Sunday, October 26, 2008

A backwards "B", DDE, Tallahassee, knitting, and how the Cartoon Network is going to viciously rape Batman

Sat, Oct 25

I slept late and research Linux friendly firewire soundcards. Penni and I went to the Morrison library and voted early. I ordered a pcmcia firewire card. Watched Batman vs Dracula. It was terrible. I believe Cartoon Network is going to viciously rape Batman with the new animated series. Penni worked on her knitting all night and finished 2 scarfs. We both crashed at 3am.

Fri, Oct 24

I worked on the Medicaid data automation project and had lunch with my boss and the SysAdmin at Salsaritas. There was a story on TV there about a woman who claimed she was attacked and had a "B" carved on her face because she was had a McCain sticker on her vehicle. The "B" was backwards and her blackeye looked really fake. I Rolled out the DDE function in the Quality Assurance Database late in the evening. it took longer than I though and i had to stay a little late. I got a 100 on my C++ homework. When to Frankie's with Penni. She was mad about CHS's prescription drug plan and it seemed like half the people at Frankie had CHS parking stickers or shirts. funny stuff. we bought more yard for penni to make a scarf for her mom, her sister and my friend Scott. we got home and passed out on the couch while penni knitted. We are so punk rock.

Thu, Oct 23

Ate lunch in break room with the regular crew. I Met with my boss to discuss projects and priorities. There is a new database for correspondence on the horizon. Whee. I emailed Scott pro-tools info. I showed one of the QA power users the DDE stuff. It was Cold and rainy all day. There was no practice. Ordered pizza and worked on C++ homework.

Wed, Oct 22

I wrote code to parse out acct numbers, names, dates, and totals from STAR With MS Access DDE function. Took a walk during my break. I bought milk of magnesia and burned a copy of The Mountain Goats, Tallahassee CD for Penni. I went to practiced and ran trough the set. Penni called crying, a giant bug scared her in the downstairs bathroom. Awww.

Tue, Oct 21

Finally figured out how to copy star terminal text to access with VBA and MS Acess DDE function. I owe a thanks to the cool guy from IS that sent me a copy of his dotNet code for googling. I got groceries, cooked up chips and zucchini salsa and watched the Indiana Jone crystal skull movie it was terrible, just like the creators from SouthPark said.
Mon, Oct 20

My coworkers through my boss an omelet breakfast for bosses day. The cool guy in IS who developed the startransfer program application emailed me some of his source code. Sweet. I went to the practice space early and ran trough the set before Scott arrived. we put up more sheets for Scott's rehearsal video idea.

Friday, October 24, 2008

HowTo pull Data from STAR Navigator with MS Access and VBA

MsgBox DDERequest(DDEInitiate("HBOWEM", "PCInfo") & "You are a Tranny."

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ritas Gift at Charlotte's Underground, Blowing Breakers for fives of dollars!

Fri Oct 17

A busy day. I worked on more parsing, added line charges from the UB04, got a CHS values and action award for helping the QA dept with their access database, changed clothes and went straight to the space. Scott bought another Guitar amp. This time it is a 400 watt hybrid Randall. (Godspeed young man, Godspeed.) We quickly ran through the set, loaded the gear up in the cold rain, went to the gig, sat up and blew the breaker for the left side of the stage 30 seconds into the first song. Woo! We got the power back on and the rest of the set went well. Penni brought 5 coworkers to see us. She is great. We stayed to listen to the rest of the bands, unloaded at the space and all went to Skyland at 3am. We had to drop off our friend Kirby in Mathews and i was dead pass out tired on the way back to the house. Penni said i was talking crazy She said she asked me math problems like what is 10 times 4, I would answer wrong, She would laugh and then i would woke up a little and answer it correctly and then start talking crazy again. Experimenting with delirious people is hilarious. We got home and finally crashed at 5am.

No Children by The Mountain Goats

No Children by The Mountain Goats
Thurs Oct 16

Day of Guitar Hero / PA system nightmare. I picked up PA and installed the software on a laptop with a invalid video card. (it finally worked on a desktop with an extra gig of borrowed ram.) I sat up the projector and PA for the event up and had to take picture of all the corny shenanigans too. Got 80 and 100 of my C++ labs. Scott bought another 8x10 cabinet and a used 300 dollar Marshall head that blew 4 hrs later. He also broke off half a molar. He is having a great week.

Weds Oct 15

I ate lunch with the crew at Showmars and called a best buy for guitar hero availability and prices for a silly patient accounting week event. Scott and I bought black sheets and tired blue lites for practice space video idea and put up more black rugs

Tues Oct 14

I went on a 7 hour telecommuter deployment. every thing that cold go wrong did, the Tech from IS handled it really well. the power died in the middle of a juniper firmware upgrade. it killed the device and mysteriously kill the DSL modem too. I picked up the movie the happening for Penni and a few groceries on the way home. We ordered pizza and both took a napped really really long nap That kept me awake to 4am.

