Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dark pplz

Monday: Lunch at migales with boss and dana. Boss asked us "Why are ppl your age so dark?" tee-hee. Bought isolation headphones and burger king for penni.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Don't bring your kids to the movie theater / ever have kids.


Woke up early, had some coffee and checked translations. i started cleaning some drum stuff out of the living room. "Since you have not played in a band for while, could you move some of the stuff, upstairs?" Ouch. So I did it, Cleaned up the PC room upstairs, did the laundry, and then took the dog out roller blading for a while. When i came back in I had a shower and a sandwich with then Penni when to buy me a better toolbox to organize my crap upstairs. Then we went to see the Simpsons Movie. It was OK. There were little kids everywhere. Little Noisy retarded bastards. Grrr. After the movie we went to buy a cover for the little table that is going to hide the 'Traffic shaping PC' downstairs. (god i need a band)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bad Mood 2007: The phantom menace


"I wish you would open up and communicate better with me."
"I wish I could to murder everyone I see and black the sun out of the sky, Walka-Walka-Walka! =)"

I woke up late. I was in the shower when Penni ripped the shower curtain open and scared the hell out of me. Had Breakfast around noon as Izzy's. I was in a bad mood all day. Penni kept asking why I was in a bad mood, which made it worst.

After Izzy's, Penni took a nap and i dialed in to check Translations. Everything was cool, so I up my Roller hockey gear and went to to the nearby track to knock the ball around. i setup some water bottles as cones and work on my control. I can control the ball turning left better than Right, I need to work on that, maybe i should buy a book, street hockey for dummies.

We meet Penni's sister her husband and Penni's parent as Carabasa for dinner. Penni's Dad was asking about simple red-eye reduction in Linux. he said Gimp was too option-filled and would like a editor with controls ranging between gimp and mspaint. I need to Google that for him.

Watched narruto and then downloaded the new TMBG cd "the Else" from Russian itunes musicmp3.ru for $1.40. Classic college-y nerd rock <3. i took a long walk around midnight to listen to it. I feel much better now.

Turd Cutter, the musical.


Quote of the week: "Wow, look at the Turd Cutter on her."

Work was ok. I ordered Penni pink roses Again. I ate lunch at Showmars. Darcel's SSI conflict checking has started losing Discharge dates and ssi was actually helpful, giving us the data location on the missing information to forward to the CHS SQL team. Later the Paper bill printing was all messed due to a SSI support person copying Edits for the wrong hospital in our files.

Penni scheduled a 'Card Night' with Cian and joshua. (I used to rock soo hard. Bloody hand 3am drum/band practice, vandalism, terrorism, etc.. but now, 'Card Night'... god i need a band...) Card Night was cool. I burned Joshua a copy an old violent femmes CD. Cian works so hard making food and setting up little finger food dishes and we just eat and get crumbs everywhere. It doesn't look like very much fun for them. We brought Logan with us and he passive-aggressively made the other little dog go nuts all night. We left around midnight, Penni had to wake up early the next day for a weird Registration dept meeting at a golden Coral of all places.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Wednesday: lunch with miss A at showmars. She just bought a hybrid civic. Worked an hour overtime balancing the worst translation ever. Bought qdobas for penni. Retrieve docs off stacie's crashed pc. Helped penni study math for GRE. Watched pokemon for some reason... (???)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Took Hellishy long walk with Penni after work. Approximately 8 miles. Penni enjoyed it and that is all that matters. <3

Monday, July 23, 2007

Cupcake Holocaust 2007

Woke up today with Penni clicking her alarm clock for no reason at 5am.

Penni: "What time it is? my clocks messed up?"
Me: "Honey, go to sleep my clock is fine."
Penni, "Smurgh???
Me: "Honey, go to sleep."

