Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"Jamming", like the porch band on the slingblade movie

I sat up a quiet brush drum kit in the living room and played with guitarist neighbor Doug and his friend for about 2 hours tonight. Really nice guys... Doug songs aren't really finished yet. Doug has a good voice, his lyric phrasings are rhythmic and busy but a little drone-y. He is have money problems, he mentioned his pay-as-you-go phone was out of minutes. his friend work 3rd shift do a regular practice schedule with these guys is impossible. I'll just keep "jamming" ( god i hate that word ) with these guys to keep my licks sharp and keep looking for a real 1000watt sweaty complex song structure rock band.

I submitted a new myspace classified ad and answered a few, sending them links to mp3s.... Yup, fishing in polluted river of rock & roll with no rod, just myspace.com... *end blue jam*

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Anonymous said...

Hello there BgryderClock, I happened to be watching a movie from Clock Day 2005 and happened to see you. Drop me a line sometime AIM: RabidClock YM: B0bx0r, email: rabidpenguin@gmail.com.

Look forward to talking to you and catching up a bit.

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