Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tempo changing click tracks, being sick through Thanksgiving, a rusty work van and 'takes-their-pets-to-family-gatherings' people

Saturday Nov 29

We woke up early, dropped the dog off at Penni's parents house, and drove to Statesville to meet up with the family and eat dinner at my aunt's house in Tayorsville. Traci brought her new French bulldog puppy. I never thought Traci would be one of those 'takes-their-pets-to-family-gatherings' people. Pff! My dad's signed his old rusty work van over to me and I drove it back to Charlotte in the nasty fog and rain.

Friday Nov 28

It was the day after thanksgiving, and I was still a little sick, but it was dead quiet in the office and it was great. I finished the edits for the extra fields in the small claims mail merge database and ate lunch with the SysAdmin and Miss A at Showmars. I got home and worked on finishing up the last C++ homework. I watched and critiqued a few new SpongeBob episodes on the couch with my Wife. Life is great.

Thursday Nov 27

Thxgvn day. I woke up sick with a fever, chills and snot all day. I went to Penni's parents for lunch and fixed her dad's samba printer, he reinstalled windows and changed his PC name thus changing the samba path. I got home and napped. I tried to crash at 7pm but laid awake thinking about rebuilding the QA database (maybe as a web application?) I got up and worked on my C++ homework a little while watching a few new chowder episodes.

Wednesday Nov 26

I worked on changing the legal mail merge sql table to match new fields. When you change table column names the table views do not update. it is a very sucky bug(or "Windows Feature"!) Penni visited the office and ate lunch with me and the usual crew at Arby's. I started developing a sore throat. I went to the practice space early and recorded drums. Scott and I argued about working with quarter and sixteenth note click tracks and tempo changes for an hour. fun fun fun.

Tuesday Nov 25

I.S. magically uninstalled winzip on all CHS PCs and i had submit OSR to keep the wheels from flying off the info-wagon. I worked on legal mail merge and submitted a weeks worth of telecommuter mileage on a reimbursement form. I bought groceries in the busy holiday crowd. I started working my c++ homework's sorting logic.

Monday Nov 24

I was sent on a last minute 8am telecommuter deployment. I'm not exactly sure how this happened, I guess it was a lack on communication between teams. I worked with the manager of Cash Posting and proposed using a outlook public folder to fix the CBO/SBO ledger issue. I had a department Thanksgiving lunch I remoted into CRMC to help with a SSI installation. I went to the space and we finally resolved the drum mic noise issue. I came home and googled replacement laptop screens.

Sunday Nov 23

I took the second C++ test and made an 85. I started working on my last homework, sorting arrays in functions. I went to the practice space and started test recording drums. We found a line noise issue and worked on fixing it for the rest of the night. I got home and watched a new moral Orel, super jail and Drinky crow.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Anjuta, Buck Nelson, A board with eight preamps and Tiny three dollar fish tacos

Saturday Nov 22

Penni and I slept until Noon. I got the oil changed in my car and picked up a replacement turn signal bulb. We ate Breakfast/lunch at Izzy's and then went to Rite aid for the weird hand lotion that Penni is addicted to. I finished and submitted C++ home work. Chuck called. We hung out for a while at his place while he finished Gears Of War and then when to vis-art, target and the sushi restaurant by his house. Chuck's boss said he would hold he position while he is in japan, awesome. I got back home around 10pm and ordered Penni some more Xmas stuff while Naruto was on.
Friday Nov 21

I started working on the changes to the small claims database with the nine extra columns. I ate lunch at Macs speed shop on south blvd with my boss and the guys from my department. Three bucks for a tiny fish taco? It was not great. I went to a telecommuter site for pictures then came home and got Chinese for Penni . I had peanut butter crackers. I started next weeks c++ homework and argued with Penni about what I did with are the cough drops, all was well before bed time.
Thursday Nov 20
I went to two telecommuter visits with the manager of correspondence and to a early lunch with Kursty. I went to the retirement home and met Penni's old people then to guitar center with Scott. we bought a 300 dollar mixing board with eight pre-amps to boost the mics. It worked great, finally something is working.

