Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sir, I assure you this will be the finest cymbal stand bag you ever own.


Had a lunch at La Paz with my boss and coworkers and the new Guy. He seem pretty cool. we all piled into my tiny car to drive back to the office after lunch. We did the introduction to all the management in the building thing and worked on cleaning out the storage and server room.

Ran by the guitarcenter after work for more sticks and saw Davey from Danny's band I Picked up a duffel bag from the army navy store for my hi hat and cymbal stands. I picked up Qdobas for Penni.

I played with Netbeans for a while 6 is out but ubuntu has 5.5 in the repositories. Their were error message boxes about the java packages i had/needed but there were no show stopper. crashed early.

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