Sunday, July 22, 2007

Penni's surprise party, Chuck's destroyed elbow, and The SICKO movie.


Was able to leave work on time. Drove straight to Chucks to change clothes and play street hockey with chuck, and his friend Matt from Chuck's work. Matt is intense! He skates with no heel brakes. as soon as we set the goal and started up, Chuck goes down on his Elbow HARD. He toughs it out for the rest of the evening but feels weak in his left hand all day. Anna made him sleep with a sling on his arm that night. I injured my right leg and left arm also. I put ice on it all night. It hurt to go down stairs. Penni said I was moaning all night because of my leg. fun fun fun.


I slept late and limped downstairs to check translations. Then left at 5pm to supposedly skate with chuck but actually Chuck, Anna and I where going to Cian's surprise birthday party for Penni. We got there early to help blow up balloons.
Kursty, John, Chuck, Anna, Amanda, Niki, Cian, Joshua, Me, Penni, Mike and Matt where there. Wow 12 people! :) We are loved! The food Cian cooked was Awesome. She is a great friend. Penni need to hang on to her, Big time! There are picture of the whole party crew under PICS at the top of the page. **note, this is one of lesser bitter hateful posts, eh?


Slept to 11am and Went out for Breakfast as Izzy's, There are a lot of kids working on that place. A 12 old kid brought out coffee and water and a 14 year old girl was running the register. maybe it's the inner city versions of cutting wood, bailing hay and feeding cows? good ol' America under age slave labor. learning to sweat and hate. Oh well.

Later, We watched the Michael Moore movie SICKO with chuck and Anna. It was a great movie. I am now worried about being denied coverage because of my yearly bronchitis and that one mysterious blood clot in my leg last year. Penni joked about moving to Cuba for health care. I remember. looking at expatriot sites went Bush won the presidential race. I wussed out. Maybe i will retire to a foreign country. Maybe I can get a job working with Linux or maybe at a call center. Yes, the Future is Bright. :/

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