When in to work at the normal 7:30am time today. Kursty saw the Sicko movie too ans cried because her parent are in that same situation. Dana ran the SysAdmin desk held the fort down nicely, Go Team. My Boss was out. Double chicken salad for lunch. CRMC had a weird issue an 3:59:59pm. Damn you CRMC! Came home bought 4 shirts on sale. Ate all the leftover cup cakes in one setting. way too much sugar, nauseous for a while. God I suck, no willpower. Took the dog out for a long walk.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Penni's surprise party, Chuck's destroyed elbow, and The SICKO movie.


Was able to leave work on time. Drove straight to Chucks to change clothes and play street hockey with chuck, and his friend Matt from Chuck's work. Matt is intense! He skates with no heel brakes. as soon as we set the goal and started up, Chuck goes down on his Elbow HARD. He toughs it out for the rest of the evening but feels weak in his left hand all day. Anna made him sleep with a sling on his arm that night. I injured my right leg and left arm also. I put ice on it all night. It hurt to go down stairs. Penni said I was moaning all night because of my leg. fun fun fun.


I slept late and limped downstairs to check translations. Then left at 5pm to supposedly skate with chuck but actually Chuck, Anna and I where going to Cian's surprise birthday party for Penni. We got there early to help blow up balloons.
Kursty, John, Chuck, Anna, Amanda, Niki, Cian, Joshua, Me, Penni, Mike and Matt where there. Wow 12 people! :) We are loved! The food Cian cooked was Awesome. She is a great friend. Penni need to hang on to her, Big time! There are picture of the whole party crew under PICS at the top of the page. **note, this is one of lesser bitter hateful posts, eh?


Slept to 11am and Went out for Breakfast as Izzy's, There are a lot of kids working on that place. A 12 old kid brought out coffee and water and a 14 year old girl was running the register. maybe it's the inner city versions of cutting wood, bailing hay and feeding cows? good ol' America under age slave labor. learning to sweat and hate. Oh well.

Later, We watched the Michael Moore movie SICKO with chuck and Anna. It was a great movie. I am now worried about being denied coverage because of my yearly bronchitis and that one mysterious blood clot in my leg last year. Penni joked about moving to Cuba for health care. I remember. looking at expatriot sites went Bush won the presidential race. I wussed out. Maybe i will retire to a foreign country. Maybe I can get a job working with Linux or maybe at a call center. Yes, the Future is Bright. :/

Friday, July 20, 2007

Penni's birthday dinner.

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Friday: cooked dinner for penni's birthday yesterday. Salmon steaks, asparagus, onion potatos, french bread. Bought her a diamond necklace. Rented 3 movies for her. She liked everything. I think my valentines day dinner was better.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Penni in the shower with her clothes on.

Work was work. The leaf of LOL was quickly turning brown as I cover you System admin spot for X more weeks. Long meeting about QADB. meh-meh-meh. :/

Penni tried to scare me today while I was in the shower. I heard her coming and grabbed and pulled her in the shower with her clothes on. I helped Penni with her GRE prep math questions.

Did Yoga yesterday, just me, Ciann and Joshua, Penni was at a job interview. Ciann kicked my ass per Penni's orders. Held a 1/2 push up for way too long. Legs and arms failed, sweaty, unable to balance on one foot. damn.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blurry weekend in review

Blurry weekend:

  • Installed a gig of Ram in LinuxLappy.
  • I met up with some band guys in Waxhaw.
  • Dailed in from the couch, putting in 9.75 hours of overtime running ColdFeeds.
  • Breakfast at Izzy' s.
  • Bought Penni $180 worth of Yoga exercise clothes.
  • Finished Street hockey goal,
  • Dinner at Penni's Parents,
  • Setup Penni up with MSN/AOL instant messenger through the Linux app GAIM.
  • Scheduled street hockey with Chuck but was rained out.
  • Dinner at Traci's house with Penni Mom Traci Debbie and Geoff.
  • Sprayed Penni with canned air while she was trying to shower.

