Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sullivan's, Poop Humor, and Alien Verses Predator


Penni had to work. I worked on GTK#/Mono/Glade. I got it to compile but could not play a test sound file. Went to Ruby Tuesdays and was Miserable with food poison from 3pm to 3am, running from bathroom to bathroom. Penni laughed and laughed and laughed, she loves poop humor.


Ate lunch with the whole crew at Miguel's. worked on Creating the all facility and CMC version on the PDF for the Month-End report. Rented a light-hearted romantic comedy called Alien Verses Predator. Crashed early


Dinner with the whole gang and Penni at Sullivan's. The same loud annoying patio band was there. crashed early.

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Penni Gryder said...

ha ha ha, Karma Sucks though! Love you!

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