Tuesday, April 29, 2008


  • Listen to Circa Survive on the way in to work.
  • moved around a lot of heavy file cabinets.
  • Am 99% finished with the Cash posting issue Database.
  • Picked up chick and a baked "Po-tae-doh" for Penni.
  • Beat her viciously in Chess.
  • Penni received a text message that her friend had a boy, name him "Hugi", I am unsure if this is pronounced "hugh" or "huggy".
  • Penni hicupped for an hour straight,
  • Bought the new Portishead album of MusicMp3.ru and burned penni a copy of it.
  • Watched Family Guy /the office, crashed early.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Bucket of Self Destruction, The Story of the Rise and Fall of BucketHead


Go to the practice space early and warm up for a while. Scott says the practice smells terrible, Like old sweat and he is going to buy some carpet freshener and vacuum (???) Instead of practicing the set we went out to a few venue and whored the Rita;s Gift Demos. we have a long discussion about the artist known as 'buckethead'.


Ate breakfast at the CheeseCake factory. it was terrible. When grocery shopping and to practice. Penni tape a few new shows while i was at practice. she is awesome.


Slept late, rested, tweaked my ubuntu upgrade. installed some old Roms. watched DeathNote and naruto.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Played the sound vent again.


Ate niko's for lunch.

2:00 pm left work went to the target downtown to pick up some stuff for the gig.

4:00 pm changed clothes and started running through the set.

4:30 pm started to tear down to load up the u haul trailer.

5:00 pm - The 3 of up piled into scott's pickup truck with a trailor for gear, to save gas money. we started driving down left for the Sound vent in thomas vent through rush hour traffic.

7:00 pm - Arrived at the Sound vent

7:30 pm - sat up, ready to play

8:00 pm - *Change of Plans, tear down for the headliner to sound check to with 4 songs (???)

8:30 pm - Sat back up again, ready to play waiting for the sound guy to give us the thumbs up.

9:30 pm - started playing the set

11ish - finished the set, tore down loaded up and locked up the trailer. Listen to the second band, called "FU". They had a left handed drummer. They were really cool. When the headliner started we went to the restaurant across the street for Philly steak subs. We talked with the second band for a while. They said the "Main" ( PA line) was turned off. They asked the sound guy what was up (nice guys!) and he said The stage volume was so loud it did not matter. Great.

12:45 am - got paid left the sound vent.

2:00 am - arrive back to the space

2:30 am - return home showered crashed by 3am.



Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Penni is going nuts over twitter


I Ate Lunch with Miss A at Showmars, I looked for a keyboard stand for Penni at sam ash. No Practice. I picked up a redbox movie and Chinese for Penni. Penni is going nuts over twitter. I just don't get the concept of SMS texting every 2 minutes. Ubuntu 8.04 comes out thursday I downloaded the release canidate to install and update to the new stable version when the Ubuntu server stop getting pounded.


Ate lunch with the crew at showmars, Worked at setting up hyperlinks inside hte monthly report PDFs. I Picked up a mini flashlight for badly lite stages, went to Practice. We used the strobe light to emulate the worst Gig lighting posssible. It is eaier to play with you eyes closed.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sullivan's, Poop Humor, and Alien Verses Predator


Penni had to work. I worked on GTK#/Mono/Glade. I got it to compile but could not play a test sound file. Went to Ruby Tuesdays and was Miserable with food poison from 3pm to 3am, running from bathroom to bathroom. Penni laughed and laughed and laughed, she loves poop humor.


Ate lunch with the whole crew at Miguel's. worked on Creating the all facility and CMC version on the PDF for the Month-End report. Rented a light-hearted romantic comedy called Alien Verses Predator. Crashed early


Dinner with the whole gang and Penni at Sullivan's. The same loud annoying patio band was there. crashed early.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

ripped thumb


Worked, Listened to the In Rainbows album on the drive home. The drum sound is really cool. it's tuned tight and muted. i wonder it sounds the same live. i got home, showered, took a 15 minute nap and drove to the space. At Practiced, ripped the vertical tear in the skin under my right thumb. It hurt a ot. I think the drum stick tape pads my hand but also sticks and pulls the skin to make these weird blistery rips. fun fun fun.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"...fancy a gobble?"


