottoms for dinner to celebrate.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dark pplz

Monday: Lunch at migales with boss and dana. Boss asked us "Why are ppl your age so dark?" tee-hee. Bought isolation headphones and burger king for penni.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Don't bring your kids to the movie theater / ever have kids.


Woke up early, had some coffee and checked translations. i started cleaning some drum stuff out of the living room. "Since you have not played in a band for while, could you move some of the stuff, upstairs?" Ouch. So I did it, Cleaned up the PC room upstairs, did the laundry, and then took the dog out roller blading for a while. When i came back in I had a shower and a sandwich with then Penni when to buy me a better toolbox to organize my crap upstairs. Then we went to see the Simpsons Movie. It was OK. There were little kids everywhere. Little Noisy retarded bastards. Grrr. After the movie we went to buy a cover for the little table that is going to hide the 'Traffic shaping PC' downstairs. (god i need a band)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bad Mood 2007: The phantom menace


"I wish you would open up and communicate better with me."
"I wish I could to murder everyone I see and black the sun out of the sky, Walka-Walka-Walka! =)"

I woke up late. I was in the shower when Penni ripped the shower curtain open and scared the hell out of me. Had Breakfast around noon as Izzy's. I was in a bad mood all day. Penni kept asking why I was in a bad mood, which made it worst.

After Izzy's, Penni took a nap and i dialed in to check Translations. Everything was cool, so I up my Roller hockey gear and went to to the nearby track to knock the ball around. i setup some water bottles as cones and work on my control. I can control the ball turning left better than Right, I need to work on that, maybe i should buy a book, street hockey for dummies.

We meet Penni's sister her husband and Penni's parent as Carabasa for dinner. Penni's Dad was asking about simple red-eye reduction in Linux. he said Gimp was too option-filled and would like a editor with controls ranging between gimp and mspaint. I need to Google that for him.

Watched narruto and then downloaded the new TMBG cd "the Else" from Russian itunes for $1.40. Classic college-y nerd rock <3. i took a long walk around midnight to listen to it. I feel much better now.

Turd Cutter, the musical.


Quote of the week: "Wow, look at the Turd Cutter on her."

Work was ok. I ordered Penni pink roses Again. I ate lunch at Showmars. Darcel's SSI conflict checking has started losing Discharge dates and ssi was actually helpful, giving us the data location on the missing information to forward to the CHS SQL team. Later the Paper bill printing was all messed due to a SSI support person copying Edits for the wrong hospital in our files.

Penni scheduled a 'Card Night' with Cian and joshua. (I used to rock soo hard. Bloody hand 3am drum/band practice, vandalism, terrorism, etc.. but now, 'Card Night'... god i need a band...) Card Night was cool. I burned Joshua a copy an old violent femmes CD. Cian works so hard making food and setting up little finger food dishes and we just eat and get crumbs everywhere. It doesn't look like very much fun for them. We brought Logan with us and he passive-aggressively made the other little dog go nuts all night. We left around midnight, Penni had to wake up early the next day for a weird Registration dept meeting at a golden Coral of all places.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Wednesday: lunch with miss A at showmars. She just bought a hybrid civic. Worked an hour overtime balancing the worst translation ever. Bought qdobas for penni. Retrieve docs off stacie's crashed pc. Helped penni study math for GRE. Watched pokemon for some reason... (???)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Took Hellishy long walk with Penni after work. Approximately 8 miles. Penni enjoyed it and that is all that matters. <3

Monday, July 23, 2007

Cupcake Holocaust 2007

Woke up today with Penni clicking her alarm clock for no reason at 5am.

Penni: "What time it is? my clocks messed up?"
Me: "Honey, go to sleep my clock is fine."
Penni, "Smurgh???
Me: "Honey, go to sleep."

When in to work at the normal 7:30am time today. Kursty saw the Sicko movie too ans cried because her parent are in that same situation. Dana ran the SysAdmin desk held the fort down nicely, Go Team. My Boss was out. Double chicken salad for lunch. CRMC had a weird issue an 3:59:59pm. Damn you CRMC! Came home bought 4 shirts on sale. Ate all the leftover cup cakes in one setting. way too much sugar, nauseous for a while. God I suck, no willpower. Took the dog out for a long walk.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Penni's surprise party, Chuck's destroyed elbow, and The SICKO movie.


Was able to leave work on time. Drove straight to Chucks to change clothes and play street hockey with chuck, and his friend Matt from Chuck's work. Matt is intense! He skates with no heel brakes. as soon as we set the goal and started up, Chuck goes down on his Elbow HARD. He toughs it out for the rest of the evening but feels weak in his left hand all day. Anna made him sleep with a sling on his arm that night. I injured my right leg and left arm also. I put ice on it all night. It hurt to go down stairs. Penni said I was moaning all night because of my leg. fun fun fun.


