Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Penni is going nuts over twitter


I Ate Lunch with Miss A at Showmars, I looked for a keyboard stand for Penni at sam ash. No Practice. I picked up a redbox movie and Chinese for Penni. Penni is going nuts over twitter. I just don't get the concept of SMS texting every 2 minutes. Ubuntu 8.04 comes out thursday I downloaded the release canidate to install and update to the new stable version when the Ubuntu server stop getting pounded.


Ate lunch with the crew at showmars, Worked at setting up hyperlinks inside hte monthly report PDFs. I Picked up a mini flashlight for badly lite stages, went to Practice. We used the strobe light to emulate the worst Gig lighting posssible. It is eaier to play with you eyes closed.

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