Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A job building prisons


My hands hurting from practice, my fingers looked puckered and some of the tips are cracked and bleeding, I've been playing for several year and this is a new one for me. I worked with band-aids on them but in the band-aids pick up fuzz and smut and looked nasty quickly. "Hi, I'm Dirty McBumHands, I will be assisting you with you PC issues today." Worked on the Documentation template a little more and did a lot of support stuff. When to a Telecommuter P&P meeting. Ate lunch in the break room with the usual folks.

I downloaded the new Nine Iche Nails album, Ghosts, It was released under the creative commons license and the band posted it to Piratebay.org themselves. It was about 9 short songs all instrumental and repetitive. The songs pretty random and sound like song/riff-ideas that never really matured. I bet a lot of people will be remixed on the songs. I can picture some middle school goth kids doing some pretentious spoken-word stuff over them on youtube.

When to practice, Phillip was late. Scott and i guessed he would say "I'm Tired" 7 time and "I want to go home" 3 times. The actual Scott was 11 "tireds" and 1 "go-home". Where is the "i-am-going-to-hurt-you-with-this-music" intensity? the guys liked the Cheesy Bio I sent the from Google docs. We have a gig at a place called the sound vent in Lincoln Saturday. Scott worked on the lyrics for the "Islam part" on the full circle song and we playing it again and again.

A cool named Chuck from a metal band at the space called "The Darkest Sea" hung out for a while and talked about the band breaking up for a few months while he is in Florida working a job building prisons. Man, building prisons for a living, that sounds so depressing. That is too much like a setup for a twilight zone episode, getting locked up in a cell that you helped build. it would be like having kids!

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