I slept late and limped downstairs to check translations. Then left at 5pm to supposedly skate with chuck but actually Chuck, Anna and I where going to Cian's surprise birthday party for Penni. We got there early to help blow up balloons.
Kursty, John, Chuck, Anna, Amanda, Niki, Cian, Joshua, Me, Penni, Mike and Matt where there. Wow 12 people! :) We are loved! The food Cian cooked was Awesome. She is a great friend. Penni need to hang on to her, Big time! There are picture of the whole party crew under PICS at the top of the page. **note, this is one of lesser bitter hateful posts, eh?


Slept to 11am and Went out for Breakfast as Izzy's, There are a lot of kids working on that place. A 12 old kid brought out coffee and water and a 14 year old girl was running the register. maybe it's the inner city versions of cutting wood, bailing hay and feeding cows? good ol' America under age slave labor. learning to sweat and hate. Oh well.

Later, We watched the Michael Moore movie SICKO with chuck and Anna. It was a great movie. I am now worried about being denied coverage because of my yearly bronchitis and that one mysterious blood clot in my leg last year. Penni joked about moving to Cuba for health care. I remember. looking at expatriot sites went Bush won the presidential race. I wussed out. Maybe i will retire to a foreign country. Maybe I can get a job working with Linux or maybe at a call center. Yes, the Future is Bright. :/

Friday, July 20, 2007

Penni's birthday dinner.

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Friday: cooked dinner for penni's birthday yesterday. Salmon steaks, asparagus, onion potatos, french bread. Bought her a diamond necklace. Rented 3 movies for her. She liked everything. I think my valentines day dinner was better.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Penni in the shower with her clothes on.

Work was work. The leaf of LOL was quickly turning brown as I cover you System admin spot for X more weeks. Long meeting about QADB. meh-meh-meh. :/

Penni tried to scare me today while I was in the shower. I heard her coming and grabbed and pulled her in the shower with her clothes on. I helped Penni with her GRE prep math questions.

Did Yoga yesterday, just me, Ciann and Joshua, Penni was at a job interview. Ciann kicked my ass per Penni's orders. Held a 1/2 push up for way too long. Legs and arms failed, sweaty, unable to balance on one foot. damn.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blurry weekend in review

Blurry weekend:

  • Installed a gig of Ram in LinuxLappy.
  • I met up with some band guys in Waxhaw.
  • Dailed in from the couch, putting in 9.75 hours of overtime running ColdFeeds.
  • Breakfast at Izzy' s.
  • Bought Penni $180 worth of Yoga exercise clothes.
  • Finished Street hockey goal,
  • Dinner at Penni's Parents,
  • Setup Penni up with MSN/AOL instant messenger through the Linux app GAIM.
  • Scheduled street hockey with Chuck but was rained out.
  • Dinner at Traci's house with Penni Mom Traci Debbie and Geoff.
  • Sprayed Penni with canned air while she was trying to shower.

I need to do more , I'm like 30... I will be dead soon. :/

Saturday, July 14, 2007


fun Fact: Kursty played the song "Mother", from Danzig's How the Gods Kill Album, at her wedding in new jersey.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Plexiglass drum pedal board and Penni's Chakra

Tuesday: Honestly, I only remember being pissed off all day at work and working 2 hour overtime. Penni had fun at yoga and i stayed home and worked on my plexiglass drum pedal board. i cut my hand. Dinner at harpers. Penni talked about powering up her chakra to attack the hostess if she said there was a long wait. God i love her.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Optimus Prime is my Daddy.

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Monday: Sore from yesterday's street hockey wackiness. My boss is out for the next 3 days. They must trust me. (???) A few AVPs visited the cube today. Everyone is nervously CYA-ing with all the clickon issues. Lunch at arby's with miss A today. Saw the transformers movie with penni. Good movie. I feel restless. I need a band. :/

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hockye Stikc 2 Teh Faec! :0

Breakfast at izzy's. Scheduled try out with new a band guy. Bought material for a new drum pedal board. Ran into Quan from mortons custom plastics! :) we worked together about 9 years ago. Played street hockey with chuck. I think he may have given me a black eye. Fun Fun Fun.

Friday, July 6, 2007

cheerful morning retards

This morning Kursty said, "You look grumpy, let's go get coffee in the breakroom."

So I said, "Sure let's go so you can say hi to everyone you see in the hall like a retarded person."

I am a funny mofo.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Telecommunting on the4th,Cianne's Party

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

4th of july - day off - phone rang at 5am. It was chs operations calling to say the files were late. I had to call them back when i finally woke up. They failed to copy the hipaa ub files took . I massaged translations until noon. :( Went to a penni's yoga friend Cian's party. Made them a mix cd. Everyone was cool there. Tons of great food. It looked nerve racking to organize a party like that. :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

3.7 million dollar mistake, Yoga, and the "Gheyest" book in the bible.

Rough day at work today. 20 days ago a bill job was canceled, thus 3.7 million dollars worth of hospitals claims were billed were 20 days late. my boss was worried was cool about it,That was no comfort, good management prunes efficiently and emotionlessly. emails could be flying around and they may be sharpening the ax as I type this.

at lunch, I made a joke about revelations being the gheyest book in the bible today. Dana laughed pretty hard. But honestly, people who go on and on about "The Beast is a coming' lawd, lawd" or " the world is endin' soon, no need to pay my credit card" are idiots. Maybe it's human nature to want your generation to the last one, like your Senior class was best one ever and they had to tear down the school after graduation in honor on it.

