Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Played The Money in Rock HIll / Started C++ class

Sun 24th

Woke up early got breakfast Penni felt embarassed about drinking too much at the show. We drove to statesville for to have dinner with my parent and give my dad his birthday presents. I got him two metal lined mugs. He wants to giving me his old plumbing van to gig stuff. We got back in charlotte at 7pm. Penni drove me for a milkshake while we were waiting for Scott. Penni thanked Scott for helping me with her after the gig. Penni swore off drinking that evening.

Sat 23rd

Got a call from Scott about the show at The Money In Rock Hill around noon. The owner sold the venue Scott called the new owner and he was unsure if he wanted to have the band play from 8pm to 2am or from 8 to 11pm and have a DJ playing dance music from 11pm to 2am, (It was the latter). we played last, Included the new translation song, had to cut a few songs, and packed up asap to empty the venue before the DJ started. Penni had too much to drink and Scott was cool about it and helped me get her to the car. During the unload a taught bungee cord from my hand truck popped off and Scott was nail in the back with the metal hook. Ouch. I got Penni Home and She fixed herself some Mac and Cheese and crashed on the Couch. I carried her upstairs to bad around 3am.

Fri 22nd

Ordered a Pizza Hut Pizza online. Their Pineapple pizza is great. Reported a bug submitting C++ homework on with Linux Browser.

Thu 21st

Wrote a function to generate a list of missing employee pictures. Practiced the set. Scott was late. The cpcc homework page did not like my browser.

Wed 20th

Had lunch with miss A at subway. Fixed bug in dept project database associated with empty record sets. Walked during my break. Penni went to docs. Worked on C++ homework. I accidentally deleted a sample from the Roland 202 box in the dark. Panic.

Mon 18th

Received a praise email from my boss's boss's boss's boss's boss. yay. Kursty sprayed me up in front of a pregnant woman about not wanting/liking children. My friend took a picture of himself with Rick Flair. We Worked on a new "transition" song.

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