Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thirteen million to Medicaid, Davey Allstar, and more ProTools Hell

Nov 15 Sat

I woke up early and started working on C++ homework. Penni woke up all sweaty from a bad Dream. We went to Izzy's for breakfast. Penni took a nap when we got back and I worked on C++ for another 5 hours. The Classes with function calls concept is kicking my ass. Watched Naruto, Superman Doomsday and Bleach.

Nov 14 Fri

I covered for the SysAdmin while be fixed my boss's boss's boss's boss's wireless router. My coworker covered my telecommuter visit while i was babysitting the billing process. I ate lunch with the usual crew at Miguel's. One of my coworkers called it in. I did not know you could do that. I used one hour of flex time and picked up my package of adapters and cables for recording from the UPS office. I took the package to the practice space and found that four adapters were missing from the box. I called MusiciansFriend and they are shipping new ones.

Nov 13 Thur

I had to cover the SysAdmin while he was at the dentist. There was a billing issue and i had to submit around thirteen million to Medicaid in two thousand claim chucks. My Boss bought me a salad from showmars and I ate lunch at my desk. I had to stay to 5pm to finish. Saw David Stein, Danny, Davey Allstar and Ryan at The Money. I took some video. Davey gets so into the songs. He is lovable and a freaking monster.

Nov 12 Wed

I ate lunch at Salsaritas with the SysAdmin and Kursty. The SysAdmin broke his tooth on a tortilla chip. I wrote a function that checks for loaded elements on an asp site. It is still buggy, IE scripting is such a pain. I have been working for a week on digesting some Wrox sample code. I have decided to take the coward's way out and just plug in some variables and run with it. I'm sure i will be revisiting the horrible world of Passing-IE-Objects all too soon. I went to practice and worked on the protool-xlr-plugs-too-hot input issue to 11pm. After practice I went to bed with my stomach growling all night.
Nov 11 Tue

Fixed a managers pst file. I ate lunch at showmars with crew. After lunch we saw a giant pile of vomit in the parking lot. Sweet. Went to a telecommute visit. Then ate dinner at Ruby Tuesdays with Penni and then went to the grocery store. My wife said I need to lose weight after dinner. I Discovered bleep labs and emailed Penni some xmas gift Ideas.

Nov 10 Mon

I ate lunch at ShowMars with crew. I brought my old 22" monitor to the practice space. We argued for an hour about song writing software. I ordered cables and adapters for the recording drums with pro tools rig.

Nov 9th Sun

Setup the pro tools rig in the practice space. My old drummer Ryan looked me up on MySpace. He has 3 kids now. Ryans all grown up.

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