In reality, The world will probably be around long enough for you and everything that is huge and important in you life to fade away. WTC bombing what? who was Nirvana? What was Google? What were Ipods? All gone to dust like old dead dry leaves. *end goth rant*

Penni and I went to a Yoga class that her friend taught. When ever one was supposed to clear there mind and feel the flow on their inner energy all I think about was swirling black and Grey. I felt like everyone's Chi was glowing pink but mine was glowing Black. ( like a cheap anime villain.) ...weirdo. Penni had a good time and i guess it was a good work out. had Qbodas for dinner.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Street hockey with chuckOrz,

Sunday: slept late. Penni woke me at 11am. Translations actually worked correctly! Amazing! Scheduled to eat lunch at Penni's parents house (Bratwursts and Sour kraut?). We returned and Penni took a nap. Called chuck0rz. We go out and buy street hockey sticks and balls like the weirdos are. We played at the neighboring school for about 3 hrs. Insanely fun. Skating seems easier with a stick. We eat at sushi 101. Very tired and sore.

Mr annoying's coffee cup lid bongo solo!

Friday: boss's birthday. Lunch with Reid and Dana at Miguel's Susan Scott trying SQL clean up job that made me leave work 2 hours late. Ate watermelon.

Saturday: slept late. Translations failed again. Went to concord mills. bought 2 pairs of size 13 black puffy skate shoes, groceries, and coffee. Rented reno 911 movie. Ate watermelon. Installed fedora 7 via vmware until 3am.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Day of pooh and depression.

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Trained dana this morning. Translations and all scheduled jobs failed. Giant issue with billing paper printing. A lady i have never met before narked on me to the VP. My boss was aware of the issue and had my back. Ate lunch alone. Needed the peace. Worked to 5pm. Picked up chinese for dinner. A little bummed all night. The new Blender book arrived. Boss called at 9pm to update me on issues.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Swing lol sweet charity

JVH Witness Woman: That is a waste of time because the world is ending soon.

Me: Is that why you have gained so much weight? Is there never going be be another swimsuit season?

Translations failed, had to reboot the Servers., but i got off early anyway and grabbed a Strawberry Milkshake. Listened to an old Marlyn Mason album. Sooo good. "The man that you fear" is a great song, Sad, angry, Beautiful, Pure humanity, send that off in a space probe. I need to more of that stuff. Had a nap. Penni tryed looking up Jack Kevorkian on Myspace, (awwww <3)

my old buddy Ryan, Co-author of Beth Sucks, commented on my Blog, He is a good dad now. good ol' Rybot. : )

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Shudder ye internet at the Epic tale of buying shoes

They added another vent to make the SysAdmin desk cooler. It's not working yet. Bought shoes. Traffic was a mess. I won a bet with Penni, "The Moon Orbits the Earth? Correct!". Dialed in to check something for susan scott. Downloaded Fedora 7 vmware appliance

Monday, June 25, 2007

vmware breakthrough! (my ass)

GOT IT! Dialed in for SysAdmin stuff with the LinuxLappy running vwmare.

big storm, power was out tonight for 2 hours, had a nice long nap.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Vmware server on a $300 linux laptop.

Sunday: Translations worked correctly for a change. Breakfast with penni at Izzy's. Met with band guy. It went well. Penni and kursty went rollerblading in freedom park. Installed vmware on the linuxLappy so i may dial into work on weekends anywhere in the house. I need to install pcanywhere on it now.

I hate the sun.

Woke up a 7am this Saturday. ClickOn crashed satanically hard. I had to manually run a few hospital files at a time. I woke up at 7am to check on it and worked on it for 2 hours. I was late to help my dad put up a huge metal shed. We worked on a big hydralic lift and used a boom lift. Dad cut his hand. The huge metal beams were burning up in the sun. I got terribly sunburned. while I was in statesville the bathroom re-modeler guy came back to recaulk the tub again, Penni supervised. I came home and finished the rest of the morning billing at 9pm. Called the guy about meeting to maybe start a band. ate a watermelon. crashed at 10pm like an old woman. rock and roll.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

God i hate SSI ClickOn

Thursday: lunch with Penni! worst ClickOn upgrade ever! Web server was totally boned. There until 6:30pm with Reid. Got a fuel Veggie on Wheat pizza. Slept on the couch all evening like a depressed fat woman.

Friday: Kursty bought lunch. Got out at 3:30am. Bought groceries, and canned air to dry shower crack for re-caulking. Rollerbladed with the dog for a little while.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rapist Eyebrows

According to the gentlemen at, Bert from sesame street had Rapist Eyebrows. Discuss.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

me verses three very hateful hours in an 80 degree Cubical.