Mon Oct 13

I was bummed all day, the "No children song" was stuck in my head and it destroyed me all day. I changed delimiting in ub04 medicaid site and the development is going a lot faster. At practice, Scott's bass tone was weird and his 7 year old Marshall head blew up. He was very emotion about it. we hanged black rubber rugs that we found in the space to kill side of the reverb in the practice room.

Sun Oct 12

Ate Nikos got groceries Penni had a urinary track infection and went to the doctor while i was at practice The room was damp from our wet gear worked on c++ to 2am.

Sat Oct 11

woke up early sore from the gig. worked on c++ homework sent Scott the gig pictures watched an amazing moral with a song called "No Children" by The Mountain Goats. I googled them and found a free song called "Thanks you Mario but our princess is in another castle" and a free EP.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Played the Piedmont Interstate Fair

Friday 10th

I ate Nikos work crew and took 4 hours to go to a gig at a fair in Spartanburg south Carolina. Got to the practice space at noon and changed clothes. We loaded up, drove down, unloaded, had to set up asap, play asap and get off the stage asap. As soon as the my drums were off stage it started raining. Nice! We sold a T-shirt and gave out a lot of CDs and stickers. We got home early and I unloaded my case to make sure my stuff was dry. I was dead tired.

The Melvins, Ub04 String parsing, the first C++ test and Knitting

Thursday Oct 9th

I ate at salsarita's with the work crew, worked on more ub04 string parsing (argghh!!), and went straight to practice after work and played for 3 hours before Scott showed up. Scott is still sick but practiced anyway sans movement/loud-vocals. I was dead tired after practice and could barely walk up the stairs.

Wednesday Oct 8

I moved desks at work and worked on better ub04 record delimiting.I met Penni at the bank to open a ncsecu account for her. Scott called off practice because he was sick. I watched new Clone Wars series on Cartoon Network, surprisingly it was not terrible. I'm sure hardcore Star Wars nerds hate it though. I submitted Dale Crover for drummer of the week on

Tuesday Oct 7

I picked up chinese for penni. She is learning to knit. (Random huh?) I submitted my C++ lab5 and watched presidental debates, then I worked on lab6 all night. so far lab6 is kinda painful. I crashed at midnight

Monday Oct 6

I worked all day on parsing UB04 fields. I am soo sick of string manipulation! I ate Nikos with work crew and took a walk break. I bought another Melvins album from called "A Senile Animal" it is pretty good, but no "Stoner-Witch". Later I went to Practice and talked to a cool band at the space called Gellico. crashed at midnight.

Sunday Oct 5

I slept late again and took my first C++ test. I did well. I ate a lot of cookies and later went to practice worked on a "random hits" end part of the new "legal dept" song (5, 2, 5, 1, 5, and and, 8, 5!!! end.) I bought coffee cookies and milk on way home from practice for Penni.

Saturday Oct 4

I slept super late, reinstall Ubuntu on pennis laptop and ate baked corn chips and zucchini salsa. I watched new a SuperJail episode (brutal), and studied for my c++ test.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Entering Data on a website with VBA and another 8x10" bass cabinet

Friday Oct 02

My Friend at work had a great rip about some one's toothbrush trying to kill itself because of their breath... Pure Genius! Penni home sick with pink eye. met with boss and corp billing super user about Sendkeys scripting on Medicaid site ate lunch alone returned mini mixer. I baked corn chips and made zucchini salsa for dinner.

Thursday Oct 01

Went to a early telecommuter visit with the telecommuter's manager at 8am. Learned how to enter data on a website from excel with VBA via the Sendkeys function. Rented a scary movie for Penni "The Morgue", she love it. Apparently all the characters in the movie were all ready dead, wow... Went to practice. There bad weird noises from new splitter box.

Wednesday Sept 30

Got lunch with Miss A and got groceries for Penni on the way home from work. I bought a little mixer fixed Scott's guitar level issue. I finished the first and last Guar name addition to the legal database. I used my inhaler a lot and it made me very very shaky. I submitted my c++ lab04 homework after

Monday Sept 28

Big Star1312 upgrade. Chaos all day. Refilled on Albuterol Inhaler (NERD!). When with Scott to buy another used 8x10" bass cabinet. I found gas, then picked up Penni's car and got gas for her.

Sunday Sept 27

Breakfast with Penni's parents, coughed a lot. Penni napped all evening. All Gas stations in the area are still out still of gas. Went to practice and argued a lot with Scott about out of state gigs and coughed a lot going home.I crashed at 1am.

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