Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Styrofoam windows covers

Monday: cooked spaghetti for Penni. Worked on 16th hi hat/snare patterns. Ate half a watermelon. put styrofoam sheets on practice room windows to try to cool it.

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Schaber said...

Get some of those reflective windsheild things or even better, something that is reflective but won't look stupid, so that the heat is reflected back out of the window. I think styrofoam will just absorb the heat. And get some double sided tape like they use for plastic window insulation and tape the sheet of reflective stuff to the window frame, thus sealing the window. I am guessing that the townhome is two stories and the practice room is upstairs. The best way to cool off the upstairs is to get ceiling fans and shut some of the vents down stairs to force the air upstairs. If you have sound dampening foam in the room that is going to trap the heat, because you have a layer of foam and then r-15 insulation in the walls. Insulated blankets would work well for the room. http://www.science-city.com/rewaheinbl.html see this for a picture, they sell them at home depot.

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