Monday, Showmars with Miss A and Dana. I finally deleted essex's voicemail greeting. It is 80 degrees in the SysAdmin cube. I flaked out on a billjob and had to re-validate 5 million dollars worth of hospital Medicare claims. I had to stay over 3 hours to fix it.
While the bill job was rerunning i checked out the input error with the web portal database. the first line on patient records is coming in with html code on it. thus killing the whole "check for quotes to start the read" idea.
When i finally got home Penni had already ate dinner and was in her pajamas. I took a long bath and listened to a Linux podcast. a caller on the Linux action show answered my ktorrent question about scheduling upload bandwidth. I later finished another transparent CHS logo with Gimp and emailed it to myself.

I keep forgetting to buy the old marlyn manson american antichirst album from the "russian itunes" store. :/ oh well....

Sunday, June 17, 2007

translations, statesville, groceries, rollerblading, watermelon, and you.

Sunday, hot and sunny and gay. woke up early make coffee dial in check translations. played around with my drum brushes while everything was connecting. translations were good. got dressed and drove to the outback steak house in Statesville with Penni to meet Traci, Geoff and parents for father's day. I got dad some swim trunks and 2 pillows for his recliner. burned Traci a copy on the new Poison the well album and loaned her my copy on year zero. Drove back to Charlotte. Went grocery shopping bought a watermelon. Created another background image for poor ol' CrazyMcSlowJams hella-report. Called a guy about a forming band. called Chuck, he is using the same bathroom remodeler guy as Penni and I. We met at his place for rollerblading and misc yucks. I'm skating backward better, still shaky with transitioning to backwards on hills or at high speeds. busted my knees good. came home and watched family guy while eating half of a giant watermelon.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

you stop being boring & i will stop wishing death on you.... Deal?

Yesterday: Essex's last day, Lies and gay hugs all around. I'm now the temporary CHS Patient accounting system administrator, let slip the hound of stress and bordom! bwha-hahahaha. created a transparent banner on the LinuxLappy in GIMP for Niki's satanically long revenue cycle powerpoint project. answered an ad for a industrial band drummer.

Today: Breakfast at Izzy's with Penni's Parent's Penni's dad hung out at my place while Penni and her mom looked at townhomes. Penni bought her dad a beginning ubuntu book. forwarded Penni's dad mails for getting his parent's linux PC (made my me) dailed up and online. Visited bentley's for wedding plans. dinner at Qdobas. little walk with Penni and dog.

Tomorrow: Statesville for father's day...

Friday, June 15, 2007

cracked caulke again

Penni called bathroom remodelers about tub caulke issue. Bought father's day stuff and expensive candles for Penni. Ate at chik fillet. Worked on configuring the LinuxLappy's fluxbox desktop to 2am and Yes the Alarm does goes off at 6am tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Neighbor died.

Yesterday I learned my neighbor Carol died. I remember her and her son played guitar. I'd ask if she needed help with her groceries and she would say no thank you. The bathroom remodelers were back yesterday. Walked\ jogged to the store. Ipod froze up.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Bathroom remodelling weekend

Friday off for bathroom remodelers. Showered at penni's parent's house. Dug through box of tile for good colors. Watched 300. Firefox caught and notified penni of a myspace phishing redirect link. Worked with sequencing video with Blender. Essex and Dana could not reboot the servers friday. oh boy.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

...especially if it's three people I hate...

Rough day at work. Made a bad joke to Essex Dana and the Boss.

"ClickOn jobs are hard to edit with three people looking over your shoulder"
.... especially if it's three people I hate." : /

Lunch at showmars. Worked with Tzoua Dana and Essex and .NET Multi-T*reading. Post-work Sullivan dinner, bar band was loud and jammy and terrible. went to Rock bottom with Penni for pool. Penni was straight-edge :) Sooo proud of her <3 i picked up mineral water for Penni.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Penni's Crab Tattoo

Penni got a crab tattoo on her neck. Coffee with tommi's husband Donnie. Dinner at Lupie's. Put lotion on penni's neck. Aww!:)

Monday, June 4, 2007

breakthrough my ass!

Working on blender late last night, had a breakthrough animating shape deformations. Rendering a test object killed 2 hours of battery power in 2 minutes.

Fran Hammer on break...

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Fred and Kim's baby is due soon. Fred is taking a break from the band for a while. Sux0rz :(. I took all my gear home. penni was asleep when i got in. Essex emailed out a formal letter about leaving. niki's new helper Zsoa accepted the position. She seems cool. Dana is working out well. Reid seems extra stressed out. Fun fun fun. Working on opening ie with vba for the portal db.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Quick weekly recap...

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Week in review: gave blood. Mike likes the web portal database. essex says i lack confidence in access programming (he is a deadman). Dana found a reg edit to add user passwords to secure urls. Hook penni's dad's linux lappy to print through his windows network. Rollerblading with penni, chuck. Wipeout, leg a little bloody. Later cheese cake factory with crew. Downloaded freeguide for linux. <3

Monday, May 28, 2007

Rollerblading though clouds of insects..

