Saturday, October 4, 2008

Entering Data on a website with VBA and another 8x10" bass cabinet

Friday Oct 02

My Friend at work had a great rip about some one's toothbrush trying to kill itself because of their breath... Pure Genius! Penni home sick with pink eye. met with boss and corp billing super user about Sendkeys scripting on Medicaid site ate lunch alone returned mini mixer. I baked corn chips and made zucchini salsa for dinner.

Thursday Oct 01

Went to a early telecommuter visit with the telecommuter's manager at 8am. Learned how to enter data on a website from excel with VBA via the Sendkeys function. Rented a scary movie for Penni "The Morgue", she love it. Apparently all the characters in the movie were all ready dead, wow... Went to practice. There bad weird noises from new splitter box.

Wednesday Sept 30

Got lunch with Miss A and got groceries for Penni on the way home from work. I bought a little mixer fixed Scott's guitar level issue. I finished the first and last Guar name addition to the legal database. I used my inhaler a lot and it made me very very shaky. I submitted my c++ lab04 homework after

Monday Sept 28

Big Star1312 upgrade. Chaos all day. Refilled on Albuterol Inhaler (NERD!). When with Scott to buy another used 8x10" bass cabinet. I found gas, then picked up Penni's car and got gas for her.

Sunday Sept 27

Breakfast with Penni's parents, coughed a lot. Penni napped all evening. All Gas stations in the area are still out still of gas. Went to practice and argued a lot with Scott about out of state gigs and coughed a lot going home.I crashed at 1am.

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