Saturday, October 11, 2008

Played the Piedmont Interstate Fair

Friday 10th

I ate Nikos work crew and took 4 hours to go to a gig at a fair in Spartanburg south Carolina. Got to the practice space at noon and changed clothes. We loaded up, drove down, unloaded, had to set up asap, play asap and get off the stage asap. As soon as the my drums were off stage it started raining. Nice! We sold a T-shirt and gave out a lot of CDs and stickers. We got home early and I unloaded my case to make sure my stuff was dry. I was dead tired.


ralph_schaber said...

Hey Brian,

This is Ryan. Man we were terrible! But we were loud! and funny! I had forgot all about those songs. I wonder whatever happened to that guy that played guitar with us. Oh well. Thanks for the trip down crappy music lane. : )

ralph_schaber said...

One more thing. I'm pretty sure that we weren't doing drugs. This music sprung straight from sleep deprevation, caffiene addication, and distorted nightmares. I thought Lame Satan was probably the best one out of them all, but man noise was really funny. Little ray of sunshine will always have a small place in my heart though. What kindof music style were we going for here, I think it was attack of the crazed musicians. I remember going out and playing those two open mics with these songs. Its no wonder people hated the band. : )

bgryderclock said...

Hee hee, "sleep deprivation, caffeine addiction" ... man that is still my mode of operation. I'm sure it is life shortening... :)

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