Yesterday: breakfast at Izzy's. Bought monitor stand, bathroom tile, and light fixture. Cleaned up drum \ computer room. Ate watermelon. Roller blading at freedom park with penni and chuck. . The creek was nasty. Gnats everywhere. Got giant chocolate milk shake. Bed 1am.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

4am. Poor Panicked Penni Pooh...

Yesterday groceries and coffee, downloaded a ton of albums from Tommi & Donnie visited. Donnie hates vista:) Penni had 2 glasses of wine, lost a game of chess to tommi and me, and pasted out on the couch when i took logan outside. I finally woke her up at 4am to put her to bed. She was Panicked, confused & thought she had to be at work in 3 hours. She was about to call in sick Aww!

Friday, May 25, 2007

xorg verse the 22" widescreen LCD

My 22" monitor from newegg was just sitting outside my door in the retail box yesterday. I was lucky no one stole it. I finally got xorg to show the desktop in wide screen correctly. Penni made friends with a yoga girl on myspace. Aww! :)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Penni Sings!!!1

Cooked penni spaghetti for dinner. I worked with penni on her little music project for 2 hours yesterday. Penni did really well. My guitar playing was very rusty. Fixed linux laptop quiet mic issues

Monday, May 21, 2007

Call a Waahbulance...

Bummed. Bloated from dinner. I miss Chuck. I miss practicing twice a week, sweating puddles behind my ridiculously loud drum set. I feel of ashamed of my present regiement. Unclean. I need to lock myself in a room with only blender and a guide book conquer... Something... :(

Oww. : (

Hellish 10 hour over time week. Good lazy saturday. Sunday: nasty mama lenas in waxhaw and mysterious pains from a 3 month old visectomy (???) Worked more with blender. Penni cleaned up the back patio.

Friday, May 18, 2007

dauuuuuuuuuuudgh! :/

Friday night, worked 11 hours today. i worked late yesterday too. :( Zsua is applying for the reporting unit's asstance. cool, Niki needs some relief. I sat up Penni's dad's new laptop with Ubuntu and a terrible BroadCom wireless card with a Ndswrapper. listened to alot of converge today dropped off the laptop and ate a little pizza at Ken and Jeannie's. Penni went off with some girlfriends. i am tryin go stay awake so i can go pick her up if she needs help. tried making coffee but we are out of sugar. i have been awake for 21 hours. eyes watering. cognitive functions failing.

Practice tuesday night went well, i hope fred does not quit the band due to a new baby.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Bill job errors, Software Raids, dreams of a dead Neighbor and laptop sound issues...

Covering Essex again today, Local Bill Job A errored out and i had to call SSI for help. A coldfeed job errored out too, i had to work over 1 hour to finish everything. The Bathroom contractor email a quote back too use today. 1045 dollars for labor, not bad.

Napped a little and dreamed our neighbor died. i dreamed we found her rotting and topless in her living room. Ugh! Psycho-analyse that! :/ penni woke me as she was leaving for a massage. I made some coffee googled linux software Raid for a while. Raid seem like a lot of trouble. i will probabily just buy another external drive and copy drive A to B bi-monthly. Penni said the massage was great and she wants one every 2 weeks.

I wanted some Unsane to listen to tomorrow so i when to, a got one song for opening an account. i tried to buy the whole Unsane Visqueen album for 4 dollars but their credit card system was down. :/ Darn Russians!

I noticed the ubuntu 7.4 installation on the laptop loses the alsasound services when you hiberate the system. you have to shutdown completely and restart to have sound work again, it's Bug filing time!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Studio Ubuntu

  • woke at 9:30am
  • went to star bucks and grocery store to finish Penni's parents lunch
  • Lunch at Penni's parent's house Penni's dad is having Ubuntu loaded on his new HP laptop!
  • Fixed loose Rollerblade wheel, it was not a broken bearing after all.
  • Took the to the track to run around with me while i skated.
  • skated for about 20 minutes, it was hot and the dog was lagging behind/dying :/
  • went to Lowe's with Penni to buy new toilet seat, blue light covers, small mirror and towel holder thing.
  • installed all the stuff and watched tv while DLing new studio Ubuntu DVD
  • blew away the old lappy harddisk and installed studio Ubuntu. it looks great! :)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

12 hours sleep, noisy restaurant, Drinky the Crow, and another sour pissy Brain...

slept 12 hours last night (Penni woke me up because she was worried)
shoe shopping with Penni
grocery shopping for Penni's parents lunch tomorrow.

Fought with Mom and Traci about the restaurant we were going to for mother's day.

"Just because you make a lot of money, doesn't mean you don't need to consider the people when you are planning dinner at some big expensive restaurant with a dress code!" -Traci

The Restaurant we settled on was packed and noisy. I was in a bad mood. Mom hated her ring. I bought dinner, which was 210 dollars with tip. My parents came my townhouse and my dad watched the "Drinky Crow Show". he liked it :)

Friday, May 11, 2007

a raise, a love knot, Cevin key, and a bad pissy brain.

I got a raise today. lunch with Reid Dana kursty and Karen at migale's. i worked over 30 minuted to finish up the billing. Dana asked kursty if her Celtic-love-knot tattoo was a manhole cover. CLASSIC. I called dad to tell him the news. I went out shopping for mother's day. then dinner at caraba's to celebrate (???)

