Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hamtaro Logic 2008


Work went better, I made a concious effort not to get upset. I remembered my old Hamtaro logic thing were I would think about small simple nice things like "This Air conditioning feels good", "This chair is comfort", "This cup of ice and diet 7up is nice" to stop my brain from spinning itself apart like an unbalanced washing machine. it may sound ridiculous, but it works. the my coworker liked the mouse pad I made for him.

My co-workers keep saying "what's-a-matter, you look tired, did you practice to 2am last night?" I worry that they think that my quality of work is lower because I have a hobby the does not involve setting around the house watching reality shows, drinking alcohol, or screaming at my kids. In the past this did not bother me but now that I am married, their comments could associate me with my ex-co-worker that used to sleep on the toliet because his late nights gaming hobbie, thus flagging me as a risk and lowering my yearly evaluation, thus effecting Penni. I just to keep my mouth shut about practising and playing gigs. I also need stop showing off my ripped up hands.

Practice briefly last night, minus Phillip, we talked about our game play for Friday. I went on a long rant about how awesome the band Jucifer it. I found a little picture of phillip from his old job when his hair was really long and covered half his face like kid from mr meaty. Nice.

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