I need to do more , I'm like 30... I will be dead soon. :/

Saturday, July 14, 2007


fun Fact: Kursty played the song "Mother", from Danzig's How the Gods Kill Album, at her wedding in new jersey.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Plexiglass drum pedal board and Penni's Chakra

Tuesday: Honestly, I only remember being pissed off all day at work and working 2 hour overtime. Penni had fun at yoga and i stayed home and worked on my plexiglass drum pedal board. i cut my hand. Dinner at harpers. Penni talked about powering up her chakra to attack the hostess if she said there was a long wait. God i love her.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Optimus Prime is my Daddy.

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

Monday: Sore from yesterday's street hockey wackiness. My boss is out for the next 3 days. They must trust me. (???) A few AVPs visited the cube today. Everyone is nervously CYA-ing with all the clickon issues. Lunch at arby's with miss A today. Saw the transformers movie with penni. Good movie. I feel restless. I need a band. :/

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hockye Stikc 2 Teh Faec! :0

Breakfast at izzy's. Scheduled try out with new a band guy. Bought material for a new drum pedal board. Ran into Quan from mortons custom plastics! :) we worked together about 9 years ago. Played street hockey with chuck. I think he may have given me a black eye. Fun Fun Fun.

Friday, July 6, 2007

cheerful morning retards

This morning Kursty said, "You look grumpy, let's go get coffee in the breakroom."

So I said, "Sure let's go so you can say hi to everyone you see in the hall like a retarded person."

I am a funny mofo.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Telecommunting on the4th,Cianne's Party

This message is brought to you by SunCom iNotes Plus.

4th of july - day off - phone rang at 5am. It was chs operations calling to say the files were late. I had to call them back when i finally woke up. They failed to copy the hipaa ub files took . I massaged translations until noon. :( Went to a penni's yoga friend Cian's party. Made them a mix cd. Everyone was cool there. Tons of great food. It looked nerve racking to organize a party like that. :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

3.7 million dollar mistake, Yoga, and the "Gheyest" book in the bible.

Rough day at work today. 20 days ago a bill job was canceled, thus 3.7 million dollars worth of hospitals claims were billed were 20 days late. my boss was worried was cool about it,That was no comfort, good management prunes efficiently and emotionlessly. emails could be flying around and they may be sharpening the ax as I type this.

at lunch, I made a joke about revelations being the gheyest book in the bible today. Dana laughed pretty hard. But honestly, people who go on and on about "The Beast is a coming' lawd, lawd" or " the world is endin' soon, no need to pay my credit card" are idiots. Maybe it's human nature to want your generation to the last one, like your Senior class was best one ever and they had to tear down the school after graduation in honor on it.

In reality, The world will probably be around long enough for you and everything that is huge and important in you life to fade away. WTC bombing what? who was Nirvana? What was Google? What were Ipods? All gone to dust like old dead dry leaves. *end goth rant*

Penni and I went to a Yoga class that her friend taught. When ever one was supposed to clear there mind and feel the flow on their inner energy all I think about was swirling black and Grey. I felt like everyone's Chi was glowing pink but mine was glowing Black. ( like a cheap anime villain.) ...weirdo. Penni had a good time and i guess it was a good work out. had Qbodas for dinner.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Street hockey with chuckOrz,

Sunday: slept late. Penni woke me at 11am. Translations actually worked correctly! Amazing! Scheduled to eat lunch at Penni's parents house (Bratwursts and Sour kraut?). We returned and Penni took a nap. Called chuck0rz. We go out and buy street hockey sticks and balls like the weirdos are. We played at the neighboring school for about 3 hrs. Insanely fun. Skating seems easier with a stick. We eat at sushi 101. Very tired and sore.

Mr annoying's coffee cup lid bongo solo!

Friday: boss's birthday. Lunch with Reid and Dana at Miguel's Susan Scott trying SQL clean up job that made me leave work 2 hours late. Ate watermelon.

Saturday: slept late. Translations failed again. Went to concord mills. bought 2 pairs of size 13 black puffy skate shoes, groceries, and coffee. Rented reno 911 movie. Ate watermelon. Installed fedora 7 via vmware until 3am.

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