Sunday, September 7, 2008

Played the Charlotte Underground again, GoToMeeting, and post-apocalyptic land squid

Sept 6th

Took Penni to get her oil changed and get groceries. I skipped breakfast and lunch. I ate zucchini salsa for dinner and watched naruto with Penni. later we took a walk. Penni crashed and I watch at weird discovery channel thing of the SPORE video game and post-Apocalypse evolution. There were ton of squids; giant elephant-like squids and smart monkey-like squid, on land. nice.

Sept 5th

Tested a new CHS communication tool. GoToMeeting enables us to share screens and desktop control. Nice. After work i shower and was a ready to leave for the space when Scott's calls. he was late getting the u-haul trailer and was freaking out. i called around and found a uhail store that was open late. Scott picked me up and we got the trailer, loaded up and still made it to the gig on time. Penni brought our a friend from work to see us. The Red Letter Blue, who are awesome guys, mysteriously did not show up. We did OK. The last band was out of chaos. There was a lot of drunken frontman raps about stabbing the missing band and a song being "good-nuff-to-bent-over-and-ra pe!" (There were actually a few ladies at the gig, I hope they appreciate rape humor...) Order of Chaos gave us all the door money. They are good guys.

Sept 4th

I added more ideas to the Db and walked again for lunch. The CPCC tech desk suggested that I try the Firefox 3 Agent changer plugin. It worked and I was able to submitted lab03 with Linux. I fought with Penni about wanting to going to see David stein at tretmont in stead of sending time with her. Fun. We practiced. Scott went to see David at tretmont and I broke down by gear for home early and fought with Penni some more. fun fun fun.

Sept 3rd

I added my own projects to the db. i ate a quick lunch and walked a lap during lunch Scott did not like the ASCAP idea . I copied the gig video to a thumb drive for 4 for Scott. we practice with just a strobe light on to practice working in terrible lighting. After practice i went to the grocery store and bought Penni some dates and myself Some zucchini for a late dinner of Chips and Zucchini salsa.

Sept 2nd

I ate Nikkos. The booby trap i set for the sysadmin worked . Kursty was coughing all day. I met with james about db Penni texted me at lunch that dhe misses misses her naps. I learning today that the Repubs nominated a female Alaskan governor for Vp. wow. Perhaps the Dems should have nominate a redneck SC gun store owner. Alienating your base is very punk.

Sept 1st

Work when to and Practice. There is now a gay bar called the garden and gun club beside the practice space. Let hear it for the Charlotte hardcore scene. Ha!


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