Wednesday Nov 19

I felt greasy all day for some reason. I fixed some more issues with the RACF teams laptops. I worked on IE scripting and used a long if else chain for the "what-to-do-with-this-row" part. I should have used if-elses here a long time ago. I had lunch Arby's with the usual crew. I picked up a FedEx gift for Penni and worked on the low mic input issues at the practice space.

Tuesday Nov 18

It is finally cold, Penni's scarf is coming in pretty handy. I got pizza, napped, and googled Linux c++ IDEs. I am really digging Anjuta. You can customize background, fold line, compile with F9 and uses a gnome terminal tab. I emailed Scott a funny YouTube video "unveiling the mysteries of rock drumming with Buck Nelson".

Monday Nov 17

I ate lunch at subway with the usual crew. I made a joke about a guy's hertz jacket and "Kursty's face hurts". I took a nap after work and then went to practiced to work on recording stuff. It was 11pm and I was ready to leave when Scott made some crack about "Run Home Brian". It pissed me off, I was ready to shoot one of those personally-brutal-band-destroying shots back at him, but i resisted. I returned RedBox movie on the way home.

Sunday Nov 16

I worked on C++ homework for 4 hours upstairs and then bought Penni's mom some earrings on eBay. I returned my sisters tech support call. I ate some rich food and was running back and forth to the bathroom at home and at the practice space. Sweet. It really screwed up practice. I watched new SouthPark and the new robot chicken star wars. I am thinking about buying a Jungle disk account for Penni's dad for Xmas.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thirteen million to Medicaid, Davey Allstar, and more ProTools Hell

Nov 15 Sat

I woke up early and started working on C++ homework. Penni woke up all sweaty from a bad Dream. We went to Izzy's for breakfast. Penni took a nap when we got back and I worked on C++ for another 5 hours. The Classes with function calls concept is kicking my ass. Watched Naruto, Superman Doomsday and Bleach.

Nov 14 Fri

I covered for the SysAdmin while be fixed my boss's boss's boss's boss's wireless router. My coworker covered my telecommuter visit while i was babysitting the billing process. I ate lunch with the usual crew at Miguel's. One of my coworkers called it in. I did not know you could do that. I used one hour of flex time and picked up my package of adapters and cables for recording from the UPS office. I took the package to the practice space and found that four adapters were missing from the box. I called MusiciansFriend and they are shipping new ones.

Nov 13 Thur

I had to cover the SysAdmin while he was at the dentist. There was a billing issue and i had to submit around thirteen million to Medicaid in two thousand claim chucks. My Boss bought me a salad from showmars and I ate lunch at my desk. I had to stay to 5pm to finish. Saw David Stein, Danny, Davey Allstar and Ryan at The Money. I took some video. Davey gets so into the songs. He is lovable and a freaking monster.

Nov 12 Wed

I ate lunch at Salsaritas with the SysAdmin and Kursty. The SysAdmin broke his tooth on a tortilla chip. I wrote a function that checks for loaded elements on an asp site. It is still buggy, IE scripting is such a pain. I have been working for a week on digesting some Wrox sample code. I have decided to take the coward's way out and just plug in some variables and run with it. I'm sure i will be revisiting the horrible world of Passing-IE-Objects all too soon. I went to practice and worked on the protool-xlr-plugs-too-hot input issue to 11pm. After practice I went to bed with my stomach growling all night.
Nov 11 Tue

Fixed a managers pst file. I ate lunch at showmars with crew. After lunch we saw a giant pile of vomit in the parking lot. Sweet. Went to a telecommute visit. Then ate dinner at Ruby Tuesdays with Penni and then went to the grocery store. My wife said I need to lose weight after dinner. I Discovered bleep labs and emailed Penni some xmas gift Ideas.