I feel bad all evening, just silently mad at nothing with a headache . i hate it when I'm like this. i wish i could unplug my brains switch it out with a new one. "Darn, This one is stuck in piss-y mode. I'm glad I have a spare."

After dinner, i started Penni's dvd burning and took a long walk with the dog while listening to Cevin Key mp3s. great stuff, It felt good walking around pissed off listening to uber-dark eclectic horror-electronica.

No, i am a lair...

Essex is now on vacation for a week. I helped penni add the rollins lair video to her myspace last night. Penni got choken on koolaid laughing and had to spit it back out in her glass. Showered and went to sleep with a headache.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Penni's Quote on the Month

"What the @$%* are you #$%^* looking at? Go back to your #$%& Golf course!"

two Sweaty days with Essex

Yesterday, Beat the GNUchess computer last night. Working with Essex this AM. Copied new NIN year zero cd to ipod. vacuumed the carpet, played drums with brushes. a little bummed out all day.

Today, i worked with Essex again, it appears he is really leaving. I had a fancy after work dinner with Reid, Penni, and Essex. I saw Donni Marshall playing a jazz set at tthe restaurant, we played pool with the crew at Gillians until 9pm. i was feeling gross and sweating. Penni had a good time. :)

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Add reasons list box to payments tab in Portal DB

Annoying loud girl in break room. Long painful discussion about portal additions with rhonda. Add reasons list box to payments tab. Napped. Played chess with "chess master" Penni. Beat her terribly, even after sacrificing knights and a queen to help her out.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Day set to a Fantomas Song

Little depressed today. Had a hilarious 30 minute 'walk around in the hot sun'dept meeting today. Called joyce and talked about her cancer. She sounded up beat. I hope she is ok. Cooked penni spaghetti. Napped. Corn flakes, splenda, and coffee for dinner. Worked a little on colors and textures in blender. 204 lbs tonight. Fantomas's cover me the Twin Peaks theme is in my head. Good sad stuff. <3!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

2 dirty sweaty long days


showed Dana around the building.
ate lunch at Migal's
cooked penni pasta with pesto sauce
wedding band arrived! :)
called Fred from Fran Hammer he was get screws and a plate in his broken arm.
watched Borat.


Ate a Niko's salad for lunch
worked on web portal DB
ate dinner at La Paz
looked at hardwood floors price 3.39 Floors + 2.29 Labor x 525 sqft x 1.1 for waste. Damn.

Funny Penni

I stole your Portishead CD! Heee heeee~

Love you,
Another crazy day.
Talk to you at home!!!!
P enni

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Chuck in RollerBlades, Penni in Statesville, and Progress in Blender

Sunday Night, worked too late on blender animation. i finally have a funky little gray gumby looking waving guy. tried syncing my ipod with banshee but i was afraid it was going to copy all my song to the local PC, (i need to read up on that :/ ) i chickened out and used Amarok instead.

Saturday evening i hung out with chuck and anna. Chuck bought some Rollerblades and we skated in the church parking lot across the street from his house. Chuck fell only once, but as soon as he fell a girl and her huge dog came over to small talk and blocked chuck from getting up. Chuck hates big dogs. it was awkward and very very funny. Later we ate at cheese cake factory with finish around midnight. I left my phone at chuck's house and my sweet little Penni-pooh was worried. I burned a copy of Mister Bungle's California Album for Penni, what a great great CD...

the next day I we woke up early with drove to statesville for church, Penni said it was a lot different that the baptist stuff she went to as a kid. I couldn't remember anyone's names at church, it was embarrassing. Penni was great through the whole ordeal After church we went to the famous Captains Galley's seafood restaurant, Penni is used to Charlotte's super tasty seafood restaurants and was polite but wasn't thrilled with the food. she napped on the way back and then we both passed out on the couch.

we woke up and went on a short walk with the puppy. I weighted in at 208 today. damn it.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Bad with names forever!

Monday, I have to show the new support analyst around the building so I made a "study sheet" of department, managers and supervisors so I won't look foolish Monday. I bought a nice fan at lunch to stick under my desk. I've been working on the Web Portal Project a lot today. I can't wait to go out tonight with penni

Thursday, April 26, 2007

bad food decisions

Reminder: buy a little book on Chess Openings for Penni. If she read it and i didn't, she would be unstoppable. Yesterday's cashew meltdown has destroyed my stomach. Why do i do this? 40 percent of the pain in my life is caused by bad food decisions. I am truely a fool.

In my head today: Thuggin' love from the boondocks. California is cool to the homeless from south park. Yesterday there was a dixie chics song in there ... Pure torture.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cashews, ambulances and KDE Tasty Menu

I ate a half gallon of cashew nuts at work today. (God i suck.) Picked up chinese for Penni. Beat Penni in chess twice. An ambulance was at our neighbor carol's house tonight. Installed kde Tasty Menu for centos and kubuntu. It looks and feels great!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Burned knoppix 5.1 and used it to config Centos 5's Xorg yesterday. Knoppix rocks so hard! Played chess with penni. Tryed electronic hi hats at music store. Practice tonight.

