Tuesday, April 17, 2007

foldingathome, power failed at work, Penni got her hair cut shorter, knoppix saved my bosses ass. charity gig coming up

This weekend i installed folding@home. it is an awesome project. "Use spare CPU to run alculations to ID proteins that cause diseases" Brilliant! Penni was impressed and Blogged on her myspace page about it. practiced drums upstairs. installed Fluxbuntu as Penni's mom's old Lappy and installed Blender. it's the upstairs bathroom PC \m/ ^_^

Yesterday, the power failed in the building! (wheee!)

  • went home at 1:15pm,
  • showered,
  • DLed linux action show Podcast ,(they played my audio question)
  • went to comic book store
  • had a large white chocolate mocha with an extra expresso shot, skim no whip. ans 2 cookie and while reading comic books about Chutulu.
  • came home,
  • took Logan for a long walk
  • practiced drums upstairs

Penni got her hair cut shorter. she looks great. <3

My boss asked me to come in an hour early to get the building back on it;s feet after the power loss. this is gonna hurt....

today, Work was Hell. as soon as i got there an hour early it was non-stop. i probably reconfig-ed 20 dead printers. called in 7 dead PCs. and Then the E&Y auditor just Show UP! nothing was ready the legal dept hadn't every cleaned their Xmas tack out of one office. The user;s system access is just not there... my boss is mad, my boss's boss is mad.. pure chaos (wheeeeeeeeeeeee) my bosses PC has a corrupt ntfs file system i used a knoppix CD and copied his desktop folder to his usb drive. Before he joked about the 3 people holding hands on the ubuntu logo being "their whole user base", now that a linux LiveCD saved his ass, he will take open source OSes seriously!

Practice was tonight went better, we have a charity gig coming up 5.6.07 at the milestone!! we are going to just 4 songs. i will practice all week to 2 weeks.

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