Saturday, April 26, 2008

Played the sound vent again.


Ate niko's for lunch.

2:00 pm left work went to the target downtown to pick up some stuff for the gig.

4:00 pm changed clothes and started running through the set.

4:30 pm started to tear down to load up the u haul trailer.

5:00 pm - The 3 of up piled into scott's pickup truck with a trailor for gear, to save gas money. we started driving down left for the Sound vent in thomas vent through rush hour traffic.

7:00 pm - Arrived at the Sound vent

7:30 pm - sat up, ready to play

8:00 pm - *Change of Plans, tear down for the headliner to sound check to with 4 songs (???)

8:30 pm - Sat back up again, ready to play waiting for the sound guy to give us the thumbs up.

9:30 pm - started playing the set

11ish - finished the set, tore down loaded up and locked up the trailer. Listen to the second band, called "FU". They had a left handed drummer. They were really cool. When the headliner started we went to the restaurant across the street for Philly steak subs. We talked with the second band for a while. They said the "Main" ( PA line) was turned off. They asked the sound guy what was up (nice guys!) and he said The stage volume was so loud it did not matter. Great.

12:45 am - got paid left the sound vent.

2:00 am - arrive back to the space

2:30 am - return home showered crashed by 3am.



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