Monday, April 23, 2007

sup fatty?

Ps: this weekend we had dinner at McCormick and Shmitt. And breakfast at izzys. My stomach has been messed up all day.

Re-config'ed the couch pc this weekend. (CouchyMcDualBoot) it's running kubuntu 7.4 and CentOS 5. One weird error with'sudo kate' but all is well now. Penni was adorable as always.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Satanically busy and stressed out.

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Friday. Satanically busy. Could'nt find old fiss osr. Bad. I Keep feeling my pulse in my nose and face. Stressed out. Wishing for someone to knock me unconsious. Penni wants wine and chess tonight. Whee!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

foldingathome, power failed at work, Penni got her hair cut shorter, knoppix saved my bosses ass. charity gig coming up

This weekend i installed folding@home. it is an awesome project. "Use spare CPU to run alculations to ID proteins that cause diseases" Brilliant! Penni was impressed and Blogged on her myspace page about it. practiced drums upstairs. installed Fluxbuntu as Penni's mom's old Lappy and installed Blender. it's the upstairs bathroom PC \m/ ^_^

Yesterday, the power failed in the building! (wheee!)

  • went home at 1:15pm,
  • showered,
  • DLed linux action show Podcast ,(they played my audio question)
  • went to comic book store
  • had a large white chocolate mocha with an extra expresso shot, skim no whip. ans 2 cookie and while reading comic books about Chutulu.
  • came home,
  • took Logan for a long walk
  • practiced drums upstairs

Penni got her hair cut shorter. she looks great. <3

My boss asked me to come in an hour early to get the building back on it;s feet after the power loss. this is gonna hurt....

today, Work was Hell. as soon as i got there an hour early it was non-stop. i probably reconfig-ed 20 dead printers. called in 7 dead PCs. and Then the E&Y auditor just Show UP! nothing was ready the legal dept hadn't every cleaned their Xmas tack out of one office. The user;s system access is just not there... my boss is mad, my boss's boss is mad.. pure chaos (wheeeeeeeeeeeee) my bosses PC has a corrupt ntfs file system i used a knoppix CD and copied his desktop folder to his usb drive. Before he joked about the 3 people holding hands on the ubuntu logo being "their whole user base", now that a linux LiveCD saved his ass, he will take open source OSes seriously!

Practice was tonight went better, we have a charity gig coming up 5.6.07 at the milestone!! we are going to just 4 songs. i will practice all week to 2 weeks.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

In the restaurant bathroom dying

205lbs this morning. Lunch at rock bottom with mom, traci geoff and penni. Sent my food back because i asked for no beans. Now i'm in the restaurant bathroom dying. The speakers in the bathroom is way too loud. Sigh.. :(

Thursday, April 12, 2007

  • Lunch with miss A and crew at Showmars.
  • Fixed miss A's daylight savings time on her pocket pc.
  • Showed portal db to Reid.
  • 2 hour nap on the couch with Penni
  • Played Chess with Penni - beat her 3 times.
  • started CentOS 5.0 torrent updates it was just released only 37 peers running the i386 cds i'm sure it was increase
- go team

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rainy Cold Gray April Day / Penni's BFF married / Lupie's / Hell for Drummers

Rainy Cold Gray April Day. i love it. Good coffee. listened to tom waits in the car for Lunch everything was perfect.

Started the torrent for Debian 4.0 i386 disk on the Linux SlowBox upstarts, it flew. hundred of people where running it. go team! :)

Penni's BFF Tommi got married at the courthouse tonight. We had 4 hours notice. it was awkward but very very sweet. Penni cried. Then we ate too many nachos at Lupie's.

I reviewing the Linux Lappy recording of the yesterdays practice. I am the speed up king :( i belong in hell, hell for drummers... It seem like when i play time changed speeds. Like for a solider in a fire fight, 1 hour seems like 10 minutes because of adrenaline. It sound like crap on tape. Hell for drummers. Front row.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sad and tired :(

Added report to portal project. No water at practice tonight. : ( bummed out tonight. I should play better, as long as i've been drumming.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Debian 4 is go! :)

I did my taxes yesterday. Niki was out today. I had to cover her reports. It made the whole day fly by. Bought some wine. Penni thinks she maybe getting a UTI. My poor Penni pooh! :( i cooked her some spaghetti for dinner. I had canned mushrooms with ms Dash and coffee. Debian Linux 4.0 was released yesterday. The upgrade was flawless. I need to start working on blender & quit quad-booting OSes.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Beryl Rant song!

The LAS guys added my Bryan's Beryl Rant song to the end of episode 42. That's the one with the Mark Shuffleworth interview! Whee!

"Your momma likes Mexican too, that's why she has a big thick moustache."

