Thursday, April 5, 2007

LaPaz, Overdriven practice recordings, and libphoto hell.

Ate lunch at LaPaz with Niki, Reid, Essex and Kursty. Worked on OSRs for network access for outside auditors. There's something that i would not picture myself doing at work a few years ago. But digging digital ditches pays the bills.

Took a nap up stairs with Penni, woke up a 8pm. sat up the electronic drums for for practice tomorrow with the few stands i pieced together. when went out with her friend Tommi and took pictures (see Linux libphoto hell below)

I mapped out some parts to the new Fran Hammerssongs. the recording are ridiculously overdriven but very charming. I midi-ed out the weird little roll on "Your so vague" with Linux hydrogen. Tomorrow i am going to play it a thousand times while pressing lit cigarettes into my neck. Rock and Roll.

I had a pot of coffee for dinner (3am now)

An upgrade broken ubuntu's camera USB auto-detect thingy. (Perhaps i need to stop adding ever repository i can find?) I googled it forever and finally read i needed to downgrade the libphoto version, so i googled downgrading with synaptic and added to a little post on about it to help some poor sob in the future may have it easier. Go Team.

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