Nov 10 Mon

I ate lunch at ShowMars with crew. I brought my old 22" monitor to the practice space. We argued for an hour about song writing software. I ordered cables and adapters for the recording drums with pro tools rig.

Nov 9th Sun

Setup the pro tools rig in the practice space. My old drummer Ryan looked me up on MySpace. He has 3 kids now. Ryans all grown up.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tommi's going away party, Obama wins, Pro Tool driver hell, Lisa Germano, and the correct DDR3 RAM

Nov 8 Sat

Woke up at 10am. Submitted my C++ Homework. Relaxed. Cooked Spaghetti for Penni and Zucchini and baked chips for myself. Googled some info about micing drum sets. Watched a new Naruto movie.

Nov 7 Fri

I Fixed my boss's boss's boss's PST files. The real issue was her personal drive mapped to a server that had very little available space. I got Niko's and ate with the crew in the break room. I scheduled a lot of telecommuter site visits, updated a four month out of date claim volume report graph thingy, and worked on the web entry automation. I got home, watched the new Moral Orel and worked on C++ homework all night to 4am.

The new IE.document.all("box").value code runs about 10 times faster than my old "SendKeys" method. I feel like I am taking one step back and am running forward now. The process runs with excel and is Citrix friendly. My coworkers will be able to change a few lines on the excel file and use my code for their projects. When I get the wait-for-application to update function debugged it will be freaking sweet.

' top of the page html source code
f unction do Add() {
var bSelected = false;
var yourface = '';
var vData = null;
document. frmView.op.value = 'ADD';
document.frmView.action = 'foo.asp';
document. frmView.submit();

'bottom of the page
>td><>input name="btnAdd" value="Add' onclick=" type="button"> < 'works with IE.document.all("tehbutton").click IE.document. all("tehtextbauks").Value = "hello">>

Nov 6 Thu

I got the new write-to-asp page code working. Woo. I ate lunch at Subway with the usual lunch crew. I picked up some hilarious Lady-Medicine for Penni. Scott's new power supply and DDR3 RAM arrived. Scott came over and we ordered a pizza and worked on loading Pro Tool 7.4 on it until one a.m. I hate installing window drivers. I thought Linux was extra work, but man, visiting the world of windows hardware driver makes me miss repositories and DEB packages.

Nov 5 Wed

My coworker said he cried at Obama's acceptance speech. Awww! I submitted my 1st VBA forum question and answered a question while I was logged in. I had lunch with the usual crew at Salsaritas. I helped with an audit nurse's new laptop . I have been listening to Lisa Germano for the last two days, it's Great depressing stuff. I went to practice and spilled my coffee in the parking lot, argh. We bought a Tupperware bin at Wal-mart to organize some of the small junk at the Practice space, I brought old 13" marching snare home, listening to Skinny Puppy. "The Greater Wrong of the Right" is a freaking masterpiece.

Nov 4 Tue

I had lunch with the crew at Show-mars. There was a lots of boring Obama ranting. I went to a telecommuter site visit and got lost on backroads on the way back. I lost about 10 adrenaline filled minutes, it was no big deal. I went to a book store, looking for a I.E. scripting VBA book. Penni and I ate at Cabo Fish Taco. NBC election coverage was on the TV at the restaurant. The Graphics kept flashing from Blue-on-top to Red-on-top, like it was an exciting neck and neck race, it was pretty cheesy. Penni bought some underwear at target and then we drove home. I worked on GIMPing a photo of a spider eating a cat. We watched the daily show election coverage, Obama won, and John Stewart teared up a little. The Fox News anchors were back pedaling super hard. Our neighbors shot off a few fireworks. Yeah. The previous regime is out, Cool people are happy, Racist are practicing their long boring rants, turn turn turn...

Nov 3 Mon

I used a PTO day with Penni. I got gas for Penni and Bojangles's biscuits. Penni was hungover and had diarrhea. We both napped on the couch. My game-pad arrived. I played a Kirby ROM and when to practice to hang up more sheets. I bought dog food and cookies after practice.