Rented a red box movie called Hot Fuzz, Penni and i watched it curled up on the couch like the cutest gay couple in the world. It was pretty good. I recieved a used linux programming book in the mail. it is a little dry and it going to take some time to ingest it all. I looked up C# programming classes at CPCC and the next one is in 6 months. roxorz.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Gatorade Bottle to the Face


Worked are ate a gyro from Niko's and Practiced. Danny stopped by to hang out. He is having trouble getting people to record at his new studio.He helped us with our "Practice for the worst conditions" stuff by messing with the lights, The Distortion pedals and throw in stuff at us while we play in the room.This sounds very silly but it really teaches you to playing one thing and think about another. Scott tried to throw a bottle of Gatorade at him but he missed and nailed me in the eye. Ouch, but I did not mess up. my eye felt weird for the rest of the set but there was no black eye. Life is good.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Played the Sound Vent in Thomasville


The guy who bought Penni's table off Ebay Picked up it up at 11am. he was gonna use it as a Screened-in-porch/sun-room table. He Sounded at sound a lot like Yosemite Sam. Watch Death Note and SquidBillies. Work on making customized the Linux Lappy fluxbox menus and startups. I cannot get a sound applet with a working slider to display. Curses.
  • 3:30pm - Left my house ready for the practice space
  • 4:00pm - Arrive at the space to wrap up some sticks and practice
  • 4:45pm - Started to break down and load up the cars
  • 5:30pm - Leave for the gig in Thomasville (70 miles)
  • 7:00pm - Arrived at the gig sat up and chatted with the the bands
  • 9:00pm - played
  • 1:00am - The last band played and we got paid and started home.
  • 2:30am - Got back to the practice space. Scott and Phillip were doing 85 mph of the interstate bit i just drove home slowly behind a big trailer to save gas.
  • 4:00am - got Home!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sir, I assure you this will be the finest cymbal stand bag you ever own.


Had a lunch at La Paz with my boss and coworkers and the new Guy. He seem pretty cool. we all piled into my tiny car to drive back to the office after lunch. We did the introduction to all the management in the building thing and worked on cleaning out the storage and server room.

Ran by the guitarcenter after work for more sticks and saw Davey from Danny's band I Picked up a duffel bag from the army navy store for my hi hat and cymbal stands. I picked up Qdobas for Penni.

I played with Netbeans for a while 6 is out but ubuntu has 5.5 in the repositories. Their were error message boxes about the java packages i had/needed but there were no show stopper. crashed early.

A roach working it's way across a busy restaurant


Lunch at Miguel's with my boss and my friends. After we finished eating Kursty saw a roach on the window blinds working it's way across the restaurant. Went over a training list with my boss for my new coworker. I helped a user with an access issue. The apostrophe in the string "children's hospital" broken the query that populated her form's combo box. Today I discover there is a function in right-fax that automatically prints out faxes. Excitement!

Penni had a Chiropractor visit after work so i took a quick nap before practice. We played the set twice. I worked on throwing drum sticks at Phillip during "Battle Music".

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dewey, I'm cut in half pretty bad. Go get Pa!

No practice today, watched the movie, Walk Hard, the Dewey Cox story. it was really really good. Worked with stetic some more, monodevelop is a little crash-y. crashed early.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A job building prisons


My hands hurting from practice, my fingers looked puckered and some of the tips are cracked and bleeding, I've been playing for several year and this is a new one for me. I worked with band-aids on them but in the band-aids pick up fuzz and smut and looked nasty quickly. "Hi, I'm Dirty McBumHands, I will be assisting you with you PC issues today." Worked on the Documentation template a little more and did a lot of support stuff. When to a Telecommuter P&P meeting. Ate lunch in the break room with the usual folks.

I downloaded the new Nine Iche Nails album, Ghosts, It was released under the creative commons license and the band posted it to Piratebay.org themselves. It was about 9 short songs all instrumental and repetitive. The songs pretty random and sound like song/riff-ideas that never really matured. I bet a lot of people will be remixed on the songs. I can picture some middle school goth kids doing some pretentious spoken-word stuff over them on youtube.

When to practice, Phillip was late. Scott and i guessed he would say "I'm Tired" 7 time and "I want to go home" 3 times. The actual Scott was 11 "tireds" and 1 "go-home". Where is the "i-am-going-to-hurt-you-with-this-music" intensity? the guys liked the Cheesy Bio I sent the from Google docs. We have a gig at a place called the sound vent in Lincoln Saturday. Scott worked on the lyrics for the "Islam part" on the full circle song and we playing it again and again.

