Saturday, September 27, 2008

Got a new thinkpad and was sick all week

09/27 Saturday

Penni had to work. I slept late and copy my music library to my new Thinkpad. I did a little C++ stuff out of the book I orders.

09/26 Friday

Raining all day, Still No-Gas/long-long-gas-lines. Penni and I watched the First Presidential debate. I cracked the Compiz-fusion all the way up on my new laptop, it was sweeet.

09/25 Thursday

Scott's power was cut off due to none payment. No practice. Rainy.

09/24 Wednesday

I remoted into CRMC to finish last CCSM install. Scott called off practice with a sore throat. There was a Big loaning company bail out in the news. There were gas outage everywhere. Wooo! My foot Casaba arrived in the mail.

09/23 Tuesday

very very sick. I called sick to work and slept to 11am, then napped on the couch all evening. Installed Ubuntu on G41. The build in wireless worked great. Penni brought home a pizza. Watched family guy and the office crashed at 11pm

09/22 Monday

I covered afternoon billing for the SysAdmin . My new g41 Thinkpad arrived. I started feeling sick, coughing, headaches, fever, (Wooo) so practice was cut short. I took some medicine and went to bed really early. I woke up regularly Coughing.

9/21 Sunday

Scott texted me and canceled practice.

9/20 Saturday

I slept late and did not go to the Atlanta Linux fest. Penni and I ate breakfast at Izzy's got groceries ate zucchini cheese and chips emailed teacher about system pause issue with Linux

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