Wednesday, August 22, 2007

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Took the last two days off. Did the comix starbucks thing. Installed slax on my boss 4Gb flash drive. Ubuntu and pen drive linux would'nt work. Emailed an audio question to the linux action show.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"Jamming", like the porch band on the slingblade movie

I sat up a quiet brush drum kit in the living room and played with guitarist neighbor Doug and his friend for about 2 hours tonight. Really nice guys... Doug songs aren't really finished yet. Doug has a good voice, his lyric phrasings are rhythmic and busy but a little drone-y. He is have money problems, he mentioned his pay-as-you-go phone was out of minutes. his friend work 3rd shift do a regular practice schedule with these guys is impossible. I'll just keep "jamming" ( god i hate that word ) with these guys to keep my licks sharp and keep looking for a real 1000watt sweaty complex song structure rock band.

I submitted a new myspace classified ad and answered a few, sending them links to mp3s.... Yup, fishing in polluted river of rock & roll with no rod, just *end blue jam*

Monday, August 13, 2007

... verses south carolina.

Sunday: Went to Fort Mill SC for Penni's friend's 3 year old's birthday party. The whole town looked creepy and abandoned just because it was Sunday, weird! At the party a Barney CD was playing on the boombox, classic! Penni owes me big time =) On the way home I made Penni spit water all over me laughing. Had lunch at Brixx pizza. Ate too many peanut butter and crackers for dinner.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Light Metal Brushes

Interviewed a SysAdmin. Ate at showmars. Bought a set of light metal brushes for my smaller acoustic drum set. Bought chinese home. Picked us penni's meds. She's worried about med costs with her short term insurance.:(

Old post lost in phone

It's Really cold for april. I love it. Rainy and gray . Listened to Tom Waits in the car at lunch. Every thing is perfect.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hit him, Hit him, Hit him,


Bummed about perspective band mates flaking out. Sad echoy Circa survive songs in my head all day. The kid next door want to start an acoustic rock band. He's got a good voice. We'll see.

Saw a wreck in a kinko lot. Two Nice cars backed into each over. Hilarious. One car was driving very stupidly so i was in a bad mood and actually Cheering "Hit him, Hit him, Hit him" when it happened. I guess Karma owes me a car wreck.

Chuck and I checked out an local inline hockey tournament. It was full of scary good players. Mean skating! No noobs.:/ ate dinner late at Denny's with Chuck.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Styrofoam windows covers

Monday: cooked spaghetti for Penni. Worked on 16th hi hat/snare patterns. Ate half a watermelon. put styrofoam sheets on practice room windows to try to cool it.

Monday, August 6, 2007

"Chuck gets evil sometimes"

Sunday: some guys called back about playing this week. practiced with the electronic set for a few hours. had cheesecake factory with chuck and anna. Burned chuck a dvd of mp3s. Worked on lmms music to 2am.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Do-not-rehire lists, Daily Volume Balancing, Wallace & Grommet, and Pizza Tops.


Dana had a day from hell, translations finished at 2pm. Penni finally got the green light to submit her 1-3/4 week notice at the Pain Clinic. (I'm worried about her being put on a do-not-rehire list) Went to Rock Bottom to Celebrate.


Finished fixing the Daily Volume Balancing for Mike. Yea. a little bought Veggie Pizza for Dinner looked for the labyrinth for Penni at Blockbuster, not available, bought a acoustic guitar pickup. Cleaned to computer room some more.


Looked for the labyrinth at a different Blockbuster, not available, got a Wallace and Grommet movie. Penni submitted ads online to find volunteers for entertain the old folks. Worked on cleaning up the computer room and recording on the LinuxLappy to 3am.


I slept late. I dreamed that Chuck and I order a "Pizza Top" from a restaurant, basically a big stab of melted cheese and pepperoni. Fat people Dreams.... a new low.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Q: Who was tiny tim's father? A: Yer Momma

Wednesday: Meeting with oren. He said E & Y says we dont suck! Yea? Went to a telecommunter site to photograph the desk and setup in dallas nc. Wrote a guy back about a band. Penni gave chs her 2 weeks notice today. She drug tests tomorrow and starts on the 18th. We went to rock bottoms for dinner to celebrate.

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