Saturday, August 30, 2008

covered sysAdmin, lappy fsck error, and more C++ crap

Friday 29

Covered sysadmin chair with no issues. i ate lunch with Carlos and tzoua, picked up a sandwich for Miss A, After work I picked up groceries and worked on homework fixed the qadb filters. I changed the townhouse air filter and crashed early.

Thursday 28

Covered the system desk, the CTP report bombed at 4am due to a "/" character in the text file from star. nice. ate alone. Scotts cell phone was ringing straight to an error message. I went to the practice space and worked on my left bass drum foot for 2 hours to clean up my double bass drum licks.

Wednesday 27

Today was me and penni's 1st date 3 year anniversary. Shadowed the sysadmin again. Lunch with the Special Project crew at salsaitas bought Penni roses and qdobas. Scott canceled practice worked homework bought 1000 page C++ book for 9 dollars. yay internet.

Tuesday 26

I shadowed the sysadmin and later used flex time for coffee and Comic book run. I bought a metal door hole kit and installed the new deadbolt. later i ate cheese and crackers and fixed the Linux Lappy with a simple manual fsck (just like the error message said, duh...), I sent picture from the rock hill gig to Scott and worked on C++ labs.

Monday 25

Rainy, ate Nikkos alone. The Month End Report dropped in my lap at 2pm, finished them an 5:15pm. I showered and Picked up Penni's meds, then went to Ruby Tuesday. It was full of loud kids. My LinuxLappy had some weird fsck error. I backed it up to my external drive.

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