Ate breakfast/lunch at Quedobas with Penni , it was not good. very cold outside all day (<3)
  • Penni bought a learn to play Piano book. very very cute <3
    • manually updated my GRUB Menu.lst file so ubuntu and Fedora would boot with the newest Kernel. The new Fedora kernel seem really fast. I think it's version 2.16.20 (NERD!!1)
    • watched a new Narito.
    • Recorded an Audio question about libgphoto hell are emailed is to the Linux action show guys.
    • A gnome developers wrote back with a link for the libgphoto developer's source forge site. I filed a bug there;group_id=8874&atid=108874
    • called chuck, was at a hockey game tonight
    Coffee for dinner, 3:30am now.

    Friday, April 6, 2007

    Good Friday - "You're so MIDI"

    I weighted 206lbs this morning...(4 lbs to go)
    • Bagel with Nova Lox at Izzy's,
    • Traffic was bad due to Cop Funeral,
    • rollerbladed with the puppy arround the track,
    • practiced Fran Hammer songs upstairs,
    • started Blag6000 torrent,
    • filed yesterday's libphoto bug.

    Pot of coffee and carrots for Dinner, 2am now.

    Thursday, April 5, 2007

    LaPaz, Overdriven practice recordings, and libphoto hell.

    Ate lunch at LaPaz with Niki, Reid, Essex and Kursty. Worked on OSRs for network access for outside auditors. There's something that i would not picture myself doing at work a few years ago. But digging digital ditches pays the bills.

    Took a nap up stairs with Penni, woke up a 8pm. sat up the electronic drums for for practice tomorrow with the few stands i pieced together. when went out with her friend Tommi and took pictures (see Linux libphoto hell below)

    I mapped out some parts to the new Fran Hammerssongs. the recording are ridiculously overdriven but very charming. I midi-ed out the weird little roll on "Your so vague" with Linux hydrogen. Tomorrow i am going to play it a thousand times while pressing lit cigarettes into my neck. Rock and Roll.

    I had a pot of coffee for dinner (3am now)

    An upgrade broken ubuntu's camera USB auto-detect thingy. (Perhaps i need to stop adding ever repository i can find?) I googled it forever and finally read i needed to downgrade the libphoto version, so i googled downgrading with synaptic and added to a little post on about it to help some poor sob in the future may have it easier. Go Team.

    Wednesday, April 4, 2007

    2007 April 5th - 1:30am

    Wednesday night 1:30am - Walked for 15 minute break and 25 minutes at lunch. Listen to the Blood Brothers - Young machetes album on the way home, I'm liking it better now. Penni had a rough day at work and we talked about it in the shower. I took a 2 hour nap on the couch with Penni. Penni said I was ordering Starbucks coffee in my sleep. I am truly yuppie scum now. :(
    Watched a new South Park.

    I stayed up too late:
    - editing and saving the Fran hammer practice recordings,
    - deleting some of chucks R.E.M. album off my ipod
    - converting the LAS beryl rant song from OGG to MP3 and sending it to kursty.
    - ripping and copying the new Tom Waits 3 disc album to my networked drive.

    2007 april 4th

    Wednesday. Practice yesterday was ok, i should have played better. Tryed recording practice with the linux lappy. It was pretty distorted. I forgot my floor tom holder. Fred let me use his. Coffee and carrot sticks for dinner. Mom called to invite us down for easter. Chuck has not returned my call yet. I miss the little guy. Working on importing the last file for the portal.

    Monday, April 2, 2007

    2007 - April 3rd- Tuesday

    Lunch with Reid Dana Niki, and Essex at FUEL pizza. start osr to move my cube. sooo tired... stayed up to 2am working on LAS remix, emailed the guy from the show. Chris replied, he liked it.

    2007 - April fools weekend

    April fools weekend. Penni wakes me up with'' honey get up quick! Drunky's townhouse is on fire!.. APRIL FOOLS!'' and i was in a bad mood all day. Rollerbladed to cmc , swam, emailed ebay wedding band seller, ate at red rocks.

    Friday, March 30, 2007


    Covering Essex. Accidently elbowed penni in the mouth in bed this morning :(

    Thursday, March 29, 2007

    2007 - March 29th - Tuesday

    3 interviews for the other support analyst opening today then my boss bought lunch for niki, kursty, Essex and me. Essex have strep throat I have to cover him tomorrow.

    Bought 3 bottles of wine for Penni pooh, my ankle started mysteriously hurting as i was leaving work.

    Penni was very sweet and let me rest my ankles on the couch.

    Wednesday, March 28, 2007

    2007 March 28th - Wednesday

    The Fran Hammer audition went well yesterday. everyone was totally nice. I sped up "the monitor". I need to work on that. They invited me back Tuesday. R0x0rz.

    Worked on the portal database all day. I got the values for the Address text file reading in. I'm working on the insurance text file now, 2 file and the User form. I am approximately 15% thought "the poop"

    I Linux MMS'ed up the Creepy Low Rider song. I want to send it to the FH guys as a song idea, but being the new guy it may be too soon to push ideas :/

    Penni topped off the high scores on tomatoes , pushed my high score right off the board. I had to replay and get back on 5th place. penni is at 448, i'm at 404 .

    Setting in 3 interviews for support analysts. This is a first.

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