Monday, July 23, 2007

Cupcake Holocaust 2007

Woke up today with Penni clicking her alarm clock for no reason at 5am.

Penni: "What time it is? my clocks messed up?"
Me: "Honey, go to sleep my clock is fine."
Penni, "Smurgh???
Me: "Honey, go to sleep."

When in to work at the normal 7:30am time today. Kursty saw the Sicko movie too ans cried because her parent are in that same situation. Dana ran the SysAdmin desk held the fort down nicely, Go Team. My Boss was out. Double chicken salad for lunch. CRMC had a weird issue an 3:59:59pm. Damn you CRMC! Came home bought 4 shirts on sale. Ate all the leftover cup cakes in one setting. way too much sugar, nauseous for a while. God I suck, no willpower. Took the dog out for a long walk.

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