Nov 2 Sun

Penni went to Tommi's going away party. Scott and I put the recording PC together. I ordered the correct DDR3 RAM and 24 pin power supply, yeah i suck. Scott offer to drive Penni's car home from the bar, great guy. We ordered a pizza and waited for Penni to call for a ride. We picked up Penni, She was pretty inebriated. She tried to sleep on the stairs and in the floor, she is adore-able.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My left shoulder, linux firewire support, external hard drive mounting and your face

Sat Nov 01

We woke up at noon and went to the Verizon store again. Penni and i counted the number of times this annoying valley-girl-wanna-be said the word "like". We counted 15 times in less that a minute. We got groceries and a sling for my left arm. I will probably see a doctor for it Monday. I picked up my external case from Penni's parents house. I tested my new firewire card with external drive and had issue getting write rights with firewire and usb. Sadly, that functionality as been flaky for years. Improvements in the Linux kernel and the HAL application helped a lot with flash drives but external drives are still a little sucky. I even tried some terminal stuff. The whole thing is a little depressing. I bid on a ring for Penni. I watched a Halloween edition of Iron Chef were they are cooking organ meat (brains, pigs feet, kidneys, duck tongues, duck testicles, rooster combs, livers, pig blood, etc..) Awesome.

Fri Oct 31

I covered the sysadmin and the STAR file were late so the translations were late again. I ate way too much Candy, plus lunch with Kursty. I have been bummed out for two days. I listened to a little of Jono Bacon's metal album, I love the guy, and it is great that I took a walk with my boss and talked objectively about the election. I rolled out an additional function to the Quality Assurance Database, adding the receivables workstation scrape to the automation. I played with a few ROMs/ZSNES Emulator and was inspired to order a Linux friend game pad.

Thu Oct 30

I covered the sysadmin the STAR file were late so the translations were late. I skipped paper billing and ate lunch at my desk to make up time. I felt bad all day so i listed to a lot of Portishead. The 'Third' album is really really good. I went to practice and helped Scott hang sound dampening stuff on the walls.

Wed Oct 29

I took some flex time for breakfast-comicbook-store-lunch break. I heard on a podcast that the Linux Action Show is killing their podcast and doing a YouTube version instead. Bummer. There was a FedEx tag on the door when i got home. I drove to the Pineville FedEx and picked up the package. It was Penni's replacement phone. Scott was stuck at sister's house so we called off practice.

Tue Oct 28

My boss requested an additional index to the priorities database. ( SubPriorityNumber? SubIndexNumber? IndexSubPriority?) I Went to Penni's parents house to help her dad with a crashed XP installation. I showed him how to use his Linux laptop and a external hard drive case to backup all of the files off a crashed drive. Penni came with me to hang out, work on her knitting, and watched Freddy vs Jason with her mom. They fixed tacos for us.

Mon Oct 27

My coworker was out with PTO so i covered the support calls for the floor and the STAR balancing I had terrible stomach issue that afternoon but it leveled off around 2pm enough to take a walk. I added lot of bill code to the ncmedicaid site automation. I stayed a little late to help the new RACF employees with their new laptops. I bought pads, cookies and cranberry juice for Penni after work. I took a quick naps as soon as i got home and felt a little better afterwards. Scott visited with his old PC case and we picked out and bought the parts to upgrade to a pro tool running machine. we bought a multichannel sound card and pro tool 7. Penni gave Scott a scarf that she knitted.

Sun Oct 26

Penni and I woke up early and got breakfast at Izzy's. We took Penni's phone in to Verizon for screen repair and they order a replacement. We bought and changed out mattress allergy cover. I submitted c++ homework. My left shoulder hurts. Went to Practice and worked on a new 'legal' song intro . Yup. it's another Rita's Gift song with an intro to an intro. I called Penni on the way home and she made baked corn chips and zucchini salsa for me.

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