A cool named Chuck from a metal band at the space called "The Darkest Sea" hung out for a while and talked about the band breaking up for a few months while he is in Florida working a job building prisons. Man, building prisons for a living, that sounds so depressing. That is too much like a setup for a twilight zone episode, getting locked up in a cell that you helped build. it would be like having kids!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Cheesey Bio Actions


Penni worked to noon. I warmed up some left overs for Penni. I took a nap while Penni watched her table when off Ebay. I when to Practice and sat up the drums reorganized the practice room. . I talked to the guys about getting 28 x 24 inch bass drum and we measured my car door openings Picked up groceries on the way home from Practice worked on the band Bio for our booking guy. It is cheesy as hell.

Chuck in japan, Angry Mall Parents


I Woke up early. My sleep schedule is still screwed up from the insanely early Fox news gig. I ordered 2 books from amazon, one of Linux programming and one on the Music Composition Program Rosegarden. When to concord mills and laughed at a few stressed out parents scream at each other about their kids.

"Take her for God's sake!" screamed the man pushing the stroller.

Chuck visited. We talked about his trip to japan and went for sushi 101. Returned and watched Naruto and crashed early

Friday, April 4, 2008

Rita's gift on the News


Woke up at 1:30am
Left the house for the practice space 2am
Arrived at 2:30 for a quick run-through, (Phillip and Scott arrived soon after)
Torn down and loaded up at 3am
Departed for the WCCB TV station at 3:30am
Arrived at 4am at TV Station right on time.
Sat up and sound checked during commercials.

Played 2 minuted clips of 5 different songs. Scott had to sing with no monitor and could not hear himself. in spite of that he did well. We finished at 8:30, Took some disposal camera pictures and headed back to load at the space. I changed clothes in the parking lot and arrived at work 9am. I ate lunch with some coworkers. There was a long funny discussion on the correct usage of the work "Skank". work on dressing up a P&P template. I drove home and took a nap on the couch, Penni cook a nice pasta dinner. Some one bidded on Penni Table and the retracted in and Penni was all like SOB!!!! WTF? can they do that? I'm calling Ebay!" It was very cute. i love you her sooo much.


When to work ate lunch alone reading a creative loafing and took a two long walks and the Ipod and to get tired. I took a Tylenol PM and crashed at 7:30pm to prepare to the gig Friday morning,

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hamtaro Logic 2008


Work went better, I made a concious effort not to get upset. I remembered my old Hamtaro logic thing were I would think about small simple nice things like "This Air conditioning feels good", "This chair is comfort", "This cup of ice and diet 7up is nice" to stop my brain from spinning itself apart like an unbalanced washing machine. it may sound ridiculous, but it works. the my coworker liked the mouse pad I made for him.

My co-workers keep saying "what's-a-matter, you look tired, did you practice to 2am last night?" I worry that they think that my quality of work is lower because I have a hobby the does not involve setting around the house watching reality shows, drinking alcohol, or screaming at my kids. In the past this did not bother me but now that I am married, their comments could associate me with my ex-co-worker that used to sleep on the toliet because his late nights gaming hobbie, thus flagging me as a risk and lowering my yearly evaluation, thus effecting Penni. I just to keep my mouth shut about practising and playing gigs. I also need stop showing off my ripped up hands.

Practice briefly last night, minus Phillip, we talked about our game play for Friday. I went on a long rant about how awesome the band Jucifer it. I found a little picture of phillip from his old job when his hair was really long and covered half his face like kid from mr meaty. Nice.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Decision 2008: If the people you dislike vote for A, vote for B.


Worked on the cash post database all day. I added an email function that notifies the manager of new issue notes. the CBO wants added to the share point project, I learned about it as i was being asked support questions to make it happen. Change control? Pfffff! A teller at my credit union was shot today in a robbery. During lunch, I walked by the bank, listening to a Podcast. 4 news vans were hogging the sidewalk and half the road. Freakin' Pigs. I felt pretty terrible all day. wheeeee!


Cleaned up the practice space. Practiced, a guy who does booking came to heard us. he gave good ideas to us about merch and what not. My hands were all blistered at the end of practice, i guess it was all the humidity(???)

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