Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blurry weekend in review

Blurry weekend:

  • Installed a gig of Ram in LinuxLappy.
  • I met up with some band guys in Waxhaw.
  • Dailed in from the couch, putting in 9.75 hours of overtime running ColdFeeds.
  • Breakfast at Izzy' s.
  • Bought Penni $180 worth of Yoga exercise clothes.
  • Finished Street hockey goal,
  • Dinner at Penni's Parents,
  • Setup Penni up with MSN/AOL instant messenger through the Linux app GAIM.
  • Scheduled street hockey with Chuck but was rained out.
  • Dinner at Traci's house with Penni Mom Traci Debbie and Geoff.
  • Sprayed Penni with canned air while she was trying to shower.

I need to do more , I'm like 30... I will be dead soon. :/

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