Tuesday, July 3, 2007

3.7 million dollar mistake, Yoga, and the "Gheyest" book in the bible.

Rough day at work today. 20 days ago a bill job was canceled, thus 3.7 million dollars worth of hospitals claims were billed were 20 days late. my boss was worried was cool about it,That was no comfort, good management prunes efficiently and emotionlessly. emails could be flying around and they may be sharpening the ax as I type this.

at lunch, I made a joke about revelations being the gheyest book in the bible today. Dana laughed pretty hard. But honestly, people who go on and on about "The Beast is a coming' lawd, lawd" or " the world is endin' soon, no need to pay my credit card" are idiots. Maybe it's human nature to want your generation to the last one, like your Senior class was best one ever and they had to tear down the school after graduation in honor on it.

In reality, The world will probably be around long enough for you and everything that is huge and important in you life to fade away. WTC bombing what? who was Nirvana? What was Google? What were Ipods? All gone to dust like old dead dry leaves. *end goth rant*

Penni and I went to a Yoga class that her friend taught. When ever one was supposed to clear there mind and feel the flow on their inner energy all I think about was swirling black and Grey. I felt like everyone's Chi was glowing pink but mine was glowing Black. ( like a cheap anime villain.) ...weirdo. Penni had a good time and i guess it was a good work out. had Qbodas for dinner.


Schaber said...

Revelations is definitely the most confusing book in the Bible. The funniest part about being a christian isn't the battle over when the end is coming, but who is saved. Christians are tearing each other apart nowadays because everyone is saying everyone else isn't saved. Except the Baptists, all you have to do is tell each one of them personally that you are saved and get baptized in front of them, or you won't get invited to the summer rivival cookout. We don't have to wait for the BEAST, we can tear the church apart ourselves. "Bible Nerd time" : The beast is not the anti christ. The anti christ is the person that will unite the world and the beast is the creature that the false prophet (i.e the head of the one world church) creates and looks like the anti christ and is an all around nice guy. We'll all be playing parcheezi with the Lord by then, if we can decide who gets to go!!!! End **Goth Rant**

Schaber said...

Ha Ha Ha!! Brian in a Yoga class. My Chi is building power!!! Goku!!!! Vegeta don't over extend yourself. You'll never destroy frieza if your inner chi spirit is green and not orangish purple!!! Come back to the dark side Brian. The pink side is for the you know whos!! Ah good ol' eastern mysticism!

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