Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rainy Cold Gray April Day / Penni's BFF married / Lupie's / Hell for Drummers

Rainy Cold Gray April Day. i love it. Good coffee. listened to tom waits in the car for Lunch everything was perfect.

Started the torrent for Debian 4.0 i386 disk on the Linux SlowBox upstarts, it flew. hundred of people where running it. go team! :)

Penni's BFF Tommi got married at the courthouse tonight. We had 4 hours notice. it was awkward but very very sweet. Penni cried. Then we ate too many nachos at Lupie's.

I reviewing the Linux Lappy recording of the yesterdays practice. I am the speed up king :( i belong in hell, hell for drummers... It seem like when i play time changed speeds. Like for a solider in a fire fight, 1 hour seems like 10 minutes because of adrenaline. It sound like crap on tape. Hell for drummers. Front row.

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